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Bingo is a game of chance played with different randomly drawn numbers which players match against numbers that have been pre-printed on 5×5 cards. British bingo uses different cards, but this page was started by an American editor. Wikipedia includes a diverse variety of characters, and a problematic user's behavior can serve as a random number generator. Below you will find a randomly generated Wikipedia bingo card, and a key explaining the behaviors behind each entry. While handling one or more users, mark off which behaviors are displayed. If you get five in a row horizontally, diagonally (from corner to corner), or vertically, you've won! Players who win observing only one user win a full nothing, while winners who observe multiple problematic users divide their nothing prize by the number of users observed (e.g. a winner who was observing three users wins a third of nothing). Prizes can be claimed on the talk page (on the honor system).

There is also a template to announce you've won in the middle of a talk page discussion: {{Template:Bingo-win}}


Refresh as often as desired


"Don't touch

my edits!"[1]


In the closet[3]

God's chosen[4]

Made of wood[5]



"Not" racist[8]





Free space[13]

"Don't touch

my edits!"[1]

Wikipedia is

not America[14]

Jesus was


Gott ist tot[16]

Gospel truth[17]


Focks News[19]


Focks News[19]

Bad teacher[21]




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  2. ^ User demonstrates the Dunning–Kruger effect
  3. ^ User makes homophobic statements
  4. ^ User accuses you of being Jewish
  5. ^ User accuses you of being a witch/warlock/pagan
  6. ^ User is blocked
  7. ^ User admits that they were drunk
  8. ^ User claims they are not racist, then posts racist stuff
  9. ^ User is a shill or paid editor
  10. ^ User doesn't understand why they were blocked
  11. ^ User says something racist
  12. ^ User accuses you of being anti-white
  13. ^ As befits the Free Encyclopedia
  14. ^ User attempts to exclude "foreign" content or editors
  15. ^ User says something anti-Semitic
  16. ^ User accuses you of being an Atheist
  17. ^ User cites Jesus as their source
  18. ^ Unblocked user claims they are currently blocked
  19. ^ a b User claims Wikipedia has a liberal bias
  20. ^ User edits an article or talk page that is about them
  21. ^ User claims to be a teacher
  22. ^ User is reported for vandalism
  23. ^ Username implies a corporate or organization account (WMF excluded)