Wide Receiver (song)

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"Wide Receiver" is a 1980 funk/dance song by North American bass guitarist and vocalist Michael Henderson. The song was from the album Wide Receiver.

Michael Henderson is mainly known for smooth R&B of the style later known as 'quiet storm'; this song was his only club dance track, charting at #4 on the Soul Singles chart. Another song from the album was "Prove It" which charted at number 27.

Song theme[edit]

The song contains innuendos in the form of American football references. It also has references to marijuana ("The referee must have been smokin a joint"). Sounds from the handheld game Mattel Electronic Football were used in the introduction and background of the song.

The phrase "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't" from Mounds and Almond Joy advertising were also used in the lyrics.