White Island (Ross Archipelago)

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White Island
Antarctica Pressure Ridges.jpg
White Island from Ross Sea
White Island is located in Antarctica
White Island
White Island
Location in Antarctica
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 78°8′S 167°24′E / 78.133°S 167.400°E / -78.133; 167.400Coordinates: 78°8′S 167°24′E / 78.133°S 167.400°E / -78.133; 167.400
Archipelago Ross Archipelago
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System
Population Uninhabited
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White Island is an island in the Ross Archipelago of Antarctica. It is 28 km (15 nmi) long, protruding through the Ross Ice Shelf immediately east of Black Island. It was discovered by the Discovery Expedition (1901–04) and so named by them because of the mantle of snow which covers it. Some 142 km2 of shelf ice adjoining the north-west coast of the island has been designated an Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA 137) because it supports an isolated small breeding population of Weddell seals.[1]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "White Island (Ross Archipelago)" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).