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John Cummings and Roger Bamkin have signed an agreement with the Government of Gibraltar to run the GibraltarpediA project. The work they intend to do is:

  • Encourage and help individuals, groups and institutions to create content and to release previously copyrighted images from their collections on subjects relating to not only Gibraltar, but also the Strait, the nearby northern coast of Morocco, Ceuta and the Spanish municipalities along the coast of the Bay of Gibraltar. This would include groups, organisations and individuals in Gibraltar, Morocco, Spain, the United Kingdom and other countries.
  • Help with creating a free Wi-Fi and designing information points to mobile phone users, in addition they will assist in creating hundreds of QRpedia codes at locations within the Gibraltar Museum, the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and other cultural locations.
  • They will research new possibilities based on Wikimedia projects including Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia and presenting possibilities as extension projects.

This agreement is separate from the Trademark Agreement signed between the Wikimedia Foundation and the Government of Gibraltar.