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All is peace again. As you may see, Wikipedia is active all hours, seven days a week.

At times, it may seem tempting to vandalize Wikipedia, get into edit wars, make uncivil comments, or generally make life harder for other Wikipedians, simply because this is possible, or to illustrate a point. Next time the temptation grows strong, think carefully: "What am I doing to this encyclopedia? Why am I doing it? It isn't very cool, is it?"

Remember, Wikipedia is a huge encyclopedia. There's plenty to do, and instead of engaging in disruptive actions, it would be much more helpful to improve our project instead of vandalizing it. Join a WikiProject that helps improve things that fall within your interests; help create new pages, or help improve existing articles. The Wikipedian community is generally quite happy to help repenting users, and feel free to ask them if you need any assistance with the project.

So the basic idea is, next time you consider doing something uncool, resist the temptation and help us instead.