Who Needs Enemies?

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"Who Needs Enemies"
Who Needs Enemies? (The Cooper Temple Clause single - cover art).jpg
Single by The Cooper Temple Clause
from the album See This Through and Leave
Released6 May 2002
GenreAlternative rock
LabelMorning Records
Songwriter(s)Burt Bacharach
Tom Bellamy
Hal David
Daniel Fisher
Ben Gautrey
Jon Harper
Kieran Mahon
Didz Hammond
Producer(s)The Cooper Temple Clause
The Cooper Temple Clause singles chronology
"Film-Maker // Been Training Dogs"
"Who Needs Enemies"

"Who Needs Enemies?" is the third and final single released from The Cooper Temple Clause's debut album, See This Through and Leave. It peaked at number twenty-two on the UK Singles Chart.

Music video[edit]

In the video, the band seem to be performing the song fairly calmly in their studio, but suddenly launch into destroying it completely. It collapses at the end.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Who Needs Enemies?
  2. Before The Moor
  3. One Quick Fix


  1. Who Needs Enemies?
  2. Lapitu (Bedtime Story)
  3. Not Quite Enough


  1. Who Needs Enemies?
  2. Jesus, You Smoke Too

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