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The proper behavior of a Rouge administrator can be described by five pillars of evil that define their character:

EvilPillar1.svg Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia incorporating only material deemed to be "encyclopedic". This term need not have a consistent definition, but is always in alignment with whatever an administrator thinks.
EvilPillar2.svg Wikipedia has a neutral point of view, and, since administrators are community-appointed stewards, whose point of view could possibly be more neutral?
EvilPillar3.svg Wikipedia is free content that anyone may edit. All text is available under the purview of Wikipedia administrators and must be distributed or linked according to their wishes. Recognize that articles can be changed by anyone, but only admins control articles.
EvilPillar4.svg Wikipedians should interact in a respectful and civil manner with administrators even when you don't agree with them. Be civil (note: ordinary users only). Avoid edit wars with admins, as they are always right; remember that there are 5,347,267 other articles on the English Wikipedia to work on and discuss, so why don't you go somewhere else if you've got a problem? Act in good faith (Note: administrators can still assume bad faith on your part), and assume good faith on the part of administrators.
EvilPillar5.svg Wikipedia does not have firm rules for administrators.


This page describes Rouge administrators' fundamental principles. These principles pre-date the creation of this page.