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In WikiSpeak, when administrators or anyone else in a high position within the Wikipedia hierarchy, such as the Arbitration Committee, end any of their important announcements which are directed to a specific editor with the phrase "at any time", what they really refer to typically is a period after three months or so.

For example:

John Doe is hereby topic-banned from editing any articles related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, broadly construed. John Doe is free to appeal this ban at the Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard at any time.


For serious wheel warring over articles related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, John Doe's administrator privileges are hereby revoked. John Doe may apply to have them reinstated at any time, either through the Wikipedia:requests for adminship process or by appeal to the arbitration committee.

In these instances, it would not make sense for John Doe to appeal the ban or desysop one day or even one hour immediately after the measures have been carried out, as there still remains enough feelings of animosity to completely SNOW oppose the appeal altogether. Even one month later, it still remains dubious whether or not the community is willing to forgive and forget him. So bans traditionally last three months, if not more so, and appeals can only take place after such three months has passed.