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Here are some examples of articles that have been rescued from AfD. But please do not add articles that need rescue to the list below. Instead, flag them for rescue using the instructions on the project page.

Examples of rescued articles
Article AfD Rescued? Comment Tagged by
Chris Crocker (Internet celebrity) 1 2 3 Yes AfD was mentioned in an LA Times article, Speedy keep at latest AfD Fosnez
Corey Delaney 1 2 3 No The deletion of this article attracted the attention of the Australian Media. See the full log of events here. Fosnez
Donovan Joyce 1 Yes Fosnez
Exercise Robin Sage 1 Yes Supporters of article rescue offer this as a Prime Example of an article that should never have been put through an AfD. There were abundant sources available, yet the nominator did not improve the article. Rather, they chose to list it for AfD. Fosnez
Fingerboard (skateboard) 1 Yes Benjiboi
Fruit (slang) 1 Yes Benjiboi 1 Yes Benjiboi
Gumtree 1 Yes Fosnez
Helvenston et al. v. Blackwater Security 1 Yes This one caused the usage of the {{rescue}} template to be called into question. Bearian
Jesus Scroll, The 1 Yes Fosnez
Kiss World Tour 2008 1 Yes Fosnez
Mzoli's Meats 1 Yes this one caused some controversy Fosnez
Nederwiet 1 Yes Fosnez
New Jersey School Report Card 1 Yes Resulted in the third MfD for ARS. Expansion resulted in Symbol question.svg DYK? on 2008-07-17 JimMillerJr
QIK 1 Yes Fosnez
Radio malt 1 Yes Fosnez
Radio Milinda 1 Yes Fosnez
Sound Unlimited 1 Yes Fosnez
Steal This Film 1 2 Yes Fosnez
Strong Bad Sings 1 Yes Fosnez
Weapons of Resident Evil 4 1 N/A No consensus at latest AfD; was merged and redirected on 2008-05-19 Le Grand Roi des Citrouilles
Zerg 1 Yes Fosnez