Westminster Cracker Company

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Westminster Cracker Company
Industry Food industry
Founded Westminster, Massachusetts, United States, 1828
Headquarters Rutland, Vermont, United States
Products Crackers, Oyster crackers
Website www.westminstercrackers.com

The Westminster Cracker Company is a New England-based company established in Westminster, Massachusetts in 1828.[1] The original building, which is depicted in its product labeling, still presently stands in the center of Westminster,[2] although it has not been used for manufacturing for decades. The company is now based in Rutland, Vermont.[3]


Westminster Cracker Company was owned by the Dawley family for more than 100 years. Dawley & Shepard, Inc., headed by President David Dawley, sold its breading factory[where?] to the Pillsbury Company in 1982.[citation needed] The rights to make Westminster Crackers were retained by Peter Dawley who started a new Westminster Cracker company in Rutland in 1988.[4] Historically, the most famous cracker was the common cracker that filled Cracker Barrel country stores in New England[according to whom?]. The company makes other types of crackers, but the most popular contemporary product is the oyster cracker, which is served by restaurants throughout the United States.

Oyster cracker[edit]

The Westminster Cracker Co. is best known for its oyster crackers[according to whom?]. The crackers are made from the original 1828 recipe.[citation needed]

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