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The goal of Task force Alleviate negative unsourced statements is to remove any and all negative unsourced statements from biographies of living persons.

These are biographies of living persons that need unsourced information removed from them. If you resolve one of them, please mark them as fixed in each template ( | status = fixed ) in the list (many have been fixed/sourced). A double-slash "//" indicates a large gap between snippets.

Article Snippet
Caesar the Geezer He was terminated from his job with Invicta FM in 1991 over criminal charges related to theft from charity. He was ultimately found not guilty on these charges, but was convicted of intent to defraud.
Cliff Richard This friendship has added to long-standing rumours that Richard is gay, a claim that he denied in 1996. [now sourced]
Alex Lifeson ... was accused of assaulting a sheriff's deputy in what was described as a drunken brawl.
Bob Ludwig Also in recent research Jamie Rogers is a twat
Martin Raška He caused controversy in 2007 when he was arrested for allegedly beating his wife into a coma whilst "in a drunken rage".
Julie Taymor Occupation = Artfag - [removed]
Billy Tibbetts Tibbetts is notable for having served three years in jail from 1996 to 1999 after being convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and a probation violation. Billy Tibbetts was charges with three counts of statutory rape and plead guilty to one.The judge gave him a suspended sentence. Billy then served time after shooting someone with a BB gun, threatening a police officer, and threatening witnesses to the alleged rape.
Martin Mattner ...fellow player Josh Deegan and club official Bob Marshall were killed.
Kellen Winslow II ...who called Winslow a "fag" twice during a post-game interview.
Ahlam Soon after her marriage, she was publicly accused by a fashion designer of not reimbursing money she owed her for her wedding dress and for the cermony decoration.
Thomas Reilly Reilly was arrested for public drunkenness when he was 20.
Aaron Fricke "The simple thing would have been to go to the senior prom with a girl. But that would have been a lie -- a lie to myself, to the girl, and to all the other students." [More broadly, is this person notable?]
Aaron Hill (baseball) While on their way to a round of golf, a drunk driver narrowly missed Hill's car and slammed into his mother's car following behind him. His mother was killed as a result.
Aaron Miles In spring training of 2000, several of his teammates from the Houston Astros organization were in their hotel room when two gunmen burst in. Miles was in the next room and the gunmen went in to get him. The cops showed up before they were able to take him to their getaway car and one fled.
Joey Barton [Someone added "fag" and "faggot" to various references.]
Ruben Gonzaga He is also a stand-up comic in various bars with his trademark screaming faggot act. He's become so good at it that everyone who sees him perform assumes he is gay. But this comedian is actually a ladies man and is already married with 2 kids.
Aaron Carter Carter's parents later filed a lawsuit against his former manager, Lou Pearlman (now sued for major fraud), ...
Aaron Barschak His father, Fred Barschak, fled Vienna...
Aaron Benward When he was in the middle of the recording of his album, he suffered a car accident that almost killed him, his wife and children.
Aaron Burckhard The last straw occurred when Burckhard got Cobain's car impounded after getting arrested for fighting with a police officer.
Aaron Fike Prior to a drug arrest, he was the driver of the #1 Toyota Tundra Craftsman Truck Series truck. [In lead?] // He was arrested in the parking lot of Kings Island in July 2007, and subsequently suspended by NASCAR and released from his contract. // NASCAR's Substance Abuse Policy allows NASCAR to administer drug tests virtually anytime, anywhere, based on "reasonable suspicion." Prior to Fike's arrest in 2007, he never tested positive for any banned substances.
2 Pistols His parents spent much of their early life in jail, and he was raised by a succession of other relatives, such as aunts and older brothers. He became involved in drugs in his teens and eventually ended up spending time in prison. [Reference doesn't mention any of this....] (Reference doesn't have direct URL, have to search name, then all this shows up in their bio.)
Aaron Pryor He ran into trouble with the police a few times and stories of alleged abuse against members of his family made the headlines.
Saul Newman "Blair you twat!"
Vaginal Davis She was in a band called Black Fag with Beck's mother...
Thurbert Baker He has also advocated for the abolition of parole for persons convicted of violent crimes, which the Georgia General Assembly has not enacted. // In 2005, Wilson was convicted of aggravated child molestation after a jury trial in Douglas County, Georgia. He and his co-defendants videotaped themselves engaging in sexual acts with two intoxicated girls, one of whom was 17 years old and the other 15 years old.
A. J. Benza He was later fired from the New York Daily News by editor Pete Hamill.
Aarno Lamminparras After the incident, Lamminparras went to his home, where police arrested him on October 1. Lamminparras was sentenced to seven years and one month in prison. Non compos mentis found him partially insane.
Dick Gephardt The race between Gephardt and Dean became negative, and took an ugly turn in October when a Gephardt staffer reportedley pushed a Dean staffer out of a meeting while calling him a "faggot".
Emile Griffith Sports Illustrated reported in its April 18, 2005, edition that Griffith's rage may have been fueled by an anti-gay slur directed at him by Paret during the weigh-in. Paret reportedly called his opponent a maricón, the Spanish equivalent of "faggot"; Griffith, whose sexual orientation has been questioned, nearly went after him on the spot and had to be restrained.
Michale Graves The All-Star Sessions (2005) - LP (provides guest vocals on the track "I Don't Wanna Be (A Super-Hero)") and "Faggot"
John Hirschbeck Hirschbeck then ejected Alomar from the game, and Alomar spit on Hirschbeck's face, claiming that the umpire had used a degrading ethnic slur against him. Lip readers contend that Hirschbeck called Alomar "a faggot" as Alomar was walking away.
Tony Yayo At the end of the track, he finished by calling The Game a "faggot".
Tao Lin In 2008, the writer of a blog called "My Heart's Porch," was ridiculed and called a faggot by a handful of Tao's online supporters.
James Randi ... had been arrested for possession with intent to distribute obscene materials involving children, and had pled guilty to a reduced charge of possession ... [source doesn't look very reliable]
Henry Kissinger Hollinger's board is widely viewed to have not exercised sufficient oversight, enabling Black and other senior executives to defraud the company.
Martin Sostre Arrested on July 14, 1967, at his bookstore, for ...
Martin Rowson ...sort of ‘fuck-you’ response to things."
A. B. Shah Dalwai was physically assaulted on several occasions.
Aage Niels Bohr In October 1943, shortly before he was to be arrested by the German police...
Charles Graner Rivera says Graner shouted "homosexual slurs" at three naked prisoners, "ordering them to crawl along the ground so their genitalia had to drag along the floor." According to Rivera, "Graner was shouting things like, "Are you guys fucking in there" and "fucking fags." [There are several sections in here that are without any references.]
Lenny Lane In actuality, Lane and Lodi had been getting chants of "faggot" from the fans, and WCW was in hot water with GLAAD.
Rob Bartlett His apocryphal biography includes his part of the defunct blues band, "Dumbass Johnson and the Shortbus 5." [Be very wary of Wikipedia mirrors when googling.]
Dallas Smith Not to be Confused With * The infamous child predator caught on NBC's "To Catch a Predator". [Really, what the fuck...]
Jon Schillaci Schillaci was placed on Oprah Winfrey's Child Predator Watch List and was profiled on the television program, America's Most Wanted before he was added to the list of FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in September 7, 2007.
Maïté Schwartz by Joanne Weintraub, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 23 2008, "'Quarterlife' puts coping on the line", "...and that the other, Lisa (Maite Schwartz), drank too much and was a little slutty...." [The whole "Reviews" section is rather crap.]
Lisa Rotondi She played the Female's slutty friend in Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human.
Mary Ellen Wohl HJ. Fucks et al (Wohl, corresponding author), "Effect of Aerosolized Recombinant Human DNase on Exacerbations of Respiratory Symptoms and on Pulmonary Function in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis", [I think his actual name is "Fuchs."]
Adriana Lavat Lavat is the daughter of Mexican actor Jorge Lavat, whom she accused of trying to molest her.
Alisha Chinai She then teamed up several times with Anu Malik after stating she would never work with him again in 1995, alleging that Anu Malik attempted to molest her. [Has a citation but looks unreliable. All Google results look like Wikipedia mirrors.]
Natasha Lyonne In December 2004, Lyonne was arrested after verbally threatening her neighbor, breaking a mirror in the neighbor's apartment, and threatening to molest the neighbor's dog. [Cite link is dead.]
William French Anderson In February, 2005 Anderson was also charged in Montgomery County, Maryland with molesting a Silver Spring, Maryland boy for three years in the 1980s. Prosecutors dropped those charges, citing insufficient evidence under Maryland law.
Marcos Arriaga [No external links. Feels like a copyright violation.]
Michele Santoro ... following a humorous statement by Vauro (a political illustrator well known for his left-wing stance) ironically saying "I knew, as of today, to be in a show of dangerous communist; now I know also they are not just communist, but also faggots". Following that, Santoro attacked Mastella, accusing him to be arrogant and uninterested to hear different opinions on the issue.
Andrew Douglas [Complete hatchet job.]
Leonard Peltier ["Shootout at Jumping Bull Ranch" section is an unreferenced mess.]
Sisqó [Sisqó = lead singer of Dru Hill ] Releasing two platinum LPs and a number of successful singles, Dru Hill was a major R&B success during the late 1990s, in no small part because of Sisqó's flamboyant stage personality. Sisqó's vocal style has a lot in common with that of K-Ci from Jodeci.[citation needed] As such, several people, K-Ci included, have criticized Sisqó as having co-opted K-Ci's singing style wholesale, while Sisqó himself has gone on record many times naming K-Ci as his primary influence.[citation needed]
Chris Morris (satirist) [See "Controversy" section.]
Andrew Fastow On May 6, 2004, his wife, Lea Fastow, a former Enron assistant treasurer, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge and was sentenced to one year in a federal prison in Houston, and an additional year of supervised release. She was released to a halfway house on 11 July 2005.[citation needed] [Other issues present throughout article.]
Ray Burke [Unreferenced mess. Issues are apparent.]
Licio Gelli Licio Gelli was sentenced in 1992 to 18 years and 6 months of prison after being found guilty of fraud concerning the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano in 1982 ...
Dana Rohrabacher In March 2006, following Abramoff's guilty plea of fraud in the SunCruz case, Rohrabacher was the sole member of Congress who wrote the judge in the case to urge leniency in sentencing.
Pauline Hanson [See "Fraud conviction and acquittal" section.]
Jacques Vergès After the war, while his twin brother Paul was imprisoned for murdering a political rival to their father ...
Anatoly Karpov to Korchnoi inviting two local cult members (on trial for attempted murder) into the hall as members of his team.
Aad de Mos A year later, in September 1995, he was fired at PSV after a debacle against Roda JC, however vice-champion would be...
A.S. Anand The Supreme Court first sentenced the Chairman of the Bar Council of India, V.C. Mishra, for contempt of court and suspended him from practising. Later, a Bench headed by Justice Anand ruled that the Supreme Court did not have the power to debar any advocate from practising even if it held him guilty of contempt.
Martha Reeves ...touring schedule and other matters led to Reeves abusing prescription drugs and alcohol. Near the end of t...
Martin Mansergh Mansergh has been an unquestioning supporter of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, whose financial affairs are under investigation by the Flood Tribunal. He has been accused of being insulting, condescending and petulant to opposition politicians. [Included ref doesn't support assertions.]
Martin Ludlow ...after pleading guilty to campaign violations from his earlier 2003 city council election.
Martin Špegelj Fearing for his life, Špegelj fled to Austria .... He also accused them of supporting Bosnian Croat separatism which led to their conflict with the Bosniaks during the Bosnian War.
Martin Stephens ...they had never met Stephens or Renae Lawrence until they were all arrested on April 17, 2005. [Other issues present as well.]
Martin Sandberger ...he played an important role in the mass murder of the Jews in the Baltic states. [Other issues as well.]
Martin Sargent He coined the phrase, "Eat a dick, Louderback" on a promo video for Internet... [Cite looks unreliable.]
Jejomar Binay ...looked after his uncle’s fighting cocks, and went to market daily.
Brittany Murphy A month before the wedding, Monjack had been arrested and was facing deportation due to visa expiration.
Brissia Mayagoitia Her father was jailed in Monterrey (Mexico) for drug dealing an homicide charges, when she was one year old. He was recently let out on parole and visits.
Brielle Davis a scandal after a Defense Force report was leaked that accused Zaetta of engaging in sex with... [Whole thing needs a review.]
Bridgette Kerkove Her role in Jake Steed's Little White Chicks and Big Black Monster Dicks 4 (1999) was subject to police inquiry. In this film, Kerkove, who is dressed as a schoolgirl, is kidnapped and raped on her way home by three...
Ali Al-Daqbaashi Subeih had to defend herself against allegations that she had attempted to deceive the nation when she denied a press report that three...
Ali Al-Rashid Subeih had to defend herself against allegations that she had attempted to deceive the nation when she denied a press report that three...
Thulani Shabalala After the murder of his uncle Headman Shabalala in December 1991 and the ...
Thrangu Rinpoche He fled to India following the Chinese communist invasion in 1959
Thor Kunkel His most recent novel, Endstufe (2003), was rejected by his publisher and received a hostile press on account of its revisionist content, which claims mass rape of Germans by the invading Red Army at the end of the war.
Thomas R. Carper Fahey, an attractive 30 year old member of another well-known family, was attempting to end a romantic relationship with the married Capano, when he murdered her and dumped her body in the Atlantic Ocean. All Delaware was mesmerized as U.S. Attorney Colm F. Connolly built the case against Capano, and as Capano was tried and convicted, and then sentenced by Delaware Superior Court Judge William Swain Lee.
Thomas Sutherland (academic) Two weeks after David P. Jacobsen was abducted, Sutherland was also kidnapped while using the limousine of University President Calvin Plimpton.
Thomas Scallen ...owning the team from 1970 until a financial scandal forced him to sell...
Thomas Stith, III [See "2007 mayoral campaign" section.]
Tifa (musician) Around the same time Tifa started drinking and abusing drugs, two vices that would plague him severely later in life. // ...especially in light of the fact that Bijelo dugme drummer Ipe Ivandić ended up serving 2 years in jail ...
Tiede Herrema On 4 October 1975 he was abducted near his home...
Tiffany Chin Her mom later fired Champion and had her train with Frank Carroll,who led Tiffany to her World Junior title.
Thuong Nguyen Cuc Foshee She, along with six other defendants, was convicted and sentenced to 15 months with credit for time served.
Thorkild Grosbøll * neglected the creed of the Church of Denmark. * subverted the respectability of the service.
Thor Pedersen In early 2002 he was accused of being part of the Brixtofte case...
A. J. Nicholson arrested four times on various charges, including driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, speeding... [source is dead]
A. James Gregor ...vehemently denies Newby's allegations that he is a racist or adopts a particular perspective on race. [A "Racism" section? Blah.]
A. J. Weberman Weberman, an LSD and marijuana advocate, was arrested for marijuana dealing in 2000. He pleaded guilty to money-laundering charges and served a year... [Whole "Other pursuits" section is unsourced crap.]
A. Raja A major controversy against Raja in November 2008 is the "Spectrum Scandal" in... [Whole paragraph is unsourced crap.]
A. Q. M. Badruddoza Chowdhury There have been newspaper reports of riot police and armed BNP supporters disrupting his party's and have opened tax-evasion investigations against a BNP MP who defected to the Bikilpo Dhara Bangladesh.
A.J. Styles In the summer of 2004, Styles' protégé Jimmy Rave was "fired" by Ring of Honor due to not winning any matches.
Aafia Siddiqui ...heard her say, "Allah akbar!...Get the fuck out of here!" // Ridley wrote about Bagram's "Prisoner 650" and her ordeal of torture and repeatedly being raped for over four years.
Aamer Anwar Later, he made legal history by taking the officers responsible to court and receiving £4,500 damages from Strathclyde Police for the assault. // His evidence in a recent Glasgow trial, in which he and his wife had claimed they were racially abused following a car accident, was described as "not credible" by the court. He also stood trial and was acquitted of contempt of court for remarks he made after one of his clients was convicted on terrorism charges. // He was found not guilty of contempt, but ...
Aaron Aguilera Stealing one of his "so called" old wrestling personalities, the Hardcore Kidd, Aguilera appeared in Ultimate Pro Wrestling, marking his first wrestling match since being released by WWE.
Aaron Norris Aaron served in Vietnam alongside his older brother Wieland, who was killed in action.
David Brock After a stint as a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, in March 1992 Brock authored a sharply critical story about Clarence Thomas' accuser, Anita Hill, in The American Spectator magazine, in which he said Hill might be "a bit nutty and a bit slutty."
Lucius Shepard "It's not a new dawn of leadership or whatever the hell he said, it's gonna be the same old same old knuckle-dragging smoke-filled-room stuff that never works, that fucks up everything, that has created an oligarchy in the US, and that hasn't given us a president worth a damn since forever."
Youth Suicide After Carnage declared “The Evil Mother Fuckin Lonestar” the new RevX heavyweight Champion, Lonestar grabbed the mic and told everyone the he hates Carnage more than he’s hated anyone else in the world, but they made an oath to themselves and their company, “anyone that fucks with UEW, get’s fucked up!” [Entire article is a train wreck.]
Chris Buors Later in 2005, while participating in a discussion on the subject of personal versus public discrimination, Buors commented that he has had "no respect for homosexuals" since an adult attempted to molest him in a cinema when he was thirteen. While making no judgement on homosexual activities as such, he wrote that he did not want "such deviants in [his] social circle". [Citation is very dubious; doesn't work currently.]
Gong Shengliang Young women prisoners from the SCC were then savagely beaten, sexually molested and tortured with electric shock until they signed 'confessions' that Pastor Gong had raped them. They later recanted their 'confessions' and were sent to labour camps. However, Pastor Gong was convicted of multiple counts of rape and given a life sentence. // After an extensive independent investigation, it now seems clear that he did in fact seduce and molest some female members of his church network and that he encouraged South China Church(SCC) members to use violence against Chinese Christians who betrayed SCC. [This has one citation (a press release).]
Jeremy Miller At about age fourteen, Miller received numerous letters from an older male stalker during the run of Growing Pains. The stalker threatened to molest and kill Miller in his letters and even listed the date he planned to come to the set to carry out the fantasy. [Whole article is a bit of a train wreck.]
Kidnapping of Colleen Stan [One citation for the entire "Facts of the case" section....]
Thomas Quick [Entire article is awful.]
Yvonne Wanrow [Entire "August 11, 1972" section is cite-less.]
Alberto João Jardim "Although they [mainland] are anti-fascists, without ever picking up a rifle, it was the people of Madeira and not those faggots who made the revolution for 29 days against Salazar (an allusion to the 1931 military uprising)."(Diário de Notícias, 31 July 2006) [Citations may be difficult due to translation-related issues.]
Iron Sheik Artie Lange immediately began impersonating him after their first playing the audio clips, since adding this popular impression to his stand-up comedy act, particularly pointing out the redundancy of the Sheik's insult "you are gay and faggot!" // He has recently appeared on an episode of the television show Kenny vs. Spenny, entitled "Who's the Best Pro Wrestler?," where he repeatedly called Spenny's favorites wrestlers Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior "faggots". In the humiliation, the Sheik attempted to insert a Beck's bottle inside a nude Spenny's rectum.
Kevin Blackwell After the Blades 2–0 defeat at home to Charlton Athletic on March 1, 2008, Blackwell used the word "bollocks" twice whilst on BBC Radio Sheffield to describe his team's abject performance.
Roger De Courcey When De Courcey was doing the pub circuits long before TV, Nookie Bear was originally named "Bollocks the Bear". Nookie's birthday is February 4th.
Sandi Toksvig In Bottom, Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson have used 'Sandi Toksvig' as a particularly heinous swear word (this was a reaction to Toksvig having once described Bottom as looking like it had been "written on the back of a packet of fags").
Anwar Ibrahim ... testified that it is possible to massage the prostate gland through the anus in order to stimulate ejaculation in an unconscious victim. The defense council presented this as evidence for police sexual abuse to obtain false forensics evidence to frame Anwar. [Citation doesn't corroborate.]
Bevan Spencer von Einem ["Murder" and "Trial" sections are completely unreferenced.]
Corby Davidson ["Anus Man" is unreferenced. Is this really how we document the lives of people?]
Harald Eia One example is the "skrukk-stunt", where he, during a parody of sexual education television discussed and explored the area of skin between the anus and scrotum (the perineum) on national television. [Things like this must be sourced.]

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