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Lest we forget (Brooweena War Memorial, 2008)

The First World War Wikipedian in Residence program was established in 2016 by the State Library of Queensland. The goal of the Wikipedian-in-Residence program is to tell the story of World War I in Queensland underpinned by the rich collections of the library and its affiliated GLAM organisations. The role of the Wikipedian in Residence is to:

  1. Provide advice and assistance to the staff and volunteers of the State Library of Queensland and its affiliated GLAM organisations in their contributions to Wikimedia projects, drawing upon their collections as source material
  2. Contribute personally to the creation of content on Wikimedia projects, drawing upon the collections of the State Library of Queensland and its affiliates as source material[1]

The Wikipedian-in-Residence will not be expected to contribute to Wikipedia content about the State Library of Queensland or related topics that would constitute a conflict-of-interest.

A framework for Wikipedia content relating to World War I in Queensland[edit]

Queensland in World War I can be seen from a number of perspectives

There are a number of perspectives through which one can view the story of Queensland in World War I:

  • chronologically as a series of events in time
  • geographically as the history of a place
  • thematically by topics, e.g. recruitment, role of women, resettlement, memorialisation
  • biographically as the story of individuals and organisations

The framework envisaged for Wikipedia content will involve articles from each of these viewpoints. Individual events will often exist on the intersection of these viewpoints and thus may appear in multiple articles. For example, the internment of German-born British-naturalised Eugen Hirschfeld in 1916 at the Enoggera Interment Camp can form part of his biography, an example of the topic Enemy aliens in Queensland during World War I (a thematic article) and within the chronology of Queensland in World War I (1916) and the history of Enoggera, Queensland.

The Category:Queensland in World War I exists to hold relevant articles.

The primary entrypoint into this content will be Queensland in World War I, which will be an expansion of History of Queensland#World War I. This article will primarily be structured as the evolution of themes over the passing of time and linking to the articles with a chronological and thematic approach as appropriate. It is expected that the chronological and thematic articles will all be linked from Queensland in World War I. The geographic and biographic articles will generally illustrate specific examples of these themes. As there are many places, people and organisations in Queensland, it is not expected all of these will be linked from Queensland in World War I.

Wikipedians in Residence[edit]

Possible content ideas[edit]

Chronological viewpoint[edit]





War front[edit]

Context of Queensland's participation:

  • expeditionary force
  • Emden
  • 9th Battalion (Gallipoli)
  • 2nd Light House
  • 42/52nd Battalion
  • 11th Light Horse (indigenous)
  • chaplains
  • Medical


For articles:

  • Category:Queensland in World War I is the category (directly or indirectly) for articles relevant to this project (whether created by this project or already existing)
    • Created and partially populated

For images:


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