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Nipponese Dog Calvero
ISPChunghwa Telecom, Taiwan, and at least one known Internet Proxy
Physical locationNew Taipei, Northern Taiwan, Taiwan
InstructionsSuspected socks should be tagged and reported to sockpuppet investigations for confirmation. When reporting, please link to this long-term abuse report. When the active abuse has been taken care of, please update this report with the latest information.

Basic information

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Dog Calvero Comprehensive edits analysis

[Information copied in part from the Dutch, in English. nl:Wikipedia:Checklijst langdurig structureel vandalisme/Taiwanese sokpopkoning]

Cross-wiki vandal on English and East Asian language projects, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese, using mainly, Taiwan based ISP which allocates IP-adresses dynamically. Also spreading activities to other projects nowadays. Identified on wiki-en as Nipponese Dog Calvero, on wiki-zh as 影武者, and on wiki-ja as KAGE or Kagemusha. Remarkable points:

  • Impersonification of admins of those wikis, jawiki and zhwiki in particular, both in their usernames and in their real names (if known).
  • Offensive usernames including other names, either in usernames or real names.
    • In both cases on the above, userpages tend to contain offensive content.
    • In both cases, the accounts may contain non latin characters.
  • Offensive usernames often include names of Japanese monarchs, historical figures, as well as those of contemporary actresses.
  • Has a preoccupation with a person (a Vietnamese priest) called in various ways and spelling Peter Nguyen, Nguyen Van Hung, Nguyễn Văn Hùng, Peter Nguyen Van Hung, Peter Nguyễn Văn Hùng, Petrus Nguyen. Whether this person is notable or not is to be dealt with on your local wiki but the vandal for one reason or another wishes to place this person on every wiki version and pushes this vehemently with sockpuppets and replaces the article in a different spelling once it has been removed somewhere. He also vandalises the lemma removing valid sources and changes it wrongly. Cross wiki promo pushing also a notable Vietnamese Taekwondo sportsman is present with the same name. Nowadays the vandal tries to replace the content of that article with that of the priest. — KC9TV 21:02, 16 June 2012 (UTC)
  • Since he has resorted to death threats against Chinese and Vietnamese Wikipedia Administrators (Especially Ting Chen, the former WMF Chairman of the Board), which violated the criminal law in Taiwan, and he was mentally ill at that time, he was not accused and signed a plea agreement in 2007 with the Prosecutors Office of the Banqiao District Court in Taiwan. According to the requirements listed, he was not allowed to edit Wikipedia within 1 year and should apologize to all victims. However, he has never apologized and is still bypassing the block. See this article for more information.

Targeted areas, pages, themes

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Other notes

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