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Balboa Park project page
Parque Balboa - San Diego, California.jpg
Welcome to the GLAM project page for Wikimedia's collaboration with Balboa Park (San Diego, California) and its museums! This page has been created to act as a focal point for contributors improving articles related to Balboa Park. The current Wikimedia contact is Nehrams2020 (talk · contribs).


This project exists to organize a partnership with the park and its museums, allowing for organized meet-ups and collaboration between Balboa Park and the Wikimedia community. The project generally considers any article related to Balboa Park to be within its direct scope.

Our work covers:

  1. Balboa Park and its history
  2. The museums and notable exhibits of Balboa Park
  3. Founders and significant people that established and enriched Balboa Park

Once we begin major collaborations with Balboa Park, any articles written explicitly as part of the collaboration will fall into the project's indirect scope.


Below are proposed and possible cooperative activities to link both organizations:

  • Events
    • Meet-ups at Balboa Park for in-person development of high-importance collection content
    • BP staff workshops with Wikipedians to increase their awareness and use of BP resources in article-writing
  • Volunteer Support
    • Wikipedian in Residence — A Wikipedian who can:
      • Connect Wikipedians with curators and other BP staff for collaborations
      • Analyze and manage content on Wikipedia to best benefit the missions of both the BP and the Wikipedia community
      • Coordinate competitions to improve BP-related text and media content on Wikipedia
    • Improved access to Balboa Park resources, such as libraries and archives, in turn allowing volunteers to improve research for Wikipedia content
  • Content Development
    • Wikipedian organization and development of BP-related content on Wikipedia
    • Clearer identification and attribution of media from, by Balboa Park on Wikimedia sites
    • Image restoration and development for Wikimedia and Balboa Park shared use
    • The sharing of Balboa Park media, such as images, video, and sounds, with Wikipedia to increase visibility of collections and use of materials

The list is only a proposed plan of action, and future events and activities will be planned with the cooperation of local members, project members, and various groups within Balboa Park.