Whitewash (1994 film)

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Directed by Michael Sporn
Produced by Michael Sporn
Starring Ruby Dee
Linda Lavin
Music by Caleb Sampson
Home Box Office
F-Stop Studio
Michael Sporn Animation
Distributed by First Run Features
Home Box Office
Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Release date
August 16, 1994
Running time
25 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Whitewash is a 1994 television special and animated short film that was based on a true story.[1] The program was produced and directed by Michael Sporn with a screenplay by Ntozake Shange. Ruby Dee and Linda Lavin provide voices for the animated characters.


This family special, based on a true story, uses animation to tell the story of a little black girl's encounter with mindless racism. On their way home from school, Helene and her brother are attacked by a group of white thugs who beat him up and spray-paint her face white. Why would anyone do this? With her wise grandmother's help, Helene is able to get over her hurt.


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