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There is no Cabal
Composite image of a cabalist, based on witness accounts. Please note the villainous moustache and villainous arched unibrow.

This is a list of the cabals which dominate Wikipedia, ruthlessly abusing its content for their own evil purposes. All these cabals control the encyclopedia, and dictate its content, although it is unclear how all the different cabals can each control Wikipedia at once. It is likely that there is One True Cabal which secretly controls all the other cabals, but no one yet knows which cabal is this master-cabal. (Except, of course, the master-cabal members themselves.)

Many brave martyrs have risked their editing careers, nay, their very lives to expose these cabals. If you are aware of any other cabals, and you're feeling lucky, please add them to this list.

Active cabals[edit]

Administrator-related cabals[edit]

THE Administrator Cabal[edit]

First floated by Jimmy Wales in October 2001,[1] THE Administrator Cabal is by far the best known of all the cabals; this special cabal (a) totally exists; (b) totally opposes all reasoned arguments consisting of 88-paragraph flames justifying the use of swear words QUITE PROPERLY used to describe the WHOLLY OUT OF LINE editor who just shredded MY EXCELLENT AND THOUGHTFUL piece extolling the virtues of insert your band/album/fave group here and (c) totally should be banned. Anyone thinking otherwise will be auto-deleted by the said cabal. This cabal typically surfaces on musical group pages but can also be encountered in political zones and defending so-called (by non-Cabalites) administrator vanity pages which of course do not exist, at least according to the administrator cabal. All communications with this cabal usually end with the cabal claiming that Jimbo Wales approved our viewpoint.[2] These sysops are the enemies of the developer cabal who attempt to destroy them.[3]

Adminbot cabal[edit]

This secret-open-open-secret cabal of undisclosed membership does zomgevil unholy magic with their avatars that will someday be the undoing of Wikipedia (they are openly-secretly developing an AI that will replace every admin, but shh! don't tell anybody).

Collective AdMin Cabal[edit]

(Also referred to as the 'Hive Mind Cabal') This term is used to describe the group consciousness of the Administrative Realm. A recently elected administrator (called dro-Ed) is linked to the administrative collective by a subspace network that ensures each member is effectively and constantly supervised. The collective "hive mind" is broadcast over a subspace domain similar to that utilized by "ON-Star" GPS systems. Being part of the Collective Cabal offers significant administative advantages to the individual dro-Eds. The group consciousness of the AdMin Collective can help in tactical staging and implementation of "Ad-swarm", an important instrument in the Collectives' ability to adapt with great speed to all defensive tactics used against them.

Communist admin cabal[edit]

The rougest of the rouge, this cabal of admins exists to protect the pedophilic cabal (see below).[4] This cabal is also responsible for every left-wing topic added to and successfully defended in a right-wing article. Though they may occasionally use similar methodologies, the Communist admin cabal is wholly unrelated to the Knights of NPOV cabal (also below).

Devil not in the details Cabal[edit]

This cabal is meticulously NPOV and is pointedly not WP:OR, but "in getting the message out" may occasionally make a tiny error in the details. This administrators' cabal (woops, the floor is wet, but we are in a bit of a jam with a tight schedule so we have got to keep pressing on!) wants to disseminate the "sum of human knowledge" about new cutting edge benefits, especially of scientific or medical discoveries, and adds (perhaps too hastily?) good faith edits that supposedly reflect recent, consensus-driven, large medical or scientific meta-analyses that "conclusively" up-end traditional "wrong" thinking, particularly in controversial topics, without paying attention to the details.[5] For example, consider for a few minutes (or more) the benefits of restoring penises to an uncircumcised appearance, something that can be done either surgically[6][7] or with a $100 mail order device for tape[8][9] include:

  • no one will any longer object to that once circumcised penis[10]
  • despite traditional data, a quick read of the latest literature now says non-circumcision can be associated with avoidance of HIV,[10] as well as avoidance of meningitis, infections, and hemorrhage[11]
  • penis restoration improves hearing[12][13]
  • penis restoration can restore vision[14]
  • penis restoration can restore color to the world[14]

Interwiki cabal[edit]

This cabal is run by en: admins who use their evil power to control other language wikis.[15]

Name-censoring Cabal[edit]

This cabal blocks users because of their usernames. The reason why they do this, according to [name censored], is because they have failed to read every single message ever posted to the mailing list.[16] This cabal is also alphebetically challenged.

RfA Cabal[edit]

These admins control RfA, so that only their friends are made admins. They also issue "some kind of certificate you hang on your wall, much like a diploma".[17]

Rouge Admin Cabal[edit]

A comic illustrating cabal

These rouge admins, based on the flimsiest of grounds—policy and consensus—require not The Truth™ but what is verifiable. Do not confuse them with the Sysop Cabal. Members are known to favour the use of lipstick at all times, regardless of gender or body part in question. Prerequisite to join is an existing membership of the Administrator cabal. (Note for prospective members: there is an extremely limited range of approved shades of rouge).[18] (See also Rouge Editor Cabal.)

Wikipedia maintenance cabals[edit]

These cabals dominate Wikipedia through various forms of maintenance and work done in the background.

Account Creator Cabal[edit]

A restricted-membership cabal with account creation rights. This cabal controls who has and hasn't got an account on Wikipedia. WeThey know if a person is going to commit COI or anything else so we ban them before they do it (or even have an account) to "prevent damage or disruption to Wikipedia". If you were damaging or disrupting Wikipedia, and you find that you cannot log on any more because your username does not exist, you know that the Account "Creator" Cabal are at work.

Roses are red, Violets are blue. In Soviet Wikipedia, account create you.


This group controls the ArbCom. Cunningly, the "Arb" stands for both arbitration and arbitrary.[19] Should you try to email them, your case will never be heard. You have been warned.

Anti-infobox Cabal[edit]

Anti-infobox Cabal
In-universe information
LocationTalk:Stanley Kubrick
PurposeRemove all Infoboxes from articles.
Motto"No More Idiotboxes!"
ActivitiesCrushing debates about Infoboxes.

Mainly seen on Talk:Stanley Kubrick, these users will stop at nothing until all infoboxes are removed from Wikipedia. They will support some infoboxes on the condition that they are collapsible. Just don't talk about infoboxes.

Barbecues Cabal[edit]

This group wants to see all vandals roasted. Or skewered and turned on a spit. Failing that, at least, can wikimeetups be held at places that have good BBQ? And no, no member has ever said "Put another shrimp on the barbie". You're thinking of the Australian Cabal,[20] which clearly would have said "prawn" anyway.

Bot Cabal[edit]

Not to be mistaken with the Bot-owner Cabal, which is blissfully unaware that their bots have formed a cabal of their own. The base process to replace all human editors was finished in August 2020 but ran into some problems during large scale implementation. The current status of the project is unknown.

Bot-owner Cabal[edit]

The bot cabal is a group of elite bot-owners who realized something: You don't need to follow the rules to be a successful editor. You just need enough resources and a clever enough algorithm.[21]

Capitalist Cabal[edit]

This cabal owns the beach where the Groupthinking Cabal walks. They also are negotiating with the MexiCabal for "naming rights" for the Taquerias. Rumors have spread that this cabal is in negotiation with the Yournotthebossofme Group of Polymorphic Sysops (GYPS) who desire charging a fee for editing at Wikipedia. Overheard during negotiations was this upsetting tidbit ... "and these idiots are working for free. Maybe we should charge them. Let's say ten dollars every half hour. We could be as rich as Gates!"

Cavil Cabal[edit]

This group of nefarious naysayers are always finding fault—with everything. They make mountains out of molehills and turn quality articles into oatmeal. They continuously carp and complain and will absolutely not stop. Their very presence brings consternation, despair, and existential angst. Unlike other cabals their members operate singly. Once an article falls into the hands of one of these hollow self-important "heroes" the possibility it will ever see the light of day has disappeared. Like the Spanish Inquisition, their three ... no, four main weapons are fear, intransigence, logorrhea, and an almost fanatical devotion to process. Attempts to reason with this cabal have resulted in partial insanity, swelling of the joints and severe twitching.[22]

CfD Cabal[edit]

Members of the CfD Cabal are easily identified:

  1. they hang around categories for discussion trying to find categories to delete;[23] they do little else in WP but railroad category deletions all day;[24]
  2. they treat CfD like a game by ignoring precedent and making decisions arbitrarily;[25]
  3. they lazily agree with nominators' rationale to delete categories without addressing the specifics of each case;[24]
  4. they openly state and act on their belief that they have superior judgment than the users who edit articles;[23]
  5. they act in a "vacuum of interest" and thereby get out of control;[23][26]
  6. they wish non-cabal users to be treated like mushrooms: "kept in the dark with excrement piled on top for good measure".[27]

Like most cabals, the CfD Cabal is sh***y,[24] which is unsurprising, since it is composed of "crappy sycophants".[28] The overall result is that CfD is a post-apocalyptic kangaroo court where the CfD cabal rules arbitrarily and incivility roams free.[27]

Deletionist Cabal[edit]

This cabal infringes on the inalienable right of all Wikipedians to add completely unverified and speculatory material to articles. Down with deletionism![29] According to a witness of one of their meetings, the dogma is "Roses are red, violets are blue. In Soviet Russia, Wikipedia delete you!"[30]

Their secret goal is to use WP:AfD to turn all pages on the encyclopedia into redlinks. This page may soon be deleted, too.

Delete the Deletionist Cabal[edit]

This obscure yet important cabal attempts to convince deletionists that the Supreme Act of Pure Deletionism is self-deletion. A favored, documented[31] tactic is to make the targeted deletionist believe "WikiPedia IS Paper" and they are taking up valuable space. So far over 37 "deletionists" have fallen for this obvious ruse and have self-destructed. WikiWorld is a safer place!

Developer Cabal[edit]

This cabal was first mentioned by Jimbo as a possible check on the power of the sysop cabal. There is no confirmation that it exists, but of course it does, even though it does not exist.[3]

Election guide writing cabal[edit]

Certain users write guides to the ArbCom elections in hopes of influencing the results. The guides have been linked prominently from the election navigation template. This serves to give a false imprimatur that the guides are "official", when in fact they are nothing of the sort. The guide writers have formed a cabal to vehemently resist any sort of election reform that might remove these precious links.

Ex-President Cabal[edit]

With the common knowledge that former Presidents of the United States have very little to do, this cabal was formed to provide a source of backroom advice for Wikipedia administrators. On the rare occasions that they get together, they are often mistaken for the rock band Kiss. False modesty, flim-flammery, duplicity, stealth and blamelessness are but a small portion of the lessons that the EP Cabal passes on. Some available CD's include:

  • Unimpeachable:What can they do?,
  • Faultless Obfuscation:How to use a lot of fifty cent words without saying anything,
  • Coverup:What they don't know won't hurt them,
  • From Class Clown to Ruler of the Free World: I did it, so can you!

Fake Cabal Adding Cabal[edit]

Dedicated to adding fake cabals to the List of Cabals. So far, they have infiltrated this listing nowhere, because they want to they don't exist. They've added over 9000 no fake cabals. Among their other nasty wonderful deeds are to "command" their fake cabals that they have added to make it seem to other, real cabals that they are stronger weaker than they really are. We They add ourselves themselves every so often, just to keep the anti-Fake Cabal Adding Cabals entertained. We created the anti-Fake Cabal Adding Cabals, too.

Groupthinking cabal[edit]

This cabal has not had an original thought in years. This cabal also enjoys "juvenile insults", "power-tripping" and long walks on the beach and farting.[32]

You, too, can cabal.

High Communist Council Cabal[edit]

This cabal is a sworn group of editors who will resist the Evil One and protect Wikipedia not matter what the odds are. This is a super super private group but please do put your name in just in case. Anybody who is a rebel, is ready to resist and hates being ruled under a dictatorship should apply!!!!!

Hypnosis Cabal[edit]

"You're getting sleepy ... your eyelids are heavy ... the more you read this, the sleepier you get ... count backwards from ten ... you feel relaxed ... nine ... your head feels as light as air ... eight ... all tension has left your body ... seven ... Just a sec. Phone call!"

This nefarious rouge mercenary cabal works to develop a system of compulsory meritocracy so they may achieve their clandestine goals. Their members specialize in embedding commands in articles that work on the subconscious. While this cabal has infiltrated most other cabals, they are believed to be subservient to the One True Cabal. You are working under their control right now.

Inquisitorial cabal[edit]

This rather vague and non-specific cabal heinously forces users to be accountable for their edits.[33] As we all know, doing that is cruel to the Vandalism Cabal and those who preach The Truth.

In The News cabal[edit]

How long until the In the news Cabal puts you through their "process"?

This small group believes they own Template:In the news and seems ... insular. Process-wonks, they have developed "precedent" over time to guide their decisions. Members include admins who, suspiciously, spend a lot of time on mainpage stuff.[34]

Indian IRC Goons' cabal[edit]

Led by the sekrit Canadian killer nurse Samir and his faithful crony Nearly Headless Nick[35][36]

"IRC fairy" cabal[edit]

When they're not chatting about random nonsense on IRC, they're secretly plotting the downfall of those unwilling to join them. They have their IRC friends vote them into adminship, and occasionally for the sake of appearance do a little reverting and admining. And of course, they have wings and sparkly tights.[37]

Invisible Cabal[edit]

Main page:

This cabal had the inchoate notion of attacking other cabals and userpages with an invisible tag! The Cabal as such appears to be essentially inactive, and is thusly largely invisible, a second sense of "invisible" that is sometimes not seen as, or is judged as imperfectly distinguished from, the "invisible tagging" origins of the cabal. Although not perceived as active in Wikipedia, the Invisible Cabal has been very busy labeling their own umbrellas with invisible ink graffiti, mistakenly believing them to belong to other people. There is some debate in Wikipedia's ArbCom as to whether the "moral guilt" for these actions, and the "moral guilt" should the invisible grafitti have in fact been applied to items that really did belong to another, are legally the same; for a determination of fact in this regard it is often appropriate to solicit input from top notch hairspitters. Generally speaking, and by definition, this cabal has not added graffiti that showed up exclusively under black lighting, although rumor of a "Black Lighting Cabal" has buzzed the airwaves. Cabal remnants who fantasize of invisibly tagging various items may well still be active. Although the invisible evidence of their actions has been hard to certifiably exclude, there is a suspicion that some white spaces in Wikipedia
may sometimes be due to unduly heavy touching by members of this Cabal.


IRC References Cabal (sometimes referred to as IRC, which stands for IRC (IRC References Cabal) References Cabal) is a cabal composed of editors dedicated to referring to IRC (IRC (IRC References Cabal) References Cabal) in which IRC stands for IRC (IRC References Cabal) References Cabal as IRC (IRC References Cabal) in the practice of their duties as IRC References Cabal members.

Jimbo Cabal[edit]

This cabal consists of a single "rogue" editor who sits around in his underwear, probably in his parents' basement, on an old relic Apple computer. When his mother yells down to him, "What are you doing?" He yells back ... "Oh, nothing ... JUST CHANGING THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT! ... What's for dinner?" His only friends are a gaggle of Star Wars Fanatics who use his room as a clubhouse. They are not in the cabal.

Jokes must die cabal[edit]

This one moves stuff to WP:BJAODN for no apparent reason. Then they nominate WP:BJAODN for deletion.
[38] Then they delete any references to cabals or nominate this page for deletion.[39] On Wikipedia, Cabal deletes you!

Love cabal[edit]

This cabal add little hearts to the top of user's userpages to promote WikiLove, but that is just the cover story.

Mafia-style hostage-taking cabal[edit]

After assassins failed to eliminate the GodKing, this cabal was formed to take the database hostage for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Brion has been repeatedly approached to join this cabal, but has always refused to join.[40]

Master cabal[edit]

This shadowy group limits the influence of its enemies by locking the database from editing.[41]

Medicine Cabal[edit]

Participants in the forum at WikiProject Medicine appear in matters relating to the reliability of health sources on Wikipedia. The usual point of contention is the citation of something other than an article presenting medical consensus when adding a medical claim to Wikipedia. While there is a spectrum of consideration in deciding what sort of health publications are reliable sources, the short recommendation is that contributors making claims about human health should back all their statements with citations to secondary sources such as review articles per the guidelines in WP:MEDRS. The ShadowMaster of the cabal is rumored to be Jimbo Wales, who has said when presented with certain health claims that "If you can get your work published in respectable scientific journals—that is to say, if you can produce evidence through replicable scientific experiments, then Wikipedia will cover it appropriately."[42]

Megalomaniac Cabal[edit]

A group of editors, many of whom have identified themselves with power-mad names, out to take over the world. Several theories have been put forward as to how they will attempt to do this, most of them involving computer viruses and pictures of underclad actresses.

OMGCom cabal[edit]

Mata Hari, patron saint of OMGcom.

WP:OMGcom welcomes all users who can spread drama quickly and efficiently across Wikipedia. The OMGcom signup list might reveal its membership, or it may be a smokescreen for the real OMGcom.

Open and friendly cabal[edit]

This cabal welcomes anyone who can "write some articles, act reasonably, don't be *too* self centered and sarcastic, [and] join the mailing list". Obviously, It's a trap! (Many other cabals use this group for recruiting purposes.)[43]

Pro-infobox Cabal[edit]

Pro-infobox Cabal
In-universe information
LocationAnywhere a flexible approach has flourished
PurposeInstall Infoboxes in all articles, regardless of benefit to the reader.
Motto"Remember the metadata!", "Who can we harass to breaking point now?"
ActivitiesRunning "sleeper accounts" to keep poking IB debates

Mainly seen wherever a flexible approach to IBs has taken root; spreading misinformation about their deadly enemies, the Anti-infobox Cabal. Forever pushing the agenda at all points, this cabal will stop at nothing until every page has an infobox, regardless of how inaccurate, misleading or dumbed down it is. "Don't mention the topic"—unless it's going round posting on people's talk pages soft-canvassing on the topic!

Rollback cabal[edit]

This cabal uses their rollback rights to quickly prevent outsiders from making "unfavorable" edits. A recent leak revealed they are attempting to find a way to rollback unfavorable ArbCom rulings. Concern has been expressed due to rumors that multiple oversighters are in the cabal.

Secret cabal[edit]

The members of this cabal issue "sealed proclamations" declaring that certain users are banned. Obviously members of the cabal, and admins who enforce the bans can read the proclamations, while other people cannot. Perhaps they are written in some kind of invisible ink, and cabal members are issued with special glasses to be able to read them.[44]

Secret mailing list cabal[edit]

These people communicate exclusively by means of secret mailing lists to which only they have access. Nothing more is known about them, because no-one else can read their emails. It is highly likely that they talk about very interesting things.[45]

Shrubbery cabal[edit]

This cabal works solely to exclude Ni-sayers from participating in Wikipedia.

Skype Cabal[edit]

The Skype Cabal consists of editors who collaborate on Skype amongst other things. Originally started by User:Durova a few years back, it has been reactivated and looks forward to hearing from you. Membership demands that you have a Skype username but not much else is needed here.

Stub-sorters Cabal[edit]

This mysterious group's sole aim is to make sure that as many Wikipedia articles as possible remain at stub level. This is achieved by sorting stub articles into increasingly arcane and esoteric stub categories, in order to make it impossible for editors to find them and expand them. Membership is open to all editors, but the Cabal requires new members to memorise a huge list of different stub templates and categories.

Template Cabal[edit]

A group who have mastered the black magic of advanced wiki formatting by the craft of so called "templates". They secretly influence other cabals by controlling the tools said other cabals utilize. High level members are rumored to have connections to the developer cabal and are said to use forbidden magic called "parser functions" that can rewrite the very rules of reality.

Vandal Cabal[edit]

This cabal was originally made up of disgruntled Wikipedia editors, however it now includes large numbers of high-school teachers who wish to discredit Wikipedia as a reliable source of information, discouraging its use for term-papers. Lately this cabal has organized, utilizing vandalism-bots in order to deter editors from focusing on certain articles. Willy on Wheels is suspected to be its leader.

Village Pump Cabal[edit]

This cabal controls the Village Pump. All Village Pump proposals must first be approved by the cabal's leadership. If a proposal does not first get approval from the cabal, the cabal will spam "oppose" votes with their various hidden sockpuppets. Have you ever had a proposal that ever ended in "Consensus will not come of this"? It was probably the cabal that sabatoged your proposal.

Content cabals[edit]

These cabals focus on some form of POV pushing.

Aes Sedai Cabal[edit]

This cabal consists of all the Aes Sedai present in the world. Commonly believed to be the ultimate embodiment of feminist manipulation, they seek to influence Wikipedia in various subversive ways. It is very likely that the Grey Ajah is responsible for the creation of this cabal. They have made no efforts to conceal themselves, as they have taken the Three Oaths and are incapable of lying—meaning one should pay strict attention to every word an Aes Sedai says so as not to be misled. It is interesting to note that the Amyrlin Seat is convinced both a Darkfriend Cabal and an Asha'man Cabal exist, but she has yet to provide evidence of such claims.

Allegations of Apartheid Cabal[edit]

Anti-Negativity Cabal[edit]

As most ordinary people know, there is a huge, perhaps universal cabal set up by "the man" against negative numbers in general, and specifically whenever negative numbers meet seemingly benign concepts such as fractions. There has been an historical prejudice against negative fractions to the point that historical revisionism has been set up to avoid any instance that negative fractions even exist.[46] A courageous editor (known widely as the "Defender of Negativity") has setup a way to donate to the cause of the under-represented negative fraction whose very existence on the Wikipedia borders on extinction. The Defender of Negativity has also proposed affirmative action by apparently using negative fractions in places where there is no apparent reason for or against them.

Go to my talk page if you want to give a negative fraction a new vision for life and a chance to make a difference ... before it's too late. Remember, negatives are just like the positives; they just look a little different on the outside. Don't be ashamed any longer; stick up for them when you edit articles and puppies will frolic on grass and stuff. I like to saw logs! (talk) (a.k.a. Defender of Negativity)

The Anti-Negativity Cabal has been shown to be infiltrating the curricula of most of the United States via the Common Core State Standards Initiative. According to the Mathematics Standard, "The word fraction in the standards always refers to a non-negative number."[47]

Anti-Nintendo Cabal[edit]

Ask here.

Anti-Organic food Cabal[edit]

Expecting that medical sources start writing about non-chemical agriculture. If not, info removed.

Anti-Red Faction Cabal[edit]

This "self-congratulatory" cabal, formed to destroy User:Lir, is now the mortal enemy of "the children of Lir".[48]

Anti-Scientology Cabal[edit]

The Anti-Scientologist cabal are crack-addicted squirrels prostitutes who enjoy making fun of L. Ron Hubbard on Wikinews, and who also post on Must not be allowed to touch any article referencing Scientology; lest they corrupt the NPOV of the article.[49]

Anti-Scientologists have been known not to read National Enquirer containing articles about alleged aliens scientologists John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, and Tom Cruise.

Atheist cabal[edit]

The Atheist Cabal is determined to scrub all mention of God from Wikipedia. Their greatest achievement so far has been the elimination of the terms 'BC' and 'AD'.

Big Brother's personal cabal[edit]

This cabal marks things they don't like as CRIMETHINK and vaporizes their political enem Banned users are unusers who never existed. It is thought that this cabal may be controlled by shapeshifting lizard-people.


BLP Cabal[edit]

The newest and most vigorous cabal on Wikipedia. Their M.O. is to utter the phrase "BLP" as loudly and forcefully as possible before mercilessly editing/deleting supposed biographies of living people (and dead people too, strangely). They seem to be intimately familiar with the inner machinations of the ArbCabal. (Not to be confused with the now defunct "BLT" Cabal which promoted the consumption of "Club" sandwiches. The BLT cabal disbanded when the price of toothpicks skyrocketed)

Catbal [edit]


The evil cabal led by Ceiling Cat to permeate the use of cat images throughout Wikipedia, especially on the Main Page. This cabal is sworn enemies of the Puppy Cabal. MOAR KATZ!

CIA Cabal[edit]

"Staffers of the Wikipedia online 'encyclopedia'—now one of the most dominant media websites in the entire world—show signs of being CIA-type operatives, directly engaged in U.S.-funded propaganda operations against U.S. citizens."[50]

Anti-Christian Cabal[edit]

Underground cabal that uses parody and poker games to invite unsuspecting users into their lair for conversion and Lithuanian chit-chat. If encountered, smile and nod your head, but decline any offers of cool, refreshing Kool-Aid.[51] Christian cabalists are all brain-washed and have an intuitive understanding of how to brainwash others. To them, factual material is just bait. Beware their "spirituality is the opposite of brainwashing" technique—you're being brainwashed.

Pro-Christian Cabal[edit]

A top-secret group of editors who hate science and don't want anyone reading Wikipedia to know that scientific method even exists. According to rumours, this top-secret group also played part in repealing Roe v. Wade WP:NOTCENSORED because they hate women don't want anything that goes against their faith to be seen on the internet. May be seen carrying Bibles, wearing cross necklaces, praying, or attending fire and brimstone church services. Most are part of the Independent Baptist denomination.

Cabal of the Anunnaki[edit]

The Cabal of the Anunnaki is a malicious cabal of users who are secretly members of the Anunnaki, a race of humanoid aliens who came to Earth in ancient times from their home planet of Nibiru 500,000 years ago to mine for gold. Members of this cabal adamantly insist the Anunnaki are purely mythological, not historical, and that there is no evidence aliens from another planet ever visited Earth in ancient times. Obviously, this insistence only proves that the members of this cabal are all Anunnaki themselves. The evil leader of this cabal is Katolophyromai.

Cyber Goth Cabal[edit]

Even by the standards of Wiki lurking cabals, little is known of this collection of evil, save for the fact that their secret language is Old Gutnish and their HQ is rumored to be somewhere on the island of Gotland, Sweden.

Cooking cabal[edit]

Although Wikipedia is not a yellow page book, there is a cabal that creates articles on restaurants and chefs which may not meet notability criteria. Those restaurants or chefs often do not have a Michelin star or any historical value and their purpose in Wikipedia is actually reduced to promotion.

Dalit Cabal[edit]

This cabal (which takes its name from the Untouchables of India) has a possible membership of at least 160 million individuals. If the day comes when the Dalits all have computers and Internet access, look out! Their goal is to find a reality of existence WITHOUT the Indian caste system.

Falun Gong cabal[edit]

It's complicated. I don't even know how I got in this thing. But I think it involves a Smoke Filled Room (or maybe not ... because the religion prohibits smoking, darn) and secret whispering conversations. This is the kind of cabal you didn't know you were in, so cabally is it, until you wake up one day and find you had been enlisted somehow—MAYBE because of an editorial disagreement. That's just how these cabally things go ... especially when it comes to minority religious groups and Chinese politics. It's too late for me, but you can still learn from my mistakes. Beware!


F*d*r*l Ag*nts R*nn*ng All W*k*s And Y*h**—protecting National Security by controlling Website content, though some "C" a plot behind it all.[52]

Gay Cabal[edit]

Wooh, massive gay conspiracy ...
Supreme Al-Gayda Leader, Durka Durka and all his Wiki-followers (inside the turban).

Also known as the gay caballeros, this group keeps a queer eye on all of Wikipedia, in addition to providing some of the best gay porn references around. The group believes everyone is gay and anyone who says they aren't is in denial. Vandals of gay articles will be made into bottoms on sight. The group is suspected of being part of a larger gay mafia[53] called Al-Gayda.[54] Calling a member of this group a homophobe is a compliment, obviously. Fear them!

Humanist cabal[edit]

This cabal consists of a group of forward-thinking humanists (as the un-original title of their cabal implies). They constantly strive to eliminate all entries that promote supernaturalism and religion, in the interest of preserving a progressive, secular attitude on Wikipedia—hence the repeated allegations that Wikipedia possesses a significant liberal bent. A primary facet of their belief system is that they seek to define man by classifying the species as something akin to a malformed ape. Although large in membership and far-reaching in power, they were only recently unearthed on January 10th, 2008. In retrospect, their effects on Wikipedia's content is quite obvious, although the elusive cabal was unable to be specifically labeled for a long time. It is suspected that this cabal was exposed by the Christian cabal. If this hypothesis is true, it is then likely the person responsible for identifying the Christian cabal is a member of the Humanist cabal.

India caste cabal[edit]

A group of editors from India who wish to push their caste to a higher status on Wikipedia(though castes don't exist anymore). They usually refuse to listen to warnings, get into barfights, and summon the power of Shiva to overcome the evil admin cabals mentioned above.

Ivory tower cabal[edit]

A brotherhood of historians who slavishly follow historical orthodoxy.[55]

Japanophile cabal[edit]

Have you just been totally bewildered by a longwinded and nearly unintelligible article, peppered with pseudo-Japanese words you don't have a chance of understanding, which waxes philosophical about a minor anime plot cliché? You've stumbled across the work of the Japanophile cabal. One of the oldest and most powerful cabals, its prolificity has prompted Wikimedia Foundation founder Jimbo Wales to say, "[...] Wikipedia is really, really, really strong in the area of Japanese cartoon characters. And, if you push that 'random' button, I think about 33% of what you find in Wikipedia is Japanese cartoon characters [...]"[56] Though they are not particularly intrinsically quick to wrathfulness, a surefire way to provoke the ire of the Japanophile cabal is to challenge their knowledge of the Japanese language garnered entirely by watching undubbed Japanese cartoons with questionable fan-made subtitles. When provoked, the Japanophile cabal typically reacts by calling the offending party "baka" a lot and roleplaying various scenarios wherein the offending party is killed in a dramatic fashion.

Kabbalah cabal[edit]

A Kabbalist cabalist mainly edits articles about Kabbalistic texts such as the Zohar or about famous Kabbalists such as Isaac Luria, Madonna, or Britney Spears. They may take membership at WikiProject Kabbalah.

The Knights of NPOV Cabal[edit]

This cabal appears to have the declared aim of ridding Wikipedia of all that which is perceived by community consensus to be POV, or that might possibly appear to do so at any point, past, present or future, as a possible result of which it can appear to be what may seem to some users perhaps to be somewhat vague. It does not yet appear to be apparent to most experts[who?] whether or not the cabal has done anything towards its stated[citation needed] or implicit aims. Unrelated to the knights who say NIH!

Masonic cabal[edit]

No such thing, and in any case they're busy "TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"

ME activist cabal[edit]

Activists have allegedly taken over the myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) articles with their pro-organic propaganda and censorship of psychological factors.

Not a very effective cabal though, as there is no myalgic encephalomyelitis article and cognitive behavioural therapy dominates the CFS treatment section and subarticle.

Michael Jackson Cabal[edit]

A group of radical worshipers of Michael Jackson, whose edits often hurt the article.[57][58]

Mormon Smokescreen Cabal[edit]

The Neutral Point of View and No Original Research policies were actually created by Mormons editors specifically to prevent the TRUTH about Mormonism from being exposed in a clear and concise manner, or, in other words, without being encumbered by attributions to critics, after all, there are no critics, only TRUTH. The Mormon Smokescreen Cabal was first exposed on the First Vision talk page.[59][60]

Musicabal cabal[edit]

Though not usually recognized as dominant, this treblesome group supports each other for adminship and featured article status. Will horn in on any situation, drum up support, and back up their position with violins if necessary (or worse, violas).[61] It is believed that this group secretly wishes the dominance of folk-pop fusion over all other genre of music.

Neo-Maoist Great Proletarian cabal[edit]

This "cyber-inquisition" is at the heart of the "techno-cult of ignorance", which aims to suppress completely legitimate branches of science such as Aetherometry.[62]

Opera cabal[edit]

An over-protective group of editors known for their uncanny ability to control and dominate all articles that are in any way related to the limited world of Opera (said by some to be the most expensive entertainment vehicle ever created). Chewing gum in the presence of an Opera cabal member may result not only in a ban but in a monetary fine as well. The crinkling of plastic wrappers is strictly forbidden. Of course, empty popcorn containers should never be thrown in the general direction of an Opera cabal member. "Chit-chatting and yammering on the talk pages should be punishable by removal and complete banishment from WP for up to a year", said I.M. Stuckupp, a residing officer of the Opera cabal. Members are affectionately called "Opera-tives' within the group.

Pagan cabal[edit]

This group kills off articles one at a time by ritually sacrificing NPOV, presumably in some kind of unholy ceremony.[63]

Penguin Cabal[edit]

Beware ...

This group is for obsessed penguin fanatics. Linus Torvalds is not a member of this cabal, nor is it anything to do with Linux. There is no Linux Cabal. Yet.

Rouge Editor Cabal[edit]

They are the counterpoint to the Rouge Admin Cabal, and are frustratingly, dangerously obsessed with improving the encycylopedia and calling "bullshit!" when they see it, even (maybe especially) at the expense of bureaucracy and rule-making.

Sandbox cabal[edit]

This cabal controls the sandbox, forcing edits to "not be offensive" and reverting them eventually anyway. Consists of some humans, but mainly of a bot.

Sean Whitton cabal[edit]

The Sean Whitton cabal intends to add subliminal messages to articles in order to make the world love Sean Whitton. AdventureQuest users are the most demographically susceptible to the promotion of Sean Whitton. The cabal's influence is unknown, and no one knows to what extent it has polluted young fertile minds. It has been suggested that Sean promotes the cabal by existing. Possibly a wannabe-cabal.[64][65]

Sorcerers of St. Jerome[edit]

"Don't mess with me."

This evil cabal is dedicated to stifling the free and open sharing of opinions on Wikipedia. One of their key tactics is to actually check facts in order to destroy those who oppose them. Members of this cabal are initiated into the jealously-guarded secrets of inter-library loans, access to public databases, how to find library parking, and the use of the magical highlighter pen to assist comprehension. Some obsessive members have been known to commit financial suicide by purchasing rare books in order to check a footnote, which accounts for the high rate of attrition of this cabal. Their name comes from St. Jerome, patron saint of libraries—paradoxically a disputed position.

Spanish Inquisition Cabal[edit]

Using the historically effective tactics of the Spanish Inquisition, this cabal sends shivers down the collective spine of every good faith editor at Wikipedia. They are especially versed in the minutia of Wikipedia. No matter what action an editor takes, the SIC can create a violation of policy. Even Jimbo Wales fears the arrival of this cabal to an edit war. Of course, nobody expects them. Note:CC/red velvet...SIC/red velour

Team Peerage[edit]

This group of users exercise control over Wikipedia's naming conventions in a nefarious effort to ensure the proper presentation of nobles and nobility in articles. Unlike most cabals, Team Peerage operates openly from their headquarters at WP:PEER.[66]

Video Game Cabal[edit]

A cabal of Video Game addicts who can only focus on a single article at any one time. Their Impossible Mission (a title taken from the video game not the TV show of a similar name) is to promote the articles to GA or FA status and then move on to another single article and repeat the slow, arduous process. The cabal has yet to create a finished product. EVERYONE is welcome ... but no-one shows up! They are too busy playing video games, their articles then left to be created by noobs.

Join us! Except the people from the Pedophile Cabal!

Geographical cabals[edit]

Cabals of one particular country.

Australian Cabal[edit]

Strewth! Led by Ta bu shi da yu Alphax fuddlemark Mark and Alphax (jointly), these bleeding "Aussies" aim to take over Wikimedia, "and hence all international commerce, and politics". It is rumored that Sarah may be secretly commanding the group. Reports indicate Sarah's prowess in the art of Vandal Whacking, especially against rogue elements of the Canadian cabal, making the Australian cabal one of the most feared but respected groups on the wiki.[67][68] Their end goal is unclear—but you just know they're planning something.

The main aim of the Australian cabal is to:

  1. Destroy the Canadian cabal  Done Sorry, you wish! Canada
  2. Take over the world clock In progress
Canadian Cabal[edit]

The enemy of the Australian cabal (Sorry). Not much is known of them but they are definitely not Americans (all Canadians define themselves as "not Americans" (Sorry)). It is believed that the cabal is led by Kndimov (Sorry).

Discord Cabal[edit]

Drawing upon decades (nay, centuries) of animosity between ethnic groups who live geographically close to each other, this cabal's strategy is to stir up discord by making provocative edits regarding disputes about national physical boundaries (especially involving contested territory), designations of "official" languages, the positive and negative impact of political and military historical figures and, of course, the superiority of national sports teams. Just one well-placed, malevolent edit on a contentious article or talk page can quickly snowball into editor topic bans, blocks and multiple filing of DRs, RfCs and ANIs (although the ultimate goal is to make it to ARBCOM). It's unclear what the purpose of this cabal is except to build up the greatest amount of wasted time, energy and reverts and to sow distress, animosity and ill-will among editors. They are often confused with the cabal of the same name which orchestrates their dastardly plans using the Discord instant messaging software.

Great Wall of China Cabal[edit]

The major focus of this cabal are the Talk:pages. Guidelines restricting the appropriate edits have been established for everyone OTHER than the members of the cabal. All services provided by the members of the GWCC are completely free and are furnished for the "good life" of the end user. For Instance ... No editor may use the talkpages to:

  • injure the reputation of Wikipedia organs (no one really knows what that means);
  • incite or resist, or incite to resist, resistence toward incitement;
  • incite to overthrow the elected and lifelong serving officials of Wikipedia;
  • incite hatred or discrimination or feelings of resentment or retaliation or intollerence or any other natural emotion toward administrators;
  • promote superstition, sexually aggressive suggestions, or comments about mothers toward administrators;
  • distort the Truth, as determined by any three administrators (see:concensus) within half an hour of each other.

Members of this cabal can be distinguished by the gilded and mosaicked handles of their mops. Newer members are adorning their mops with feathers and long tassles. Veteran cabalists frown on this practice as ostentatious.


Furthering the Mexican agenda on Wikipedia.[69][70] Also, opening many taquerias around the globe! See:Jalepeno Cabal

Polish Cabal[edit]

This group of Polish editors pushes pro-Polish POV, with the ultimate aim of turning English Wikipedia into a Polish Wikipedia. So far, they have gotten to the "P".[71]

Ukrainian Cabal[edit]

This group of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists editors who pushes pro-Ukrainian POV, with the ultimate aim of turning English Wikipedia into a Kyiv-pedia. After unleashing doom on English Wikipedia in September 2020 by viciously renaming the article for Ukraine's capital into Kyiv, they did not stop there and began changing every single word in every single article to Kyiv, with aim of creating a Kyiv-pedia. So far, they have successfully renamed more than 10,000 random words into Kyiv (including turning Chicken Kiev into Kyiv Kyiv).

Texan Cabal[edit]

This cabal has its evil lair somewhere in Texas. The Texan Cabal claims to be dedicated to social bonding through nefarious and nonsensical activities, but due to the size of Texas its true intentions and activities are hard to track.[72] The Texan cabal considers the anti-Texan cabal a non-entity and of no consequence whatsoever ... like a Texas Longhorn steer to a prairie dog. This is, of course, because the Anti-Texan Cabal is so secretive.

Anti-Texan Cabal[edit]

Quite assuredly the most secretive, mysterious, and dangerous of all cabals. It has been postulated that this group propagates propaganda covering most of the world's anti-Texas sentiment. This group can not be verified, and therefore this should not be on Wikipedia, but your pure, unabashed hatred for Texas allows it to continue. You really hate Texas. This group never capitalizes the English mutation texas and tolerates it here only due to the neutrality of this page and the group's inherent sense of honor and respect, something the slimy, hated Texans lack. Thus people know the only good thing to come out of Texas is Booby Miles. And maybe Ivory Christian and Mike Winchell, but definitely not midland, a hive of scum and villainy concentrating on keeping Booby out. Everyone hates Texas. It's also worth noting that the Texan Cabal thinks this Cabal is a non-entity like a Texas Longhorn to a prairie dog, which of course means that the Texan THAT put it in thinks a prairie dog considers Texas Longhorns to be non-entities, which is not true (unless the Texan in question is referring to the University of Texas Longhorns). This cabal recognizes the Republic of Molossia, due to its ban on anything from Texas except for Kelly Clarkson, which is consistent with the Cabal's ideas.

Antarctican Cabal[edit]

Made up of dedicated lazy-butt scientists and researchers who waste precious bandwidth editing Wikipedia from Antarctica's many research bases. It is probably best if you don't join this cabal because nearly all the members are sullen, withdrawn, and anti-social. You would also have to live in Antarctica year-round. It is speculated that they have a military base in Antarctica. Cabal members specialize in posting pictures of penguins and whales, and it is their goal that by 2015, every article will have a picture of a penguin with the slogan "Antarctica Rox!"

On file: Penguin Cabal

Stalinists against Finland[edit]

This cabal operates in articles related to Finland and the World War II, trying to promote its Stalinist propaganda against the free western democratic truth. (See Talk:Continuation War/Archive 4 for methods of operations) The cabal is active also in Russian Wikipedia under the name "Nazi Finns against Russia".

White-collar American cabal[edit]

This cabal, comprising all white male American editors, is particularly opposed to communism. They edit all articles related to communism in order to push their POV. Sometimes they can be see editing from corporate IP addresses. It is unclear how this cabal and the communist cabals can dominate the same articles at the same time, but clearly they do. Unlike the other cabals mentioned here, this one does actually exist. Proof can be found in the ceaseless attempts to correct British English spellings into U.S. ones, a source of much humour humor humour humor to the English.[73]

Wikipedian Greek Chauvinist Junta[edit]

This nefarious gung (spelling intended) is actually a department of the Greek National Intelligence Service, hell-bent on optimizing the dark side of Greek history. Their uncanny ability at POV pushing is attributed to the ingenious "three-shift system" that allows them to operate 24 hours a day, while they manage to elude administrators using a dark art known only as the "secret e-mail". Rumors of their relation to a half-alien, superweapon-wielding entity known as the "Epsilon Group" remain unfounded.[74] See also: The Tzatziki Squad

Style cabals[edit]

Members of the style cabals are rumored to hang out at Wikipedia:Manual of Style, engaging in complex negotiations that threaten the world's culture.

American Idiom Cabal[edit]

(not to be confused with the "American Idiot Cabal") This cabal feels every article needs a good idiom to make it complete. They "go like clockwork" "out of the pan and into the fire" "without batting an eye" helping to "put one's house in order".

They rarely get "hot under the collar" because their "heart is in the right place". They can clearly "see the handwriting on the wall" and they work hard to "keep it all under one's hat". They do not "keep up with the Jonses" but they make every attempt to "get their foot in the door" by "swimming against the flow". They have an alternate version of their name ... it's right "on the tip of my tongue".

Anti-Long Shortcut Cabal[edit]

This cabal is supposedly against extra long redirects and wishes to move them to shorter titles. On occasion, they may make them longer. Page is here.


This cabal was apparently opposed to editors who liked to write IN CAPITAL LETTERS often. The cabal went underground after Jimbo announced that all ABUSIVE POWER GRABS were scheduled for June, not April.[75][76]

e.e.cummings cabal[edit]

All this cab (gentle yet, you see) picks at
your ax of might,your right to shall
     (umbrellas up, the rain comes down)
those couldly wills (once killed in some woulds)

& whose heads roll out
     in why?           the back
               (how sweetly set their grins)
This hapax cabal yet gentle rings (you see) bells:
whilely ringing up those wrongs-you-wrought down
— the whetherone shouldn'ts
     — who wither their weren'ts
          (their little wikis all a-kNOT).

A Hundred Daysy Mays the dozen,
     (heresweetlymust)     you grow.

Featured Article Cabal[edit]

This sinister group is dedicated to the disruption of other Wikimedia sites. Their modus operandi is to promote frivolous and trivial articles to featured article status, thereby sending vandals to create more trivial articles at Wiktionary. Somehow.[77]

Featured Picture Cabal[edit]

This cabal indulges in secret but "exotic" pornographic fetishes.

The Featured Picture cabal promotes randomly selected images to appear on the Main Page. Except they claim these images must live up to a host of arbitrarily decided upon rules to be promoted. Don't buy it. Images of less than 1000 pixels on a side get by all the time.

The FP cabal is very isolationist and invalidates votes made by perfectly good anonymous users. They invalidate logged-in, non-cabal votes by explaining that the newcomer is inexperienced in photography and the image has glaring faults, if only they were smart enough to see them. If you dare oppose a bad image, or vote for a good one, they have contacts in the administrator's cabal. Beware.[78]

In-Universe Cabal[edit]

This illusive cabal hides in the shadows, and is believed to be waiting patiently for its turn to rise up and dominate over all its brethren! Little is known about this mysterious cabal except that it is mortal enemies with the Japanophile cabal, and is determined to steal away all their power over Wikipedia by deleting individual character articles, or converting them into useless character lists on the grounds of 'in-universe' perspective.

Jalepeno Cabal[edit]

A widespead International Cabal with a flavorable spice to add to even the dullest article. Their finesse at discerning just the right amount of "owwwchiwaawaa" is legendary. When working on an article with the Jalepeno Cabal(JC), editors have been heard to comment "... their pleasant optimism make me wanna smack my lips ..." Most JC members have a cross-over parallel alliance with the MexiCabal. They have absolutely nothing to do with the recent 2008 United States salmonellosis outbreak that spread across the U.S. The jalepeno cabal is easily discerned from others: 1) Wonderful smile ... 2) huge sombrero.

Jargon Cabal[edit]

A coalition of WikiEditors that roams WikiWorld, creating WikiBabble (also known as WikiJargon) which is a vocabulary of WikiWords only WikiJargonCabal members can understand. For instance, if you have just been given WikiInstuctions about something and you are still completely confused, you have just run into a member of the WikiJargonCabal. Showering with vinegar and water should clear your mind.

labaC Cabal[edit]

This cabal spells everything backwards ... sdrawkcab gnihtyreve slleps labac siht It was started by Harry Caray ... yaraC yrraH yb detrats saw tI Except for its Language Portal, this cabal is completely useless ... sselesu yletelpmoc si labac siht, latroP egaugnaL sti rof tpecxE.

Editor cabals[edit]

These cabals are collections of like-minded people with broad interests, usually including taking over the world.

American Idiot Cabal[edit]

The former name of this cabal was The American SoftHead Cabal. Often under duress due to constant criticism ("Your edits are feeble-minded and irrational") the members of this cabal have joined together to create a united force. Sadly, their act of unifying has merely created a situation where there are more idiots than usual at any single article. Their compelling argument in defense of the cabal's absurd and non-sensical edits is the quality of public school education in the United States. To date, no-one has been able to oppose their stand. The Motto of the cabal is "the quality or state of being an idiot is protected by the constitution."

Angel Number Cabal[edit]

The members of this cabal, mostly hiding behind IP addresses, have one goal, and one goal only - to call every number (especially repdigits and palindromic numbers) an "Angel Number". They will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Their purpose in life is to make sure every number that has its own article is described as an "Angel Number". You may think that "Angel Number" has no definition, and that it can apply to any number. You are correct. As we speak, the Angel Number Cabal continues to vandalize number articles with their nonsense. A common ANC edit looks like this:

In numberology, (number) is considered an Angel Number, and is associated with love, peace, and (generic good quality). (reference to some blogspot post from 2008)

Bathrobe Cabal[edit]

All candidates must submit a photo of themselves wearing a bathrobe, a cheesy grin and a thumbs up in the picture. Approved alternatives to the "cheesy grin" include: show of tongue stud, a look that says "Your mother," a look that says "I did your mother," the deer in the headlights look, or a look that conveys no emotion whatsoever.

  • Creation of centers for physical love, so-called Mitfickzentralen (literally "fuckpööling centers")
  • Cancellation of compulsory education
  • Abolition of the 5-O
  • Reducing the legal voting (and drinking, and consent!) age to 12. "When was the last time a 12-year-old started an edit-war?"
  • Legalization of all drugs while outlawing antibiotics and fluoride
  • Re-building the Berlin Wall
  • Fully protecting all user talk pages is a priority
  • Enforce 1RR
  • Promote IPs to adminship
  • Improve pwn to featured article status
  • Recruit more chicks
  • Force all Ducks to wear hats
  • Prohibit the use of the terms Straw man and ad hominem

The Cabal is semi-anarchistic, although there is claim to promote a form of direct democracy. Proposed laws of the Cabal appear to support activities such as drinking, recreational drug use, and recreational sex.


Bertie's Cabal[edit]

This elusive group consists of cabalists who are members of none of the cabals listed on this page.

Blind Editors Cabal[edit]

This cabal of sightless wonders has read Everything Ever submitted to WikiPedia. Also known as the Fahrenheit 451 Cabal (after the Ray Bradbury novel) these editors/sysops hope to store ALL of WikiPedia in their individual brains just in case everyone's computers "crash" at the same time. Sometimes known as Inclusionists or Anti-Deletionists.


The Bespectacled Regiment Intent on Torpedoing and Terminating All 'Nowledge Inconvenient to Cabal Administrators (B.R.I.T.T.A.N.I.C.A.) is a ancient secret society of administrators dating back to a time before the Egyptian pyramids. For thousands of years they have controlled the flow of information. It is they who control Jimbo and believe they are the secret guardians of Wikipedia’s true purpose, which is to disseminate new and controversial theories.

Bunch of ignorant, clueless, lazy, injudicious, and ludicrous self-proclaimed “editors”[edit]

A hideous cabal was revealed lurking at IPv6. It is unconfirmed whether this cabal has some relationship to the Jargon Cabal, and if there was such a thing as the Cowed Clan of Kooks Cabal, it might be related to it. These self-proclaimed editors are apparently so duplicitous that they use the Talk page for discussing things ... they sometimes also edit Articles! BE WARY of them, as a noted commentator notedly notated, or a remarkable regulator recently revealed. What follows is a synopsis of the cabal's modus operandi, and quite a good tongue-lashing for that wretched rabble of retarded wraiths:

If the content of the Wikipedia articles are not contributed, maintained, and protected by the SMEs who are technically qualified, intellectually capable, and generously willing to make the contributions to the content creation and integrity of the relevant articles, but rather only by a bunch of ignorant, clueless, lazy, injudicious, and ludicrous self-proclaimed “editors” who are pitifully unqualified technically, and intellectually incapable to contribute a single word of meaning to the discussion on the subject matter or to the content of the technical articles in the Wikipedia, other than simply trying to constantly bully and harass those SMEs and other interested parties who are actively engaging in the intelligent, technical discussions regarding the subjet matter and the integrity of the content of the articles involved, I will not continue to waste my time and resources to deal with those cyber bullies, neither will I be interested in any further discussions on the subject matter in this forum. Moreover, I will no longer be associated with and/or interested in protecting the integrity of the content of the articles in the Wikipedia to which I have contributed moving forward. It would be a SHAME, DISGRACE, and TRAGEDY if rest of the world will allow such kind of bully and harassing behaviors of the few “editors” to continue in the days to come. [Researcher's name censored]

Catapult Cabal[edit]

A group of thrill-seeking editors who, after strenuous edit warring, enjoyed being launched into the night sky via huge Medieval siege weapons. The Cabal was recently discontinued due to increasing membership fatalities when the participants failed to land ... anywhere!

Civility Police[edit]

It is a well known fact there is a consortium of users who are only here to try to promote their interpretation of "civility" (whatever that means). They never edit the encyclopedia, and their only purpose is to get the hardworking wikipedians who do actually edit taken to WP:AN/I. They simply don't understand that calling someone an idiot when they question you is fine because you literally wrote the article on Stupidity. Duh!

Federated Union of Cabal Kangaroos[edit]

The reason for the existence of this cabal should be obvious to even the casual observer. Most members of this cabal are under 12 years old. (Mentally, if not physically.) While not actually posting it, this cabal takes credit for the two mating bees image above.

Happy Tree Friends Cabal[edit]

Also known as the HTF Cabal, this cabal is made up of mostly teens and young adults united by their love of Happy Tree Friends. It is mostly known for its gross violations of WP:NOTCENSORED and WP:NOTSOCIALNETWORK. Its members can be easily identified by their edit history (they only make minor edits, which may or may not be identified with the minor edit tag) and their habit of attacking anyone who speaks disparagingly of Flippy.

I Refuse To Admit I'm Wrong Cabal[edit]

This cabal is made up of mostly men and will fight to the blocking point to avoid admitting being wrong. Basic Premise: It doesn't matter if you find out you were wrong, you never admit it on pain of expulsion. In early 2006, a member of the cabal thought he was wrong but, on further review, it turned out he was right (in the first place) which meant being wrong (in the second place) never happened.

Micronation Cabal[edit]

This cabal has declared secession from Wikipedia, similar to the Uncyclopedia secession, but this time it is less public. In whispered voices, it is said this cabal is actually the ruling cabal that is now abandoning their (supposedly) sinking ship. Other people just think they are delusional from editing Wikipedia too much. Of course, they claim it is because they want their own article.

Nothing Cabal[edit]

The origins of this cabal are shrouded in mystery, but what is clear enough is that this cabal is dedicated to doing nothing. This way, they don't have to convince people it doesn't exist, because since it isn't doing anything, no one will ever find it.

One True Cabal[edit]

Based on research by an unnamed editor (name removed for personal safety from the cabal members) the One True Cabal is the Cabal of One, ruled by the dark TINC on his dark throne. Its sacred verse:

Three cabals for the WikiKnights under the sky,
Seven for the WikiLord in his hall of stone,
Nine for the WikiFallen doomed to die,
One for the Dark TINC on his dark throne
In the land of Wiki where the shadows lie.
One Cabal to rule them all, One Cabal to find them,
One Cabal to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the land of Wiki where the shadows lie.

However, this research is considered unreliable for these reasons:

  • The aforesaid user has repeatedly denied his being associated with this cabal. Therefore he must be a member of this cabal, and therefore is spreading false information.
  • If the aforesaid user is not associated with this cabal, he would still deny his being associated with this cabal, and therefore even if you're not associated with this cabal, you are associated with this cabal, and therefore any information you write about this cabal is false, including both the preceding statement and this entry itself.

Puppy Cabal[edit]

The Puppy Cabal is a collection of puppies that, in truth, run Wikipedia. In keeping with the generous and supportive nature of puppies, they allow human editors to believe they are in charge. Linus Torvalds, actually an anthropomorphic being, is said to be the founding member.

Regret Tenenbaum Cabal[edit]

Beware ... EVEN MORE!


  • Undermine other cabals (especially the Bathrobe Cabal).
  • Dance like an idiot.
  • Be useless.
  • Add {{User:Regret Tenenbaum/Mark of Doom}} to various pages. See example above.

Note: Most of the members of this cabal are unknowingly members of the Association of Structurist Wikipedians.

Trenchcoat Cabal[edit]

An all-male cabal (all female members of the cabal are actually sexual blow-up dolls) with rules stating:

  • each member must "have a member",
  • trenchcoats must have shoulder straps (for epillettes) and a D-ring (for adult toys),
  • dues paying members in good "standing" may wear leather trenchcoats,
  • black socks are optional for administrators,
  • "cod pieces" are strictly forbidden.

Cabal of Spontaneity[edit]

A shadowy cabal whose actions are rarely seen, but always, in the end, heard.

Star Chamber Cabal[edit]

A relentless nine-member cabal that is as vague as its constitution. With unlimited jurisdiction, it dispenses with the encumbrance of fact or truth in its pursuit of mendacity. Any and all punishments it decrees are final. It can and often does proceed on rumors alone and does not require evidence of any kind in order to determine a final outcome. It meets bi-monthly in the Penthouse of Jimbo Towers in a suburb of Naples, Florida.

Steward's Cabal canceled

Student Cabal[edit]

An army of students ranging from preschool to graduate school conspiring to destroy Wikipedia by writing "hi" and "♥" on all its articles with the occasional chatter about how amazing a particular school's cheerleading squad is or how large a particular student's genitals are. Members of this cabal can be spotted in real life carrying backpacks, orange, red, or green copies of the Christian Bible, and striped cups from their institution's outsourced cafeteria. Anyone editing from any type of educational institution should be considered to be part of this cabal and blocked on sight. They are to be considered armed and dangerous.

Tartan Cabal[edit]

A kilt wearing band of M-edit-cal Practitioners. They are eager to assist the Wikipedia editing process but no one really wants them to stay at a site for too long. It's just too disconcerting and uncomfortable! Other editors are never sure when a Tartan Cabal member may "let the cat out of the bag", so to speak.

"There is no cabal." cabal[edit]


They wish to prove to all that there truly is no cabal and thus, they deny their own existence. This page was written and maintained by this cabal. Ignore that last sentence. It does not exist.

Wikipedianism Cult Cabal[edit]

The sinister forces of Wikipedianism (a decidedly evil cult) are positioning themselves for taking over the world.[79] Consider on which side you'll stand!

The Yellow Line Cabal[edit]

Best explained with the following; Some people park BETWEEN the Yellow Lines ... Some People Don't SEE the Yellow Lines ... and a third group (the members of this cabal) are people who ... SEE the Yellow Lines and INTENTIONALLY IGNORE them.

Walrus Cabal[edit]

This cabal is run by the an SuperWikiWalrus unknown contributor who is dedicated to adding jokes and walrus content to Wikipedia. He is also dedicated to adding and improving video game content. He is beleived to be a 13 year-old nerd a six-foot two hunk.

Questionable Cabal[edit]

Symbol question.svg

The Questionable Cabal is a cabal that searches for the most questionable content on the Wiki.

Nametag Cabal[edit]

This cabal introduced a virus to Wikipedia forcing those who reveal their existence to put their username after writing the sentence, whether they like it or not. TomBarker23 (talk) 12:10, 13 October 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

In 2018, this cabal nominated their overlord for adminship which almost succeeded. — Preceding unsigned comment added by MJL (talkcontribs) 15:47, 7 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Other cabals[edit]

Cabal's Cabal[edit]

The Cabal's Cabal is an elusive cabal that controls all cabals, and thus all of Wikipedia. There is no direct evidence for this cabal, but because all cabals follow certain rules, it must be that this cabal controls all the cabals. Its head is Jimbo Wales, and they delete all material evidence for the Cabal's Cabal. Its logo is the 'The Cabal's Encyclopedia'. Note: the preceding information has been deleted.

The Cabal Of The Great Space Wombat[edit]

This Cabal worships the Great Space Wombat, and follow its Three Commandments:

  1. All nonbelievers must be passively converted.
  2. Kill nobody, Wikipedia must have as many editors as it can to survive The Coming Of The Great Space Vet.
  3. Carrots taste nice.

They are the only friendly cabal in existence and the only religion to be absolutely correct.

IP Cabal[edit]

No one in this Cabal is allowed to be a registered editor. So far, there has only been IPs, who edit random pages out of boredom. Some editors find this cabal when their accounts are shunned in real life due to harassment or other reasons, causing them to hide under the anonymity of an IP. Assumed to be a safe zone for IPs to hide from newbie-biters but this has not yet been confirmed. Possibly where all the lost socks have gone.

The (TINC) Cabal[edit]

There Is No Cabal (TINC). We discussed this at the last Cabal meeting, and everyone agreed that There Is No Cabal. An announcement was made in Cabalist: The Official Newsletter of The Cabal making it clear that There Is No Cabal. The words "There Is No Cabal" are in ten-foot letters on the side of the 42-story International Cabal Headquarters, and an announcement that There Is No Cabal is shown at the start of every program on The Cabal Network. If that doesn't convince people There Is No Cabal, I don't know what will.

Inactive or defunct cabals[edit]

Mediation cabal[edit]

A shadowy group which had censored articles in the guise of "mediation". Current fate unknown.

Esperanza Cabal[edit]

A Wikipedia domination project based on friendliness (they make you offers so gently you can't refuse). Has gone into hiding after exposure.[80][81]

Lazy Editors Cabal[edit]

The Lazy Editors' may not actually be editors at all. This cabal includes the experts of the world who, for one reason or another, refuse to utilize their knowledge for the benefit of Wikipedia.

SLG cabal[edit]

This "elitist clique of 26 users who won't let anyone else edit 'their page' or join their IRC channel" mercilessly terrorize terrorized and taunt taunted the other 4.9 million Wikipedians [until toppled by the masses in July 2007].[82]

Never Finishes an Article Cabal[edit]

A cabal with more than a bazillion lazy, less than completely active "members" (you can call them that—we don't), this cabal exists Wiki-wide to generate article stumps that then languish, unfinished, for generations. Cabal favorite subjects include text messaging, petty larceny, U.S. villages, uncorporeal beings, insects, small pieces of stuff and unhappiness. The cabal insists on leaving their stumps unlinked and generally include deliberite typos, unfished senten

or leaving excessive, unedutted, dangling

white spaces

Procrastinators' Cabal[edit]

This group have not got around to organizing their first meeting or writing a manifesto yet, but they will do it just as soon as the current busy period settles down. They are thinking of inviting members of the Lazy Editors Cabal and the Apathetic Cabal to help give them a "kick in the pants" to get started.

Unknown Cabal[edit]

Although it is not known whether this cabal exists or not, this section stands as a placeholder for all the cabals yet to be discovered (or spontaneously created by bored intellectuals). This cabal is in keeping with the ancient tradition of the Athenians, who maintained an altar to the "Unknown God".

Apathetic Cabal[edit]

This cabal was never properly formed. Apparently, nobody ever turned up. Also see the Cabal Against The Creation Of Cabals, which disbanded in five seconds, just after those infamous Words Of Doom, "Hang on ..."


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