Wickham Skinner

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Wickham Skinner
EducationYale University
Harvard Business School

Wickham Skinner is an American academic. He is the Emeritus James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School.

Early life[edit]

Wickham Skinner graduated from Yale University, with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering.[1][2] After serving with the Engineering Corps for duty on the Manhattan Project, Skinner earned a masters in business administration degree from the Harvard Business School in 1948.[2]


Skinner worked for Honeywell for a decade.[2]

Skinner became a professor at his alma mater, the Harvard business School.[1] He served as its Director of International Activities from 1967 to 1970.[2] In 1974, he was awarded the James E. Robinson chair in Business Administration.[1] He was Associate Dean from 1974 to 1977.[2] One of the students he mentored was William J. Abernathy.[3]

Skinner was a director and the vice president of the Ocean Energy Institute.[2] He was the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Ghent in 2002.[2] He is a Fellow of Academy of Management.[2]

Selected writings[edit]


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