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Navajo man in ceremonial dress[edit]

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Charlie Day, a European American trader's son, costumed as a God Impersonator, in ceremonial dress including mask and body paint, c.1904
Image is no longer used in the corresponding article, and the article doesn't mention the relevance of the image or the depicted costume. EV is further called into question due to the fact that the photo appears to be unauthentic. According to Pinney, Christopher; Peterson, Nicolas (2003). Photography's Other Histories. Duke University Press. :

Research into an early trading family's unpublished photographic archive revealed that Curtis's masked Navajo were often phony - they were actually photographs of a European-American trader's son in Navajo gear! ... Curtis's turn-of-the century project was motivated by a nostalgic concern for the "vanishing race."

There's also an anonymous comment on the file talk page stating that it is culturally insensitive.
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Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Navajo man in ceremonial dress
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