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Images for Upload Wizard
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Thank you for using the wizard, you're ready to go! Follow the instructions below to complete your request.

Creative Commons Attribution

You're submitting your request under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Your source must somewhere state something like: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. If it doesn't, please don't submit under this license. Click here to go back.


  1. In the Subject/Headline box type a clear descriptive filename. Don't use default filenames. (Good: John Doe in 1997.jpg, Bad: IMG0592.JPG)
  2. Beside Description type a detailed description of the image. What is the work of? When was the work made, or if you are submitting a photo, when was the photo taken?
  3. Beside URL type the web URL of where the image to be uploaded can be found.
  4. If necessary, add additional license information about the image in the License field, otherwise leave it how it is.
  5. Beside Link To License Information provide a URL as to where the copyright/license status of the work is established. In most cases this will be the webpage the image is on.
  6. Beside Author/Copyright Holder's Name provide the name of the author of the work, or the copyright holder of the work.
  7. Beside Article To Be Used On/Reason For Upload type what article the image is to be used on and why you'd like the image uploaded.
  8. Leave ~~~~ as the last line as it adds your signature to the end of the submission.
  9. When you're happy with your request click Save page.


Please don't copy the example. Use the instructions above to fill out the form correctly.

Subject/headline: John Doe in 1997.jpg
'''Description:''' This image illustrates the work of art done by John Doe, picture taken March 1st 1997.


'''License:''' Creative Commons Attribution <code>{{[[Template:Cc-by-3.0|Cc-by-3.0]]}}</code>
<!-- You should be OK to leave the above section alone -->

'''Link To License Information:''' (at the bottom of the page)

'''Author/Copyright Holder's Name:''' John Smith

'''Article To Be Used On/Reason For Upload:''' John Doe, because there's currently no images in the article.


What happens next

After you've submitted your request, an experienced editor will look over it and make sure that:

  • The image doesn't already exist on Wikipedia
  • The image has a license compatible with Wikipedia
  • You've provided a valid link to the image and to the license information

If it conforms to the instructions above and to Wikipedia policies it will be uploaded. Please check this page regularly in case there are any questions about the image. For instructions on how to use an image in an article, click here.

Thank you for your contribution to Wikipedia!