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Turkish folk dance team.


Wikimedia UK is organising a Wikipedia training workshop at Newspeak House in East London on 11 January 2020. The intention of this workshop is to train Turkish speakers to edit Wikipedia in the area of culture, history and society. Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey for over 2 and a half years, so there are lots of subjects missing from the Turkish Wikipedia which we could start articles about.

Participants should log in with their usernames to the Outreach Dashboard, which will keep track of all the edits made on the day. This is useful so we can record what we achieve, how many articles we start, how many words we add, and so on.

How can you contribute?[edit]

You can expand this page with articles that need improving or creating, either in English or Turkish.

If you have photos of Turkish people, places or events, they can be a valuable contribution to illustrating articles. Consider uploading them on


An encylopaedia is an important part of preserving and promoting a culture, language and history. The block on Wikipedia in Turkey means that less Open content is being created in Turkish, which is bad for the prominence of Turkish on the internet. Resources should be available for people to learn about Turkish culture and history in Turkish and in other languages.


  • Saturday 11th Jan, 2020 - Location: Newspeak House, 133-35 Bethnal Green Road

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