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Welcome to the Wikipedia Help Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on the current Help desk page.

May 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 1

  1. Falsfification of sources-what are the proper ways/procedures to deal with such thing?
  2. Mispelled Page Title / Request Move --- Confusion
  4. mismatch between displayed page and text to be edited; canceling redirects elsewhere
  5. Table bordering
  6. Link a Picture
  7. Adobe digital editions
  8. Redirect to foreign language Wikipedia?
  9. Discription of the term 'DIRTY SANCHEZ' In Wikipedia.
  10. Updating the "Ongoing events" section of the Current Events portal
  11. Mast Year article
  12. Question in Georgian
  13. Invisible table
  14. TWU infobox messed up?
  15. Well referenced stub that is unlikely to be expanded
  16. Education System In Malaysia

May 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 2

  1. Measurement conversion
  2. Adding a new page?
  3. The Shoes (French group): disambiguation
  4. Editing a semiprotected page
  5. Adding to Polonium
  6. Est.Profit / Loss Projections for Business plan
  7. metadata
  8. How to handle inherently notable one line stubs?
  9. jobs
  10. Article consolidation: Nominating a move and a merge in the same time
  11. extreme home make over
  12. Asseting regional identity
  13. Ralph Machio (actor USA)
  14. Editing a list
  15. trouble geting my book edits to "stick"

May 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 3

  1. Can we use Wikipedia text for analysis?
  2. External Links
  3. Even I attached the reference links to the content, why was that still altered or deleted by others?
  4. Sonia Landy Sheridan
  5. Uploading Image
  6. Ransomes & Rapier publications
  7. how i add my grand parents
  8. Can't edit/correct a misspelled title in a reference.
  9. Looking for a certain timeline template...
  10. Help correctly formatting italic title (with brackets)
  11. Please help with design
  12. Edit--What happened to the "Cite" menu?
  13. Deletion sorting
  14. World Court of Human rights (page or disambiguation or nothing?)
  15. Automatic wikilinking to an articles AfD discussion

May 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 4

  1. Vietnamese Dong
  2. Semi-lock
  3. RFK letter
  4. Questions on Economics
  5. Overlinking - tool?
  6. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
  7. who do I contact to get my aged iMacwith an older operating system, OS 5.4.11recognize and use Internet Exployer,5.2.2
  8. How to create red link?
  9. notability guideline for music.
  10. The movie "Dr. Dolittle" with Rex Harrison - the movie was shot in 1967
  11. Info Box
  12. Terribly Sorry
  13. Is My Page Ready?
  14. Blue Link With No Page
  15. Trademarks
  16. Past predictions of the future
  17. Biography

May 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 5

  1. Using defined reference with Citation Template
  2. Policy
  3. How to see mathematics formulas written in Tex form?
  4. Cure for Excema
  5. Problem with Cologne Blue skin?
  6. Family of surname of royal/imperial origins
  7. Cleanup template for sections in mathematics articles
  8. How can I create an official page?
  9. "Diff" changes on Commons
  10. tamil font
  11. red text has disappeared from differences.
  12. Technical questions
  13. External link problem
  14. Braceville, Illinois
  15. Jitendra Joshi
  16. How can I have a wiki site?
  17. Editing template
  18. How to add a reference/disambiguation for a different page

May 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 6

  1. Is this page still used?
  2. A few things I need to discuss
  3. Message on My talk page
  4. anikkattilammakshethram
  5. Template unreferenced section
  6. old garden planters
  7. Suicide methods
  8. Fair Use for historical photos
  9. The Seventh Coin
  10. Could an admin pop by?
  11. Could an admin pop by? (2)
  12. Discussion Page Guidelines
  13. What do I have to do to be a writer here?
  14. Image help
  15. playing my windows mediaplayer
  16. Attraction Info Box
  17. Holly_Marie_Combs
  18. Wikkipida looks differnt to me

May 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 7

  1. simple wikipedia
  2. British or American English?
  3. Editing bar
  4. Actor disambiguation
  5. [Missing title]
  6. RE: Adding a photo to an article
  7. postscript conversion
  8. John_Hemming_%28politician%29
  9. Creating articles for local National Weather Services that currently do not have there own yet.
  10. ibid
  11. Editing Attraction template
  12. Would like to dispute a Wikipedia inquiry - stating my musicans article may not meet the notability guideline for music.
  13. Dinner in the Ritz Hotel, Paris 1904, Painted by Pierre-Georges Jeanniot
  14. Book Creator: Using List Pages

May 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 8

  1. Reliable sources - citing "puff pieces" or "advertorial"
  2. New Language
  3. Old pictures
  4. Featured article HOUSE.
  5. Format of display has changed and I can't get it back
  6. Trouble with diffs
  7. Using the math markup
  8. Rule of thumb for de-stubbing
  9. root domain name is blocked?
  10. Can I add a small business to Wikipedia???
  11. auto rejection of edits
  12. Nautical Flags
  13. Sir John Stuart, 4th Baronet
  14. Liquid threads
  15. Amusement rides by name
  16. Correcting the Main Title and linking Spanish and English versions of Diplomatic Security Service
  17. Departed (2006 film)
  18. Recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross US

May 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 9

  1. "I ♥" articles
  2. Fonts in which Wikipedia webpages are displayed
  3. Text overlapping image
  4. Quotations in titles
  6. Alexander Leslie-Melville, 9th Earl of Leven
  7. talkpage templates
  8. Reference desk pages don't refresh until reloaded.
  9. How do I rename a page that was incorrectly created by someone who has since died?
  10. :Category:Copy to Wikimedia Commons
  11. Duplicate names
  12. Sandbox
  13. Deleting old page name

May 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 10

  1. New to your website
  2. How may I submit articles, etc written about me...
  3. 2 Things I need to discuss
  4. Putting a photograph online
  5. Request an Article?
  6. Enormous white space
  7. Highlighter search field
  8. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 10#Protected

May 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 12

  1. Deutschland
  2. problem in submitting the Article for review. "This page is only for discussing improvements to Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Science of Analytics. "
  3. Is it appopriate...
  4. Physics project
  5. Old talk page message
  6. Where can I let evaluate if a source counts as third-party source or not.
  7. Notability
  8. Request restore of Deleted Article Zeta Phi Beta 1957 to user area
  9. Global editor survey
  10. downloading and using the wikipeda archive on pc
  11. Cleanup template for overly long further reading section
  12. Question about List: Some red, some blue.
  13. Company Page Created by Unreliable Source
  14. Refrence link is broken
  15. User adds false information to articles
  16. Timestamps
  17. Insert the current date permenantly?
  18. Ballowharf

May 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 13

  1. Spacecraft Docking and Berthing Mechanisms table question
  2. Advertisement on my page
  3. Problem with translating articles
  4. Links from templates to the transcluding page
  5. Afternoon Wikipedians
  6. Genetic origins of the Turkish people
  7. People of Jewish Descent
  8. Sources for people of Jewish descent
  9. Josh Keaton
  10. AFD help Rob Potylo
  11. how to amend the article title
  12. Request help on Burson-Marsteller article
  13. East Kilbride page
  14. Page not loading completely - Dana Plato

May 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 14

  1. Would like to write an article on an item where I am the first, there are no external verifiable sources
  2. add name to catagory list
  3. Wolof language in Senegal
  4. Diff
  5. Why is there no information on the important World War ll Dambusters Pilot George, L, 'johnny' Johnson
  6. Corrupted article Jenn Suhr
  7. Where to make a proposal for an addition to the toolbox?
  8. I can't find an article using the search box
  9. Unwatch tab
  10. Hospitality Industry
  11. Masking user area article from search engines
  12. :MV 'Kalia
  13. Edits by time of day - Wikimedia projects

May 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 15

  1. Democracy In Wikipedia
  2. citing and page problems
  3. Does Facebook qualify as a reliable source for a BLP article?
  4. need help/ gaston doumergue
  5. Proper way to mention cited sources in references?
  6. Setting up a Wiki user page for a page that will be written by a group of students
  7. Redirected from?
  8. Photo
  9. creating a page
  10. E-mailed watchlist changes
  11. Photo Permissions
  12. Church Website
  13. ship bells
  14. display of title of List of Victorious episodes
  15. Better highlighting of diff
  16. Hindu Ancient Village Diety
  17. correction of incomplete email that is supposed to let me post a message on's access instructions.
  18. Unable to post a new page

May 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 16

  1. IP address
  2. The_Saturday_Big_Tent_Wedding_Party
  3. How do I view a version itself insted of the differences between it and another version?
  4. Hi ALL
  5. How long do copyright cases take?
  6. Biographical Entries
  7. Citation template for online dictionaries
  8. A few things to discuss
  9. Editing References within the Notes-Section
  10. Space Blanket
  11. Defamation of character to Adrian Riglesford
  12. Source for picture of Mary Lee actress/singer 1945/46
  13. Keeping template examples on user page
  14. Talk Page email notification
  15. Autobiography
  16. publication
  17. :File:Buckie Harbour.jpg
  18. New Page Search/ Link on separate page going elsewhere
  19. New categories
  20. Help needed to restore file
  21. Can't use my username for publishing articles

May 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 17

  1. Feedback on informal tone or style of my first Wikipedia page on Callie Crossley, an American journalist.
  2. Request for protecting article
  3. Another suicide (attempt)
  4. In vs. Of
  5. no ball
  6. template
  7. ducktv - formerly bebetv - on wikipedia
  8. 2010 CENSUS DATA
  9. Copy and paste or "pdfing" the list of colors (compacted)
  10. Subpage help
  11. Wikipedians editing articles about themselves
  12. Notice
  13. Template:WikiProject United States History
  14. how do I change the capitalization of a topic?
  15. Emails when talk page is changed.
  16. Edit Summary Gadget?
  17. Infobox image help
  18. whey protein
  19. Where to respond?

May 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 18

  1. Page loading issues?
  2. Why can't I see images using firefox 3 in linux?
  3. My edit disappears
  4. Edit counts from deleted pages
  5. Creative Commons License
  6. Wrong Logo on "Guru Studio" Page
  7. Battle of Salamis
  9. Editor Review
  10. Getting an authoritative opinion
  11. Last step of this AFD
  12. Where did the page on me go?
  13. game of bike
  14. What's the template to notify an editor that you sent them e-mail?
  15. error on your page divorce the United States
  16. AfD question
  17. Ryan Beatty

May 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 19

  1. Editing an "edit comment"
  2. i could not cite the quran in Metric expansion of space. Why?
  3. related contribution
  4. How do I create a SHA-512 user committed identity?
  5. Cláudio César Dias Baptista recent article
  6. Category formatting
  7. Arman Cagle Helping Newbies
  8. Can't see the forest....
  9. new biogrpahy still has "New User Stendahl65/New Biography" as header
  10. Wikinews link
  11. User name: login not possible and no e-mail address to send new password to
  12. how to handle a confirmed sock puppet of two users?
  13. logging in
  14. Ian Ritchie (architect)
  15. "Megan is Missing" a mockumentary
  16. Email editnotice?
  17. Categories again
  18. New Car Club entry
  19. MISL indoor

May 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 20

  1. Changes made on a page have been saved but are not showing up when not logged in.
  2. why was Ark (webseries) deleted for non-notable? Providing links on articles regarding this series below:
  3. Feedback on an addition to an extant entry
  4. Question about reference flood overkill
  5. Addition to New Mexico Governor list
  6. Anderson Cooper edit request
  7. First Wikipedia users
  9. Has Wikipedia ever been hacked into or crashed?
  10. Document Uploading
  11. Publication of a new web site
  12. How to create math formula images
  13. is a wiki page the best for my aims?
  14. References in disambiguation pages
  15. Need someone to fix an image

May 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 21

  1. archives
  2. Hello
  3. Why pages deleted about Scientific Journal
  4. Did I upload this image correctly?
  5. Adding thumb nail image
  6. Translated BLP's "lacking" sources
  7. Right place for discussion of article feedback tool
  8. How could I read Wikibooks on my kindle E-book reader?
  9. Larry T. Gell
  10. Submitting a Photo
  11. Firefox 4.0 not "remembering me" on Windows 7 system
  12. Copyright of a YouTube image
  13. Updating accessdate

May 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 22

  1. history
  2. Citing The New York Times Magazine
  3. My new userbox
  4. Math symbols don't show up
  5. New user upload image to existing or new page
  6. no verifiable sources
  7. Charles Hollis Jones
  8. My Whole Page has been deleted for no real reason and i want it back!
  9. Regarding user names
  10. How to remove a page from a Catagory
  11. Mobile App?
  12. Article for Deletion / Disambiguation / Other? The New Earth
  13. Article Quality Ratings

May 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 23

  1. How to change the title of an article?
  2. Boerebetrokke Groep
  3. Thomas Cresap article
  4. question regarding the appropriate use of blocks
  5. Italicizing web site titles
  6. Clarification needed: Assigning religion categories to BLPs according to WP:EGRS
  7. References in disambiguation pages (again)
  8. tiny font size
  9. Any one here good with templates?
  10. libellous and hate inducing entry - 'List of Zionist figures' Please amend
  11. Vanishing revisions
  12. School hymn copyright
  13. Talk Page Edit Disappears

May 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 24

  1. Fake Wikipedia Content Posting on Website
  2. How do we upload an image to the Anamorphosis page, in the "Anamorphosis in Popular Culture" section?
  3. Wrong link
  4. Arbitration Troubles Template has possible bad links?
  5. Flickr video to Wikipedia or Commons
  6. Hard rock band
  7. Proposed deletion of Emmanuella Grace
  8. Assistance from someone who isn't at their workplace?
  9. wikipedia photos.
  10. Disabling and enabling cookies
  11. Andrew Lansley's page
  12. Question re: Special:NewPages
  13. main page
  14. Help please with downloading a biography
  15. publishing a draft
  16. List of it companies in hyderabad
  17. BLP subject is upset about unflattering photo
  18. Deleting an account - need URGENT help
  19. Nancy Cartwright
  20. Concerning some Photos on Wikipedia
  21. en:WP pictures
  22. How Do I Reach and Experienced Wikipedia to Make Sure I'm Not Spamming the Place Up? :)
  23. Incorrect/outdated IP address | errors in talk page | "wikipedia is yelling at me and I don't know what I did"
  24. How to merge the content of an article into a category?
  25. Template:Autism_films
  26. Wikipedia "Contest"

May 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 25

  1. Text shifting location
  2. Query
  3. Is Wikipedia an ideal tool for me to use?
  5. Comment
  6. Entry on R.C school being maliciously altered . Possible sectarian motive.
  7. How to find a topic?
  8. Self removal of text?
  9. Recreating a page
  10. IP address vandalism problem .
  11. Kobaia_Sierra_Leone
  12. watchlist malfunction
  13. Should I Apply for Rollback?
  14. How to Delete an Empty Title?
  15. Appropriateness of a source for inclusion of an entry in a list article
  16. Finding an editor with particular language and experience qualifications
  17. Conflict of Interest ?
  18. how do you make changes in an article?
  19. Two versions of a page live at the same time?
  20. Incorrect Information ref Peter Sellers OR Daniel Mendoza
  21. organization and company
  23. Goofball a Barbituate?
  24. how to get an article from the final draft stage onto wikipedia
  25. Mediawiki screen for IP contributions

May 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 26

  1. Formatting Tables
  2. Peacock terms
  3. Accusations of Vandalism
  4. Change to a list of members
  5. When are "List of ..." articles supposed to contain references?
  6. Today's Featured article
  7. Clicking on pictures jumps to fullscreen
  8. My Page
  9. Template quality class
  10. Logged out
  11. Copyright on statements from an interviewed person?
  12. Talking
  13. Donating an article that has been created for my website
  14. User name spelled in correctly needs to be changed
  15. sandbox whoops
  16. how to edit tupac shakurs article
  17. Permission

May 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 27

  1. I am a somewhat experience editor
  2. biography
  3. Convention for dealing with Discussion comments by socks
  4. adj=on
  5. Is navbox name parameter linked to in any way?
  6. Tying to alter a picture
  7. Gas Laws
  8. Top contributor
  9. Anagrams
  10. short on references
  11. How to make a page
  12. copyright and licensing
  13. Long Hunters
  14. Where is the best place to discuss the new 'Rate this page' feature?
  16. Why did Dragonfly 67 delete my account?
  17. Lists of officers as copyvio
  18. Unable to Edit Inaccurate Summary
  19. Carrie Savage, the voice actress

May 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 28

  1. District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority
  2. translate foriegn websites into english
  3. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr.
  4. Editing a Wickipedia Article- How can I change a picture or image?
  5. sole survivors of airplane crashes
  6. reporting inappropriate photo
  8. File Historys
  9. Deleted post in the talk page of Pietro Badoglio
  10. Image keeps being desplayed after reversion of the addition
  11. PC Game Dust Tale of the wired west
  12. Bill Nye the Science Guy (
  13. Disambiguation and diacriticals
  14. Georgia
  15. Nino Burjanadze
  16. :File:TonkPile.jpg
  17. Why so hard to add photo?
  18. Copyright Infringement Help
  19. Nelson Mandela semi-protected status
  20. Converting IP history to a handle

May 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 29

  1. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 29#Userpage_and_.7B.7Btl.7CScroll_box.7D.7D|Userpage and {{Scroll box}}]]
  2. Texting Larry
  3. Question about Alexandra Powers
  4. Katharyn_Powers
  5. List of English football transfers winter 2002–03
  6. Old style versus new style dates
  7. Royal Bank of Canada Fraud cover up With CIBC bank of canad
  8. market segmentation
  9. Article needing to be expanded
  10. Technical question for footnote experts
  11. Copyvio images
  12. Anglia Building Society
  13. Direct experience entry
  14. Sterling silver
  15. Signature limit too restrictive
  16. 3 things to discuss
  17. Copyright question - where to post
  18. Problem with "Tyler Reks" page
  19. registering awareness ribbon colours
  20. original work
  21. "Hidden" revisions of a page (offline) ??

May 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 30

  1. Twinkle no longer working (solved)
  2. Alexandra Powers and Katharyn_Powers
  3. Problem with box padding
  4. Alexandra_Powers
  5. Alexandra Powers Reference is messed up
  6. Karis_Paige_Bryant
  7. Possessive apostrophe at the end of sentence
  8. Images in userspace
  9. Feedback - quote marks
  10. List_of_The_Mummy_characters
  11. Shifting existing article to create disambiguation page?
  12. RC in one category but not another one
  13. Robotics?
  14. How can i turn the WIKIPEDIA background color into black?
  15. How to delete user subpage
  16. Woodstock Festival 1969
  17. Getting the runaround in Wikipedia
  18. how to locate an image in wiki commons
  19. What counts as an edit?
  20. Authorization to upload pictures
  21. British war medal question (copied from article space)
  22. Photos
  23. Clicking On Image Jumps To Image Only.Siouxdax (talk) 21:07, 30 May 2011 (UTC)
  24. Cynthia Townley
  25. Film References
  26. Contribution not showing up.

May 31[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 May 31

  1. Image help
  2. How do I copy images from Wikipedia in other languages or alphabets into English Wikipedia?
  3. Compact TOC for glossary etc.
  4. Who's watching me?
  5. Introduction about the Article on " India Gate" is wrong.
  6. Wikilinking to a specific citation needed tag in an article
  7. Opening sentences
  8. Seeking an editor mentor
  9. List of dubstep musicians - columns
  10. can i print an wikipedia book using another print media than pedia press.
  11. Page
  12. Admin
  13. Linking to a documentary website to provide more information?
  14. IHOP Founders
  15. When is a DAB not a DAB? Russian Republic