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eXperimental Deletion method XD5 is a slight variation to XD2, and uses templates and categories.


  1. Add the template {{subst:XD5|reason}}
  2. Do not blank the page.
  3. Done!
  4. If the template remains on any page for N days, the page may be deleted by an admin


  • (N presently set to five, which is arbitrary)



  • You can look up pages deleted in this way in Category:XD5
  • You can also look by day, e.g. Category:XD5 26 August 2005 to find out what's new there.
  • Suggested reason for deletion is clear and obvious.
  • Interested users can still quickly read the article to consider if it's worth restoring.
  • Pages deleted in this way do become redlinked, eventually.
  • Other Pros and cons are as yet unknown. Try it out and report back on the talk page!
  • Requires no software changes.
  • No extra server load for thresholds, and doesn't interfere with Special:Shortpages

Similar proposals[edit]