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A Whisky Macdonald more commonly known under the shortened name Whisky Mac is a cocktail made up of whisky and ginger wine. The whisky is expected to be a Scotch whisky, usually a blended type. The ginger wine should be green ginger wine. Recipes vary from those having equal parts of each ingredient to those that use a ratio of 3 to 2 of whisky to wine.

A common recipe is to take 1½ fluid ounces Scotch whisky, 1½ fluid ounces green ginger wine.[1] Pour both of the ingredients into a wine goblet with no ice. A hot version can also be made, akin to a hot toddy, made with the addition of boiling water.

The invention of it, and its name, is attributed to a Colonel Macdonald, who devised it during the days of the British Raj in India.[2]The mixed drink is sometimes referred to as "The Golfers' Favourite". Apparently, golfers drank whisky macs to ward off the cold after a chilly round on the links.

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