Why Truth Matters

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Why Truth Matters
Why truth matters benson.jpg
Author Ophelia Benson, Jeremy Stangroom
Subject Philosophy, Truth
Published 2006 (Continuum)
Media type Print
Pages 215
ISBN 978-0-8264-7608-1
OCLC 61151640

Why Truth Matters is a book by Ophelia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom published by Continuum Books in 2006.

According to the cover, it is "an argument for the importance of truth, along with related values and practices of reason, inquiry, evidence, testing, peer review, and the like, and against trendy but incoherent pseudo-philosophical moves that would replace them with wishful thinking."

It was widely praised on its release, and reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement,[1] The Guardian[2] and the Financial Times.[3]

Author Johann Hari called it "a sassy and profound response to this cascade of superstition and silliness."[4]


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