White River, Honiara

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White River
Redevelopments in White River
Redevelopments in White River
White River is located in Honiara
White River
White River
Location in Honiara (Council boundary-red box)
Coordinates: 9°26′S 159°55′E / 9.433°S 159.917°E / -9.433; 159.917Coordinates: 9°26′S 159°55′E / 9.433°S 159.917°E / -9.433; 159.917
Country  Solomon Islands
Province Honiara Town
Island Guadalcanal
Elevation 30 - 100 m (−300 ft)
 • Total 4,000
Time zone UTC (UTC+11)

White River is a suburb on the fringe of Honiara, Solomon Islands and is located 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) west of the main center on the Tandai Highway.[1] White River is in the Honiara City Council ward of Nggosi.[2] A water spring supplies water to the community.[3]

White River is East of Kakabona and West of Tandai.

Tandai/Tadai Highway[edit]

In 1966, the main coastal road out of Honiara west of Rove Creek as far as Poha River was named Tadai which connected the Mendana Avenue through Honiara and after Mataniko River to Prince Philip Highway.[4]


  • Wind Valley
  • Independence Valley
  • Laundry Valley
  • Banana Valley
  • Namoruka
Panorama of White River Markets
Panorama of White River Markets

Squatter settlements[edit]

According to a 2009 study 23% of the White River community are squatter settlements.[5] Tensions surrounding the squatters continue and in 2014 houses in the Independence Valley were burnt down.[6][7]

Government approved areas were provided in White River where people were allowed to settle providing they had a licence and had to pay rent to the Lands Division usually for a 12-month period at $10.00 per household per year.[8]


  • White River High School
  • White River Kindergarten


  • Roman Catholic parish
  • Anglican Church
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Apostolic Life Church
  • Agape Church
  • Solomon Islands Revival Fellowship Church [9]
  • The church of Christ of latter-Day saints
White River School
Panorama of White River School


A dance program held in 1974 at White River recorded 20 dancers taking part in the mu'aabaka [10]

Law and Order[edit]

  • White River Police Post

Before the 2006 riots 3,000 Malaitans, mainly youths and young men insulted by graffiti, went in pursuit of Rennell and Bellona settlers in White River. Shops were ransacked and people were injured and forty-five arrests were made, the national Government paid Malaita Province S$200,000 in compensation.[11]

2014 Floods[edit]

White River was severely affected as a result of the 2014 floods [12]


There are several commercial areas in the area, near the Centre there are six or seven shops, and on the main road across from Karaina is one of the largest betel nut markets in Solomon Islands. There are several new Chinese shops near the O1 and O2 bus stops.

The White River market was established in 2001 by the Westside Women for Peace. Women from rural North West Guadalcanal, on the provincial side of White River, would bring fresh vegetables, root crops, fish, and raw meat such as wild pig. Women from Malaita, based in the capital Honiara, would bring non-perishable food items from the stores.[13] On October 11, 2005, notices were served and signed by the government official, instructing the Westside Women for Peace to remove all privately built stalls in the market within five days, to cease market activities on Sundays and to cooperate with government officials on any developments in the area.[13] The White River Markets still operate unlicensed and informal, with marketers targeted by the Honiara City Council for operating without a license.[13]

  • Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed business [14]


A study reports that 67% of youths at White River state they receive no regular income sources.[15]


  • Rain Tree Bed and Breakfast [16]
  • The Ofis [17]

Recording Studios[edit]

The song Bereft of a mother (composer Pu Timoio of Tavi lineage of Kafika) was recorded in 1928 and in 1973 at White River. The composer mourns the death of his mother in a moving reference to the care shee took.[18]

  • Mountol Sound Studio [19]


  • White River Demons AFL football Club [20]
  • White River High School rugby [21]
  • White River High School Soccer Club [22]
  • White River Boxing Club [23]
White River Health Clinic
Panorama of White River Health Clinic


  • White River Health Clinic [24]

Power Station[edit]

Land has been acquired for the construction of a 33kV White River Substation.[25]


  • Ghari language

Notable people[edit]

  • Jimmy Nare (artist)[26]
Photos of White River
White River Police Station 
Village on White River Rd facing North 
River Lodge on Tandai Hwy, White River facing North 
The Ofis bed & breakfast & pizza off Tandai Hwy 


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