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White Rabbit Gallery exterior
White Rabbit Gallery interior
White Rabbit Tea House

The White Rabbit Gallery is an art museum in Sydney, Australia, which exhibits selections from the White Rabbit Collection of 21st-century Chinese contemporary art. The collection, one of the largest of its kind in the world, is owned by Judith Neilson.[1] The gallery was established by Judith and Kerr Neilson to share the Collection with the public.[2] It is located at 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale, near Sydney Central Station and Central Park, Sydney, in a renovated former warehouse and Rolls-Royce service depot.[3] The gallery can accommodate only a small part of the White Rabbit Collection, which contains more than 1000 works by several hundred artists, including artists from Taiwan.[4] The gallery holds two exhibitions a year, for which the entrance level and three upper floors are entirely re-hung. A tea house on the ground floor serves teas from China and Taiwan. The White Rabbit Gallery is a registered charitable institution wholly funded by the philanthropic Neilson Foundation.[5] Admission is free.


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