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The Graphics Lab is a project to improve the graphical content of the Wikimedia projects. Requests for image improvements can be added to the workshop pages: Illustrations, Photographs and Maps. For questions or suggestions one can use the talk pages: Talk:Graphics Lab, Talk:Illustrations, Talk:Photographs and Talk:Maps.
This specific page is a list of free graphic programs that are useful in manipulating images for the graphics lab. If you have a question about a particular point in one of the programs, asking on WT:GL may help. For general help, try searching for "[program] tutorial" or "[] help" or similar.

Free Software (GNU General Public License)
Name and Function Operating system(s) Download
1 Inkscape Logo.svg Inkscape, the general standard for creating and editing SVG files Windows; OS X; Linux All
2 The GIMP icon - gnome.svg GIMP, similar to Adobe Photoshop. Used for the retouching of images, and creating raster graphics (PNG, JPEG). Can also be used to create animations (GIF) when the GIMP Animation Package (GAP) is installed. Windows; OS X; Linux; Solaris; BSD Windows, Linux/BSD/Solaris Mac OS X
3 Hugin logo small.png hugin, for the stitching of panoramic images together into one big image, correction of perspective and various other things. Windows; OS X; Linux; BSD; Other Unix Systems All
4 QGis Logo.png QGIS, to create GIS maps' layers: topographic background, shaded relief, states/provinces polygons, rivers/lakes/coasts, urban areas, etc. PNG or SVG. Windows; OS X; Linux; etc. All
5 Open Jump GIS, to create SVG or PNG maps and GIS vector datasets. Windows; OS X; Linux All
6 Blender, for the creation and editing of 3D images. Windows; OS X; Linux; Solaris; IRIX; C source All
7 Scribus logo.svg Scribus, a free desktop publishing application (DTP). Windows; OS X; Linux; Unix; OS/2; eComStation All
8 Povray logo sphere.png POV-Ray, a free 3D ray tracer. Windows; OS X; Linux All
Examples of images created with the above programs.