Whitehall Tunnel

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Whitehall Tunnel
Location Baldwin, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 40°20′26″N 79°58′26″W / 40.34056°N 79.97389°W / 40.34056; -79.97389
Status in use
System Allegheny Valley Railroad
Start Old Clairton Road
End Macassar Drive
Work begun 1899
Constructed rock bored, brick ring lining
Opened 1900
Owner Allegheny Valley Railroad
Operator Allegheny Valley Railroad
Length 1630 feet
No. of tracks Single (formerly Double)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Operating speed 15 MPH
Tunnel clearance 23 feet

The Whitehall Tunnel in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania was originally built by the B&O Railroad in 1899 as a double-track tunnel.[1] The tunnel was completed in 1900.[2] It was part of the Baltimore and Ohio Short Line Railroad, and allowed the B&O to bypass its former route into Pittsburgh along the Pittsburgh Southern and Little Saw Mill Run Railroad.[3] One worker, Antonio De Bono, was killed during its construction.[4]

It is currently a single-track tunnel, owned by the Allegheny Valley Railroad. The tunnel is approached from Glenwood in the south, up a steep grade along the Streets Run valley to the northern end of the tunnel. The line continues from the southern end to Bruceton, Pennsylvania.

Dimensions: 28 ft wide (8.5 m) at base; 30 ft wide (9.1 m) at spring line; 23 ft (7.0 m) from top of rail to top of arch rise

Engineer: W. T. Manning; Bennet & Talbot, subcontractor, 1901–02


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