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The Wettersteinwald ("Wetterstein Forest") is a nature reserve in the eastern part of the Wetterstein Mountains in Bavaria with an area of 42.6 hectares. It lies in the province of Upper Bavaria and covers a forested area owned by the state. It belongs to the first reserves designated in 1978 under the Forest Act for Bavaria (BayWaldG), Article 12a (Waldgesetz für Bayern (BayWaldG), Artikel 12a).[1] The area is dominated by Swiss Pine, Mountain Pine and Spruce and it is also home to several species of beetle that were thought to have become extinct or lost; the so-called ancient forest relict species (Urwaldreliktarten).


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Coordinates: 47°25′56″N 11°09′50″E / 47.43222°N 11.16389°E / 47.43222; 11.16389