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This was a proposed policy. However, the consensus was to not use the {{inclusion}} header, in favour of {{npov}} and {{disputed}}.

NB: This policy is kept purely for archival purposes; its use is discouraged.

This page concerns inclusion disputes: disputes about whether a particular article is suitable for Wikipedia. Inclusion disputes begin when a user feels an article is unencyclopedic, which may be for a variety of reasons:

Most of the time, articles which aren't quite suitable are listed on Wikipedia:Cleanup or Wikipedia:Pages needing attention for revision. Patent nonsense is listed on votes for deletion and discussed there, perhaps to be fixed, or deleted. If it's unclear what should be done with the article, you may use a {{Inclusion}} header to indicate this.

This header is not an endorsement for deleting any particular article. Please do not use this header if you feel that an article should be deleted; submit it to Wikipedia:Votes for deletion instead. Regardless, please discuss the article with others.