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Series title Whiplash superimposed over a stagecoach in the Australian bush
Created by Michael Noonan
Michael Plant
Starring Peter Graves
Anthony Wickert
Theme music composer Edwin Astley
Opening theme "Whiplash" sung by Frank Ifield
Composer(s) Edwin Astley
Albert Elms
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 34 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Ralph Smart Resigned
Leslie Harris
Producer(s) Michael Geraghty
Ben Fox
Location(s) Australia: Artransa Park Studios
Running time 25 min.
Distributor ITC Entertainment
Original network Seven Network (Australia)
Picture format 35 mm film 4:3 B/W
Audio format Mono
Original release 10 September 1960 – 10 June 1961

Whiplash is a British/Australian television series produced by the Seven Network, ATV, and ITC Entertainment. Filmed in 1959-60, the series was first broadcast in September 1960 in the United Kingdom followed by Australia in February 1961. It starred Peter Graves.

Series outline[edit]

Set in the 1860s, the series is a Western filmed in Australia, and stars Peter Graves as Christopher Cobb. The series is loosely based on the life of Freeman Cobb, founder of Australia's first stagecoach line, Cobb and Co. Cobb did not carry a pistol and often used a stockwhip to settle disputes.

The series stands out from other television Westerns of its era in using only Australian actors as guest stars, rather than character actors from American Westerns.

The series was created by Michael Noonan and Michael Plant, and produced by Maury Geraghty and Ben Fox at the Artransas Studios (owned by ATV), Sydney Australia. Post-production was completed in the United Kingdom.

Cast and characters[edit]


Theme Music: Words and Music by Edwin Astley, Sung by Frank Ifield.

Incidental music[edit]

Edwin Astley, Albert Elms

Episode list[edit]

Airdate[1] is for ATV London. ITV[2] regions varied date and order.

Production number here refers to the order in the Network DVD booklet.

Episode # Prod # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
1 102 "Episode in Bathurst" Peter Maxwell Gene Roddenberry 10 September 1960 (1960-09-10)
Three brothers set up roadblocks in the town of Bathurst demanding payment from passing traffic. With a big contract at stake Cobb must act quickly.
2 101 "Convict Town" Peter Maxwell Dwight Newton 17 September 1960 (1960-09-17)
Big Tom Ledward rules his settlement with a rod of iron much to his son, Dan Ledward, distaste and is determined to stop Cobb opening a new stage route.
3 104 "Rider on the Hill" John Meredyth Lucas Harry Julian Fink 24 September 1960 (1960-09-24)
A Cobb & Co. coach is wrecked by two bushrangers. A passenger is killed in the crash, and Cobb kills the bushrangers in self-defence. He later receives an Aboriginal death-stick, marking him to die at the next full moon. Defying the warning, Cobb takes a coach into Aboriginal territory, knowing that one of his passengers is his would-be killer.
4 108 "Barbed Wire" Peter Maxwell Harry Julian Fink 30 September 1960 (1960-09-30)
A vicious landowner has a young farmer flogged for attempting to fence in his land with barbed wire. Cobb and Ledward find the injured man, and Cobb goes after the landowner. Stars Robert Tudawali
5 103 "Sarong" John Meredyth Lucas Gene Roddenberry 8 October 1960 (1960-10-08)
Cobb heads north towards Brisbane to investigate the disappearance of several female indentured servants who have vanished while travelling on Cobb & Co. coaches. He finds that the women were kidnapped and taken to a secluded inlet, where they are forced to dive for pearls.
6 106 "Dutchman's Reef" Peter Maxwell Gene Roddenberry 15 October 1960 (1960-10-15)
A wealthy matriarch asks Cobb to search for her missing son rumoured to be living with an Aboriginal tribe, and stumbles across a legendary rich gold deposit, known as ‘Dutchman’s Reef’. Stars Leonard Teale
7 107 "The Other Side of Swan" Peter Maxwell Michael Plant 22 October 1960 (1960-10-22)
While in Melbourne to open a branch office, Cobb is asked to do a personal favour for Sir John Eddington, the Governor of New South Wales - to locate his brother, who fled England after being charged with murder.
8 111 "The Actress" Peter Maxwell Gene Roddenberry 29 October 1960 (1960-10-29)
Miners will no longer send their gold with Cobb & Co. - unless Cobb can prevent bushranger Mike Upton's raids on the coaches. During the trip, Upton waylays Cobb's coach and kidnaps a female passenger. Cobb trails Upton to his lair and rescues the girl. When their trail crosses that of the irate miners, who are intent on lynching Upton, the aspiring actress must give the performance of her career to save his life. Stars Jennifer Jayne
9 105 "Love Story in Gold" John Meredyth Lucas James Clavell 5 November 1960 (1960-11-05)
Cobb is paid handsomely to undertakes the transport of brandy, a trousseau and two coffins, into the heart of New South Wales. At the agreed meeting place, Cobb is overpowered and taken to meet the female leader of a group of escaped convicts. She tells Cobb that he is to marry her daughter and he will be given more gold than he can imagine. If he refuses, he will fill one of the coffins. Stars Neva Carr Glyn
10 109 "The Bone that Whispered" John Meredyth Lucas Michael Plant 3 December 1960 (1960-12-03)
Dan has vanished and when a small girl is left motherless, Cobb sets out to track down her father, a man charged with murder who has fled the law swearing his innocence and now lives with an Aboriginal tribe. Stars Nigel Lovell, Robert Tudawali
11 110 "The Secret of Screaming Hills" Peter Maxwell Michael Plant 10 December 1960 (1960-12-10)
Cobb finds a dying man in the bush, and undertakes to deliver a map to the man's wife. With the help of an Aboriginal, Cobb solves the mystery of the 'frog fella' and a missing treasure.
12 115 "Act of Courage" Ben Fox Gerry Day 17 December 1960 (1960-12-17)
On his way to testify at the trial of a bushranger charged with killing one of his stagecoach drivers, Cobb arrives at drought-stricken Cross Creek Way Station with two passengers, a married couple. He is met by a gang who plan to keep him prisoner until after the bushranger's trial. Stars Terry McDermott, Guy Doleman, Margo Lee
13 118 "The Twisted Road" Peter Maxwell Michael Plant 7 January 1961 (1961-01-07)
Returning to Brisbane from an outback run, Cobb's coach is commandeered to transport a prisoner, Ted Cammidge, who is to stand trial for murder, and is accompanied by his employer, Dr. Table, who plans to vouch for his innocence at the trial. Stars Rachael Lloyd, Ben Gabriel, Tom Farley.
14 120 "Divide and Conquer" Peter Maxwell David Evans 14 January 1961 (1961-01-14)
A murderous gang abduct Cobb and a Government minister looking for a mountain pass to open up the fertile land beyond. Stars Colin Croft, Owen Weingott
15 121 "The Remittance Man" John Meredyth Lucas Wells Root and Ron Bishop 21 January 1961 (1961-01-21)
Jimmy Quicksilver, a 'gentleman' bushranger who has been robbing coaches, asks Cobb to conceal knowledge of his activities from two members of his aristocratic family, who have come to Australia to take Quicksilver's son to England to be educated. Stars Stuart Wagstaff
16 117 "Day of the Hunter" Peter Maxwell Michael Plant 28 January 1961 (1961-01-28)
A squatter's farm where Cobb wants to build a way station is burned down by a land-hungry neighbour who trades on people's fears by terrorising their families. Cobb undertakes a hazardous crossing of an Aboriginal burial ground to assist. Stars Chips Rafferty
17 119 "The Solid Gold Brigade" Maury Geraghty Michael Plant 4 February 1961 (1961-02-04)
Cobb is transporting miner's gold from Fury Creek to Sydney, but en route a bushranger shoots him and leaves him for dead. The bushranger takes Cobb's coach and clothes to impersonate him and get away with the gold. Stars John Gray
18 112 "Stage for Two" Peter Maxwell Terry Maples 11 February 1961 (1961-02-11)
Cobb becomes the reluctant ally of an escaping bank robber who is sought not only by the police, but also by the outlaw gang he has cheated. Stars Leonard Teale
19 122 "Canoomba Incident" Peter Maxwell Richard Grey and Ralph Peterson 18 February 1961 (1961-02-18)
Upon arrival in Canoomba, Cobb and Dan Ledward find the men are away digging gold and the women are running the town. Dan Ledward finds romance in the town before being assigned the perilous task of carrying a fortune in gold from the diggings to Canoomba. Stars Janette Craig, Brenda Senders
20 123 "The Rushing Sands" Peter Maxwell Michael Plant 25 February 1961 (1961-02-25)
In his Duranga office, Cobb finds Peter Hibberd, a one time star driver for the Cobb & Co stage line and now a mere husk of a man expecting death. Hibberd dedicates his last days to tracking down a bushranger who is believed to have murdered his son. Stars Gordon Glenwright
21 127 "The Adelaide Arabs" Peter Maxwell Ralph Peterson 4 March 1961 (1961-03-04)
Cobb is in competition to buy three magnificent Arabian horses, and the contest soon becomes a fight to the death after he is robbed by three masked men who intend to buy the horses. Stars Chips Rafferty, Stuart Wagstaff
22 113 "The Hunters" John Meredyth Lucas Morris L West 11 March 1961 (1961-03-11)
A white cattleman, Dillon, inadvertently interrupts the ritual killing of a bull by a tribe of Aboriginals, and must himself be killed to complete the cycle of events. Seriously wounded Dillon manages to escape. When Dillon's riderless horse returns to the homestead Cobb sets out on a desperate race against time. Stars Robert Tudawali
23 124 "The Legacy" John Meredyth Lucas Bill Templeton 18 March 1961 (1961-03-18)
Anxious to obtain good grazing land for his horses, Cobb approaches the heir to a dilapidated estate to enquire about a grazing lease on the property. Cobb's request falls on unresponsive ears and a chain of events behind an Aboriginal boys stolen legacy.
24 126 "Fire Rock" John Meredyth Lucas Michael Plant 25 March 1961 (1961-03-25)
A trusted Cobb & Co agent disappears in the ‘Taroomba’ (burning land),a sacred Aboriginal burial ground which is rich in opal. His alluring wife, persuades Cobb to lead a search party. Stars Robert Tudawali, Delia Williams
25 125 "Stage Freight" Peter Maxwell Ralph Peterson 8 April 1961 (1961-04-08)
Cobb has a full load of passengers on the return journey from Mowamba, and it seems certain that among them are a man and a woman who have committed a brutal murder.
26 114 "The Wreckers" John Meredyth Lucas Daphne Field 15 April 1961 (1961-04-15)
A group of bushrangers capture a Cobb & Co. coach, and use it in a series of raids and robberies implicating Cobb. To protect his company's reputation, Cobb tracks down the bushrangers. Stars Guy Doleman, Robert Tudawali
27 134 "Portrait in Gunpowder" John Meredyth Lucas Michael Plant 22 April 1961 (1961-04-22)
Cobb accepts a commission to transport a renowned artist newly arrived from France to an undisclosed destination. He again crosses the path of Jimmy Quicksilver, a 'gentleman bushranger' whose dishonesty is equalled only by his good manners and sense of humour. Stars Stuart Wagstaff
28 131 "Ribbons and Wheels" Peter Maxwell Ralph Peterson 29 April 1961 (1961-04-29)
The sleepy calm of outback Ginini is shattered when Cobb accepts a challenge to race a Western Co. stagecoach over the usual route to Brindabella to win the exclusive franchise for the route.
29 129 "Flood Tide" Ben Fox Michael Plant 6 May 1961 (1961-05-06)
Their route cut off by a flood Cobb and his sole passenger, Sarah Bartley, spend the night in a deserted house. During the night a violent storm strikes, and all is not as it seems when a mysterious stranger arrives to seek shelter.
30 130 "Storm River" John Meredyth Lucas Michael Plant 13 May 1961 (1961-05-13)
During a violent storm with a lame horse, Cobb is felled by an unseen foe. He recovers consciousness in an outback cabin, minus his money-belt. The cabin's other occupant is a girl who wants to travel to Sydney. She asks Cobb to take her with him, but when they set off they meet with deadly opposition. Stars Annette Andre
31 133 "Dilemma in Wool" Peter Maxwell Ralph Peterson 20 May 1961 (1961-05-20)
Cobb becomes involved in the strange story of a beautiful Spanish woman, and a disapproving family. The beginning of Australia's wool growing industry. Stars Lionel Long, Nigel Lovell
32 132 "Magic Wire" Peter Maxwell Ralph Peterson 27 May 1961 (1961-05-27)
Aboriginal attacks imperil the laying of an overhead telegraph line. Cobb, contracted to freight supplies from the coast to a telegraph construction camp, discovers that the attacks are being instigated by a white man. Stars Terry McDermott, Robert Tudawali
33 116 "The Haunted Valley" John Meredyth Lucas Gerry Day 3 June 1961 (1961-06-03)
Cattlemen at Wallaby Junction lose stock in mysterious thefts which convince Cobb that there must be a secret pass through the surrounding mountains. He sets out to find the trail and catch the thief.
34 128 "Dark Runs the Sea" John Meredyth Lucas Oscar Maillard and Michael Plant 10 June 1961 (1961-06-10)
Attractive, adventurous, niece of the local magistrate, is kidnapped in the outback. Cobb is mystified when he discovers that she is apparently a willing victim, and her uncle is reluctant to press on with the search for her. Stars Annette Andre, Guy Doleman, Reg Lye


Star Peter Graves was best known at the time for the TV Western Fury.[3]

Production of the series was to have begun in 1959 but was delayed due to finance problems. Filming recommenced on 4 March 1960. The budget of the series was a reported ₤650,000.[4] Location footage was shot in the Northern Territory.[5]

Lionel Ware was in charge of horses. Studio scenes were shot at Artransa Studios in Frenchs Forest, Sydney.[6]

DVD releases[edit]

Network DVD released a Region 2 five disc set on 7 December 2009.[7]

On 18 September 2012, Timeless Media Group released Whiplash - The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1. The 4-disc set features all 34 episodes of the series.[8]


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