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This is a list of Multiple Property Submission (MPS) study documents that have been registered in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Each covers multiple properties in a geographical area or within an architectural or historical theme area. There are over 1,500 completed studies. This page provides a table with summary information on each MPS study document: its title, its state, its date, and its National Register Information System (NRIS) reference number. MPS document PDF files are linked from reference numbers. However, in some cases the link now only goes to a message that the MPS "has not been digititzed" (which is probably false, but the digitized version is not available at the given URL). Not all data has been filled in yet; please consider helping to fill in this data.

Virtually all NRHP Multiple Property Submission cover forms (including Thematic Resources and Multiple Resource Areas) have been scanned and are available from the NRHP. Before mid-2010, they were available at, the National Park Service's former website. No information was provided there other than a reference number, so finding the correct MPS nomination was very difficult. In 2010, most of the scanned MPS documents were made available in the NRHP's NPS Focus database (however in some cases the scanned documents were not transferred over). In NPS Focus the title of the MPS is provided, so finding the correct MPS nomination is easier. However, the NPS Focus database interface is often down, even when a direct link to the MPS document would still work.

Most of these documents have been downloaded by Wikipedia NRHP editors and can be provided in a pinch; see the list in small text at the very bottom of this page.

10/2010 note: the extremely useful NRHP starter article generator tool supported by Elkman, on his dime, provides useful links to MPS/TR documents based on an earlier version of this worklist of MPS documents. It does not reflect the most current information here. Also, it comes in with URLs that do not work, e.g.

| mpsub = [ Colonial Houses of Southington TR]

which needs to be manually changed to:

| mpsub = {{NRHP url|id=64000086|title=Colonial Houses of Southington TR}}

However it is still very helpful to learn that an MPS document exists, so even with this shortcoming the generator is a great assistance towards providing good links from articles to MPS documents. Further note, a bot run went through seemingly all NRHP articles to update MPS links' URLs during September, 2010. The URL problem should appear in only newly generated infoboxes.

Multi-state ones[edit]

(in title-alphabetical order)

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
US-01 Civil War Era National Cemeteries MPS AR, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OK, PA, SC, TN, VA 1994-10-14 64500016(AR)


US-02 Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks nation-wide (including AZ, CA, VI, VT) 1995-10-04 64500056(CA)


US-03 Historic Residential Suburbs in the United States, 1830-1960 nation-wide (including CA, IL, IN, NY, PA, TX) 2004-12-22 64500838(AZ)


US-04 Light Stations in the United States nationwide (including ME, MD, VA, AK, CT) 2002-12-02 64500819(AK)
US-05 Santa Fe Trail MPS KS, CO, NM, MO, OK, other 1994-04-21


US-06 U.S. Coast Guard Lighthouses and Light Stations on the Great Lakes TR IL, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA, WI 1982 64000182(IL)


US-07 United States Second Generation Veterans Hospitals MPS 2012-01-12 64501132 (NY)
US-08 U.S. Highway 66 from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, 1926-1985 2012-04-04 64501140 (IL)
US-09 U.S. Government Lifesaving Stations MPS 2013-03-15 64501177 (AL)
US-09 World War II Shipwrecks along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico 2013-06-26 64501184 (?)

One and two state ones[edit]

(in state then NRHP-assigned refnum numeric order)

New York State has at least 100 separate MPS documents. The Virgin Islands has just two. Other states and territories have numbers in between.


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
AK-01 Patrol Cabins, Mount McKinley National Park TR AK 1986-11-25 64000001
AK-02 Russian Orthodox Church Buildings and Sites TR AK 1980-06-06 64000002

64000003 (AD)

AK-03 Yukon River Lifeways TR AK 1987-07-21 64000004
AK-04 CCC Historic Properties in Alaska MPS AK 1995-11-02 64500001
AK-05 Mineral Development in Wrangell-St. Elais National Park and Preserve, Alaska MPS AK 2000-06-15 64500002
AK-06 Settlement and Economic Development of Alaska's Matanuska--Susitna Valley MPS AK 1991-06-21 64500003
AK-07 Valdez Trail MPS AK 1998-02-12 64500004
AK-08 European Exploration and Expansion in the Glacier Bay Region AK 1997-01-09 64500752
AK-09 Homesteading and Related Settlement, Glacier Bay Region AK 1997-01-09 64500753
AK-10 Military Development and Infrastructure, Glacier Bay Vicinity AK 1997-01-09 64500754
AK-11 Rediscovery, Scientific Study, and Tourism within the Glacier Bay Region AK 1997-01-09 64500755
AK-12 Entrepreneurship and Exploitation along the Fairweather Coast and the Glacier Bay Vicinity AK 1997-01-09 64500980
AK-13 Tourism and Early Park Development Resources of Katmai National Park and Preserve AK 64501061 (N/A 2015-12-20)
AK-14 Iditarod Trail MPS AK 64501120 (N/A 2015-12-20)


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
AL-01 19th Century Spring Hill Neighborhood TR AL 1984-10-18 64000005
AL-02 Anniston MRA AL 1985-10-03 64000006

64000007 (AD)

AL-03 Antebellum Homes in Eutaw Thematic Resource AL 1982-04-02 64000008
AL-04 Apartment Hotels in Birmingham, 1900-1930 TR AL 1984 64000009
AL-05 Benjamin H. Averiett Houses TR AL 1986-08-28 64000010
AL-06 Blount County Covered Bridges TR AL 1981-08-20 64000011
AL-07 Creole and Gulf Coast Cottages in Baldwin County TR AL 1988 64000012
AL-08 Downtown Huntsville MRA AL 1980-09-22 64000013
AL-09 Fairhope MRA AL 1988-06-30 64000014
AL-10 Gainesville MRA AL 1985 64000015
AL-11 Greenville MRA AL 1986-11-04 64000016
AL-12 Phenix City MRA AL 1983-11-03 64000017
AL-13 Plantersville MRA AL 1987-01-29 64000018
AL-14 Rural Churches of Baldwin County TR AL 1988-08-25 64000019
AL-15 Tidewater Cottages in the Tennessee Valley TR AL 1986-04-03 64000020
AL-16 Clarke County MPS AL 1998-01-23 64500005
AL-17 Historic Fire Stations of Birmingham MPS AL 1990-10-25 64500006
AL-18 Historic Roman Catholic Properties in Mobile Multiple Property Submission AL 1991-07-03 64500007
AL-19 Lustron Houses in Alabama MPS AL 2000-02-24 64500008
AL-20 Plantation Houses of the Alabama Canebrake and Their Associated Outbuildings (1818-1942) Multiple Property Submission AL 1993-07-93 64500009
AL-21 Spanish Revival Residences in Mobile MPS AL 1991-07-12 64500010
AL-22 The Rosenwald School Building Fund and Associated Buildings Multiple Property Submission AL 1997-10-10 64500011
AL-23 Valley, Alabama and the West Point Manufacturing Company MPS AL 1999-06-24 64500012
AL-24 Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama 1933-1979 MPS AL 2004-06-08 64500867
AL-25 The Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama MPS AL 2004-06-08 64500885 (N/A 2015-12-20, not issued?)
AL-26 Historic Resources of the Paint Rock Valley, 1820-1954 AL, TN 2004-09-02 64500897
AL-27 U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study, Macon County, Alabama. 1932-1973 MPS AL 2010-05-13 64501070 (N/A 2015-12-20)
AL-29 Skyline Farms Resettlement Project, Jackson County, Alabama MPS AL 2012-12-04 64501165 (N/A 2015-12-20)
AL-28 Civil Rights Movement in Selma, Alabama MPS AL 2013-06-26 64501182 (N/A 2015-12-20)


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
AR-01 Arkansas Sculptures of Dionicio Rodriguez TR AR 1986-12-04 64000021
AR-02 Benton County MRA AR 1988-01-28 64000022
AR-03 Canehill MRA AR 1982-11-16 64000023
AR-04 Clarendon MRA AR 1984-11-01 64000024
AR-05 Dallas County MRA AR 1983-10-28 64000025
AR-06 Evening Shade MRA AR 1982-06-02 64000026

64000027 (AD) (not available 12-20-2015)

AR-07 Little Rock Main Street MRA AR 1987-01-22 64000028
AR-08 Osceola MRA AR 1987-08-06 64000029
AR-09 Rock Art Sites in Arkansas TR AR 1982-05-04 64000030
AR-10 Stone County MRA AR 1985-09-17 64000031
AR-11 Charles L. Thompson Design Collection TR AR 1982-12-13 64000032
AR-12 Arkansas Designs of E. Fay Jones MPS AR 64500013
AR-13 Arkansas Highway History and Architecture MPS AR 64500014
AR-14 Civil War Commemorative Sculpture MPS AR 64500015
AR-15 Titan II ICBM Launch Complex Sites Associated with the 308th Strategic Wing in Arkansas MPS AR 64500017
AR-16 Ethnic and Racial Minority Settlement of the Arkansas Delta MPS AR 64500018
AR-17 Facilities Constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in Arkansas MPS AR 64500019
AR-18 Hardy, Arkansas MPS AR 64500020

Historic Bridges of Arkansas MPS

AR 64500021
AR-20 Historic Railroad Depots of Arkansas MPS AR 64500022
AR-21 Little Rock Dunbar School Neighborhood MPS AR 64500023
AR-22 Little Rock Apartment Buildings MPS AR 64500024
AR-23 Post Offices with Section Art in Arkansas MPS AR 64500025
AR-24 Powhatan MPS AR 64500026
AR-25 Pre-Depression Houses and Outbuildings of Edgemont in Park Hill MPS AR 64500027
AR-26 Public Schools in the Arkansas Ozarks MPS AR 64500028
AR-27 Railroad Resources of Southwest Arkansas MPS AR 64500029
AR-28 Searcy County MPS AR 64500030
AR-29 Vertical Split Log Buildings of "Slapton" Arkansas MPS AR 64500031
AR-30 West Helena MPS AR 64500032
AR-31 White County MPS AR 64500033
AR-32 Historic and Architectural Resources of New Blaine, Arkansas AR 2002-07-11 64500801
AR-33 Historic and Archeological Resources Associated with the Little Rock Campaign of 1863 AR 2002-12-31 64500821
AR-36 Cherokee Trail of Tears MPS AR 64500839
AR-34 Get Down the Shovel and Hoe! Cotton and Rice Farm History and Architecture in the Arkansas Delta, 1900-1955 AR 2004-12-08 64500901
AR-35 A Storm Couldn't Tear Them Down: The Mixed Masonry Buildings of Silas Owens, Sr., 1938-1955 AR 2005-02-14 64500912
AR-37 Dip That Tick: Texas Tick Fever Eradication in Arkansas, 1907-1943 AR 2006-03-02 64500939
AR-38 New Deal Recovery Efforts in Arkansas MPS AR 64500959
AR-39 Historic Buildings of Texarkana, Arkansas MPS AR 64501014
Not available, 12/20/2015
AR-40 We've Gotta Get Tough: History of World War II Home Front Efforts in Arkansas, 1941-1946 MPS AR 2009-04-22 64501021
Not available, 12/20/2015
AR-41 From Modern to Ranch in Arkansas MPS AR 64501220
Not available, 12/20/2015


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
AZ-01 Casa Grande MRA AZ 1985-04-16 64000033

64000034 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-02 Cottonwood MRA AZ 1986-09-19 64000035
AZ-03 Flagstaff MRA AZ 1986 64000036

64000037 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-04 Florence MRA AZ 1986-08-01 64000038
AZ-05 Fort Lowell MRA AZ 1978-12-13 64000039
AZ-06 Globe Commercial and Civic MRA AZ 1987 64000040

64000041 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-07 Post Offices in Arizona, 1900--1941, TR AZ 1986-12-03 64000042
AZ-08 Kingman MRA AZ 1986-05-14 64000044

64000045 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-09 National Forest Fire Lookouts in the Southwestern Region, USDA Forest Service AZ, NM 1982 64000046
AZ-10 Nogales MRA AZ 1985-08-29 64000047

64000048 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-11 Historic Commercial Properties in Central Phoenix AZ 1985 64000049

64000050 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-12 Prescott MRA AZ 64000051
AZ-13 Prescott Territorial Buildings MRA AZ 1978 64000052
AZ-14 Roosevelt Neighborhood MRA AZ 1983 64000053
AZ-15 Safford MRA AZ 1988-02-09 64000054
AZ-16 John Spring MRA AZ 1988-11-10 64000055
AZ-17 Tempe MRA AZ 1984 64000056
AZ-18 Wickenburg MRA AZ 1986-07-07 64000057

64000058 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-19 Willcox MRA AZ 1987-05-27 64000059

64000050 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-20 Yuma MRA AZ 1980-12-07 64000061
AZ-21 Bandelier's, Adolph F. A., Archeological Survey of Tonto Basin, Tonto National Forest, MPS AZ 64500034
AZ-22 Benson MPS AZ 64500035
AZ-23 Depression-Era USDA Forest Service Administrative Complexes in Arizona MPS AZ 64500036
AZ-24 Educational Buildings in Phoenix MPS AZ 64500037
AZ-25 Historic US Route 66 in Arizona MPS AZ 64500038
AZ-26 Hohokam Platform Mound Communities of the Lower Santa Cruz River Basin c. A.D. 1050--1450 MPS AZ 64500039
AZ-27 Hohokam and Euroamerican Land Use and Settlement Along the Northern Queen Creek Delta MPS AZ 64500040
AZ-28 Historic US Logging Railroad Resources of the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests MPS AZ 64500041
AZ-29 Menlo Park MPS AZ 64500042
AZ-30 Nineteenth-Century Residential Buildings in Phoenix MPS AZ 64500043
AZ-31 Prehistoric Walled Hilltop Sites of Prescott National Forest and Adjacent Regions MPS AZ 64500044
AZ-32 Religious Architecture in Phoenix MPS AZ 64500045
AZ-33 Residential Properties Designed by George Ellis MPS AZ 64500046
AZ-34 Historic Residential Subdivisions and Architecture in Central Phoenix MPS AZ 64500047
AZ-35 Snake Gulch Rock Art MPS AZ 64500048
AZ-36 Tubac Settlement MPS AZ 64500049
AZ-37 Vehicular Bridges in Arizona MPS AZ, NV 64500050

64500051 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)
64500440 (AD)(NV) (not available 08-01-2010)

AZ-38 Warfare Between Indians and Americans MPS AZ 64500052
AZ-39 Williams Air Force Base MPS AZ 64500053
AZ-40 Architecture of Buckeye, Arizona; 1888-1946 AZ 64500756
AZ-41 Cattle Ranching in Arizona, 1540-1950 AZ 64500777
AZ-42 Historic and Architectural Resources of Casa Grande AZ 2002-11-20 64500800
AZ-43 Vernacular Domestic Architecture in Arizona, Prehistory to 1950 MPS AZ 64500837
AZ-44 Historic and Architectural Resources of Downtown Tucson Arizona AZ 2003-09-12 64500860
AZ-45 Historic and Historic Archaeological Resources of Route 66 MPS AZ 64500971 not available July 31, 2010
AZ-46 Pyramidal Monuments in Arizona MPS AZ 64501010 not available July 31, 2010
AZ-47 Cattle Ranching in the Modern Era, 1945-1970 AZ 64501032 not available July 31, 2010
AZ-48 North Central Phoenix Farmhouses and Rural Estate Homes, 1895-1959 AZ 64501066
AZ-49 Residential Subdivisions and Architecture in Central Phoenix, 1870-1963, MPS AZ 64501071
AZ-50 Architecture and Planning of Josias Joesler and John Murphey in Tucson, AZ MPS AZ 64501083

64501168 (AD)

AZ-51 Tucson Health Seekers MPS AZ 64501169
AZ-52 Residences of Thomas Gist in Southern Arizona MPS AZ 64501187
AZ-53 Residential Architecture of Josias Joesler in Tucson, Arizona, 1927-1956 MPS AZ 64501201


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
CA-01 Berkeley, University of California MRA CA 64000062
CA-02 Bungalow Courts of Pasadena TR CA 64000063
CA-03 Earth Figures of California--Arizona Colorado River Basin TR CA 64000064
CA-04 La Grange MRA CA 64000065
CA-05 Los Angeles Branch Library System TR CA 64000066
CA-06 Newlands Reclamation TR CA 64000067
CA-07 Torrance High School Campus TR CA 64000068
CA-08 Twentieth Century Folk Art Environment in California TR CA 64000069
CA-09 US Post Offices in California 1900--1941 TR CA 64000070
CA-10 Carnegie Libraries MPS CA 64500054
CA-11 Early Automotive-Related Properties in Pasadena MPS CA 64500055
CA-12 Hollister MPS CA 64500057
CA-13 Light Stations of California MPS CA 64500058
CA-14 Lilian Rice Designed Buildings in Rancho Santa Fe MPS CA 64500059
CA-15 Point Arena MPS CA 64500060
CA-16 The Residential Architecture of Pasadena, CA, 1895-1918: The Influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement CA 1998 64500742
CA-17 Desert Training Center/California-Arizona Maneuver Area MPS CA 64500835
CA-18 Historic Highway Bridges of California CA 2004-08-05 64500890
CA-19 Lassen Volcano National Park Multiple Property Listing CA 2006-06-23 64500949
CA-20 African Americans in Los Angeles CA 64501036
CA-21 Cultural Resources of the Recent Past, City of Pasadena CA 64501037
CA-22 Recreation Residence Tracts in the National Forests of California from 1906-1959 CA 64501056
CA-23 Auburn, CA MPS CA 64501103
CA-24 U.S. Highway 66 in California MPS CA 2012-01-03 64501129
CA-25 Rock Art Sites of the Angeles National Forest, California CA 64501158
CA-26 Designed Gardens in Pasadena MPS CA 64501183
CA-27 Yosemite National Park MPS CA 64501214
CA-28 National-State Cooperative Program and the CCC in California State Parks MPS CA 64501221
CA-29 Big Basin Redwoods State Park MPS CA 64501222
CA-23 Martinez, California MPS CA 2015-04-02 64501238
CA-24 Latinos in 20th Century California MPS CA 2015-04-07 64501239


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
CO-01 Aspen MRA CO 64000071
CO-02 Denver Park and Parkway System TR CO 64000072
CO-03 Dinosaur National Monument MRA CO 64000073
CO-04 Lafayette Coal Mining Era Buildings TR CO 64000074
CO-05 Louisville MRA CO 64000075
CO-06 Manitou Springs MRA CO 64000076
CO-07 Rocky Mountain National Park MRA CO 64000077

64000078 (AD)
(not available 08/01/2010)
64500913 (AD)

CO-08 US Post Offices in Colorado, 1900--1941, TR CO 64000079
CO-09 Vehicular Bridges in Colorado TR CO 64000080
CO-10 West Colfax TR CO 64000081
CO-11 Colorado College TR CO 64000973
CO-12 Archaic Period Architectural Sites in Colorado MPS CO 64500061
CO-13 Camp George West MPS CO 64500062
CO-14 Colorado College MPS CO 64500063
CO-15 Colorado National Monument MPS CO 64500064
CO-16 Denver International Airport MPS CO 64500065
CO-17 Denver Mountain Parks MPS CO 64500066
CO-18 Great Pueblo Period of the McElmo Drainage Unit MPS CO 64500067
CO-19 Hinsdale County Metal Mining MPS CO 64500068
CO-20 Historic Farms and Ranches of Weld County MPS CO 64500069
CO-21 Marble MPS CO 64500070
CO-22 Metal Mining and Tourist Era Resources of Boulder County MPS CO 64500071

64500997 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

CO-23 Ornamental Concrete Block Buildings in Colorado MPS CO 64500072
CO-24 Prehistoric Paleo-Indian Cultures of the Colorado Plains MPS CO 64500073
CO-25 Historic Resources of Redstone, Colorado, and Vicinity CO 1989 64500074
CO-26 Rural School Buildings in Colorado MPS CO 64500075
CO-27 Railroads in Colorado 1858-1948 CO 1998-03-13 64500743
CO-28 Historic Ranching Resources of South Park, Colorado CO 1999-12-14 64500744
CO-29 The Culebra River Villages of Costilla County, Colorado CO 64500778
CO-30 Highway Bridges in Colorado CO 64500799
CO-31 Downtown Denver MPS CO 2004-12-04 64500909
CO-32 Rocky Mountain National Park MPS CO 2004-12-04 64500913
CO-33 The Architecture of Jules Jacques Benois Benedict in Colorado, 1909-1942 CO 2005-06-20 64500922
CO-34 New Deal Resources of Colorado's Eastern Plains MPS CO 2007-01-27 64500970
CO-35 Agricultural Resources of Boulder County MPS CO 2008-08-29 64500987
CO-36 (Title Missing) CO 64501016
CO-37 Mining Industry in Colorado MPS CO 64501020
CO-38 Commercial Resources of the East Colfax Avenue Corridor MPS CO 2009-04-28 64501039
CO-39 Historic Residential Subdivisions of Metropolitan Denver 1940-1965 MPS CO 2011-04-08 64501105
CO-40 Mining Resources of San Juan County MPS CO 2011-04-18 64501107
CO-41 Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor, Colorado MPS CO 64501166
CO-42 Colorado College MPS CO 64501195
CO-43 Homesteading and Ranching Resources of the Purgatoire River Region, Colorado CO 64501232
CO-44 Park County, Colorado, Historic Cemeteries CO 64501244


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
CT-01 18th and 19th Century Brick Architecture of Windsor TR CT 64000082

64000083 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

CT-02 Asylum Hill MRA CT 64000084
CT-03 Colonial Houses of Branford TR CT 64000085
CT-04 Colonial Houses of Southington TR CT 64000086
CT-05 Connecticut State Park and Forest Depression-Era Federal Work Relief Programs Structures TR CT 64000087
CT-06 Downtown Bridgeport MRA CT 64000088
CT-07 Downtown Stamford Ecclesiastical Complexes TR CT 64000089

64000090 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

CT-08 Eighteenth-Century Houses of West Hartford TR CT 64000091

64000092 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

CT-09 Hartford Downtown MRA CT 64000093
CT-10 Historical Industrial Complexes of Southington TR CT 64000094

64000095 (AD) (not available 08-01-2010)

CT-11 Lower Connecticut River Valley Woodland Period Archaeological TR CT 64000096
CT-12 Movable Railroad Bridges on the NE Corridor in Connecticut TR CT 64000097
CT-13 Newington Junction MRA CT 64000098
CT-14 Taylor, Alfredo S. G., TR CT 64000099
CT-15 East Hartford MPS CT 64500076
CT-16 Firehouses of Hartford MPS CT 64500077
CT-17 Historic Synagogues of Connecticut MPS CT 64500078
CT-18 Ledyard MPS CT 64500079
CT-19 Operating Lighthouses in Connecticut MPS CT 64500080
CT-20 Wartime Emergency Housing in Bridgeport MPS CT 64500081
CT-21 Westport MPS CT 64500082
CT-22 Rochambeau's Army in Connecticut CT 2002-05-06 64500789
CT-23 Mid-Twentieth-Century Modern REsidences in Connecticut 1930-1979, MPS CT 64501078

District of Columbia[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
DC-01 Apartment Buildings in Washington, DC, MPS DC 64500083
DC-02 Banks and Financial Institutions MPS DC 64500084
DC-03 Boundary Markers of the Original District of Columbia MPS DC, VA 64500085
DC-04 Parkways of the National Capital Region MPS DC 64500086
DC-05 Public School Buildings of Washington, D.C., 1862-1960 DC 2003-07-21 64500851
DC-06 Mount Vernon Triangle, Architectural and Historic Resources, Washington, D.C., 1791-1946 DC 2006-05-26 64500941
DC-07 Streetcar and Bus Resources of Washington, DC MPS DC 2006-06-19 64500948
DC-08 Telecommunications Resources of Washington, DC MPS DC 2006-12-21 64500969
DC-07 Firehouses in Washington, DC MPS DC 64500979
DC-09 Memorials in Washington, DC DC 64500992
DC-10 Garden Club of America Entrance Markers in Washington, D.C. MPS DC 64501007
DC-11 Tenleytown in Washington, D.C.: 1770-1941, MPS DC 64501018
DC-12 American University Park in Washington, D.C.: Its Early Houses, Pre-Civil War to 1911 MPS DC 64501114


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
DE-1 Agricultural Buildings and Complexes in Mill Creek Hundred, 1800--1840 TR DE 64000100
DE-2 Centreville MRA DE 64000101
DE-3 Kenton Hundred MRA DE 64000102
DE-4 Leipsic and Little Creek MRA DE 64000103

64000104 (AD)

DE-5 Market Street MRA DE 64000105
DE-6 Milford MRA DE 64000106
DE-7 Nanticoke Indian Community TR DE 64000107
DE-8 Newark MRA DE 64000108
DE-9 Rebuilding St. Georges Hundred 1850--1880 TR DE 64000109
DE-10 Red Lion Hundred MRA DE 64000110
DE-11 Seaford Commercial Buildings TR DE 64000111
DE-12 St. Jones Neck MRA DE 64000112
DE-13 White Clay Creek Hundred MRA DE 64000113
DE-14 African--American Resources in Delaware MPS DE 64500087
DE-15 Dwellings of the Rural Elite in Central Delaware MPS DE 64500088
DE-16 The House and Garden in Central Delaware MPS DE 64500089
DE-17 Newport Delaware MPS DE 64500090
DE-18 Sweet Potato Houses of Sussex County MPS DE 64500091


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
FL-01 Country Club Estates TR FL 1986-04-22 64000114
FL-02 Downtown Miami MRA FL 1988-12-28 64000115
FL-03 Miami Shores TR FL 64000116
FL-04 Opa-Locka TR FL 64000117

64000118 (AD)

FL-05 San Jose TR FL 1985-04-10 64000119
FL-06 Sarasota MRA FL 1984-03-22 64000120
FL-07 Archeological Properties of the Naval Live Oaks Reservation MPS FL 64500092
FL-08 Archeological Resources in the Upper St. Johns River Valley MPS FL 64500093
FL-09 Archeological Resources of Everglades National Park MPS FL 1996-11-05 64500094
FL-10 Archeological Resources of the Caloosahatchee Region MPS FL 64500095
FL-11 Bartow MPS FL 64500096
FL-12 Citrus Industry Resources of Theodore Strawn, Inc., MPS FL 64500097
FL-13 Clubhouses of Florida's Woman's Clubs MPS FL 64500099
FL-14 Daytona Beach MPS FL 64500100
FL-15 DeFuniak Springs MPS FL 64500101
FL-16 Downtown Jacksonville MPS FL 64500102
FL-17 Early Residences of Rural Marion County MPS FL 64500103
FL-18 Fellsmere MPS FL 64500104
FL-19 Fish Cabins of Charlotte Harbor MPS FL 64500105
FL-20 Florida's Carpenter Gothic Churches MPS FL 64500106
FL-21 Florida's Historic Railroad Resources MPS FL 64500107
FL-22 Haines City MPS FL 64500108
FL-23 Historic Winter Residences of Ormond Beach, 1878-1925 MPS FL 1988-10-6 64500109
FL-24 Homestead MPS FL 64500110
FL-25 John F. Kennedy Space Center MPS FL 2000-01-21 64500111
FL-26 Kissimmee MPS FL 64500112
FL-27 Lake City MPS FL 64500113
FL-28 Lake Helen MPS FL 64500114
FL-29 Lake Wales MPS FL 1990-05-10 64500115
FL-30 Lee County MPS FL 64500116
FL-31 Marianna MPS FL 64500117
FL-32 Mediterranean Revival Style Buildings of Davis Islands MPS FL 64500118
FL-33 Middleburg MPS FL 64500119
FL-34 Orange Park, Florida MPS FL 1998-07-15 64500120
FL-35 Port Orange MPS FL 64500121
FL-36 Punta Gorda MPS FL 1990-12-12 64500122
FL-37 Rockledge MPS FL 64500123
FL-38 Rural Resources of Leon County MPS FL 64500124
FL-39 Sebring MRA FL 1989-08-14 64500125
FL-40 Tarpon Springs Sponge Boats MPS FL 64500126
FL-41 Titusville MPS FL 64500127
FL-42 Venice MPS FL 1989-04-12 64500128
FL-43 Historic and Architectural Resources of Whitfield Estates Subdivision, Manatee County, Florida MPS FL 1996-09-23 64500129
FL-44 Winter Haven, Florida MPS FL 64500130
FL-45 Florida's Historic World War II Military Resources FL 64500773
FL-47 Florida's Historic Lighthouses MPS FL 2003-12-18 64500824
FL-46 Historic and Architectural Resources of Labelle FL 2003-03-06 64500828
FL-48 Florida's Historic Black Public Schools MPS FL 2003-12-02 64500852
FL-49 Historic Architectural Resources of Orange City, Florida FL 2004-04-06 64500881
FL-50 Florida's New Deal Resources FL 2005-04-21 64500918
FL-51 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet Shipwrecks FL 2006-06-15 64500947
FL-52 Sarasota School of Architecture MPS FL 64500972
FL-53 Archaeological Resources of the 18th-Century Smyrnea Settlement of Dr. Andrew Turnbull MPS FL 64500988
FL-54 University of Florida Campus MPS FL 64501011
FL-55 North Beach Community (1919-1963) MPS FL 64501022
FL-56 Mount Dora, FL FL 64501043


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
GA-01 Baconton MRA GA 64000121
GA-02 Cave Spring MRA GA 64000122
GA-03 Clarkesville MRA GA 64000123
GA-04 Columbus MRA GA 64000124
GA-05 County Jails of Ben Hill, Berrien, Brooks, and Turner Counties TR GA 64000125
GA-06 County Jails of the Georgia Mountains Area TR GA 64000127
GA-07 Cumberland Island National Seashore MRA GA 64000129
GA-08 Georgia County Courthouses TR GA 64000130

64000131 (AD)

GA-09 Greensboro MRA GA 64000132
GA-10 Hartwell MRA GA 64000133
GA-11 Kennesaw MRA GA 64000134
GA-12 Lavonia MRA GA 64000135
GA-13 Lumpkin Georgia MRA GA 64000136
GA-14 Marshallville and Vicinity MRA GA 64000137
GA-15 Monroe MRA GA 64000138
GA-16 West Paces Ferry Road MRA GA 64000139
GA-17 Buildings Designed by Charles Edward Choate Constructed in Washington County MPS GA 64500131
GA-18 Chickamauga-Chattanooga Civil War-Related Sites in Georgia and Tennessee GA, TN 64500132
GA-19 Downtown Cartersville MPS GA 64500134
GA-20 Downtown Statesboro MPS GA 64500135
GA-21 Lincoln County MPS GA 64500136
GA-22 Lustron Houses in Georgia MPS GA 64500137
GA-23 Old Federal Road in Georgia's Banks and Franklin Counties MPS GA 64500138
GA-24 Shotgun Houses of Athens--Clarke County MPS GA 64500139
GA-25 Rosenwald Schools in Georgia MPS GA 2009-08-17 64501048
GA-26 Chattahooche River Line Battlefield MPS GA 64501241


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
GU-01 Agana Houses TR GU 64000140
GU-02 Japanese Coastal Defense Fortifications on Guam TR GU 64000141
GU-03 Water Catchments MPS GU 64500140
GU-04 Guam's Outdoor Ovens (Hotno) MPS GU 64501093


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
HI-01 Artillery District of Honolulu TR HI 64000142
HI-02 Chinese Tong Houses of Maui Island TR HI 64000143
HI-03 Fire Stations of Oahu TR HI 64000144

64000145 (AD)

HI-04 Honolulu Tudor--French Norman Cottages TR HI 64000146
HI-05 Kilauea Plantation Stone Buildings MPS HI 64500141
HI-06 Maui Public Schools MPS HI 64500142
HI-07 Halaulani Place, 1917-1960 MPS HI 64501100


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
IA-01 County Courthouses in Iowa TR IA 64000147

64000148 (AD)

IA-02 Davenport MRA IA 64000149
IA-03 Guttenberg MRA IA 64000150
IA-04 Houses of Mississippi River Men TR IA 64000151
IA-05 Iowa Round Barns: The Sixty Year Experiment TR IA 64000152

64000153 (AD)

IA-06 Legacy in Stone: The Settlement Era of Madison County, Iowa TR IA 64000154

64000155 (AD)

IA-07 Prairie School Architecture in Mason City TR IA 64000156
IA-08 Public Library Buildings in Iowa TR IA 64000157
IA-09 Advent & Development of Railroads in Iowa MPS IA 64500143
IA-10 Architectural Legacy of Proudfoot & Bird in Iowa MPS IA 64500144
IA-11 Bungalow, The, and Square House--Des Moines Residential Growth and Development MPS IA 64500145
IA-12 CCC Properties in Iowa State Parks MPS IA 64500146
IA-13 Cedar Rapids, Iowa MPS IA 64500147
IA-14 Centerville MPS IA 64500148
IA-15 Clinton, Iowa MPS IA 64500149
IA-16 Commercial & Industrial Development of Cedar Rapids MPS IA 64500150
IA-17 Conservation Movement in Iowa MPS IA 64500151
IA-18 Downtown Perry, Iowa MPS IA 64500152
IA-19 Drake University and Related Properties in Des Moines, Iowa, 1881--1918 MPS IA 64500153
IA-20 Early Settlement and Ethnic Properties of Linn County, Iowa MPS IA 64500154
IA-21 Ethnic Historic Settlement of Shelby and Audubon Counties MPS IA 64500155
IA-22 Flour Milling in Iowa MPS IA 64500156
IA-23 Footlights in Farm Country: Iowa Opera Houses MPS IA 64500157
IA-24 Grinnell MPS IA 64500158
IA-25 Henry County, Iowa MPS IA 64500159
IA-26 Highway Bridges of Iowa MPS IA 64500160
IA-27 Historic Farmsteads of Lyon County MPS IA 64500161
IA-28 Iowa City MPS IA 64500162

64500808 (AD)

IA-29 Iowa Falls MPS IA 64500163
IA-30 Iowa Usonian Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1945-1960, MPS IA 64500164

64500165 (AD)

IA-31 Lake City Iowa MPS IA 64500166
IA-32 Limestone Architecture of Jackson County MPS IA 64500167
IA-33 Lincoln Highway in Greene County MPS IA 64500168
IA-34 Louden Machinery Company, Fairfield Iowa MPS IA 64500169
IA-35 Maquoketa MPS IA 64500170
IA-36 Mines of Spain Archeological MPS IA 64500171
IA-37 Mount Pleasant MPS IA 64500172
IA-38 Mount Vernon MPS IA 64500173
IA-39 Municipal, County and State Corrections Properties MPS IA 64500174
IA-40 Norwegian Related Resources of Olive Township, Clinton County, Iowa MPS IA 64500175
IA-41 Oskaloosa MPS IA 64500176
IA-42 Ottumwa MPS IA 64500177
IA-43 Prehistoric Hunters and Gatherers on the Northwest Iowa Plains, c. 10,000--200 B.P., MPS IA 64500178
IA-44 Prehistoric Mounds of the Quad-State Region of the Upper Mississippi River Valley MPS IA 64500179
IA-45 Public Library Buildings in Iowa MPS IA 64500180
IA-46 Quaker Testimony in Oskaloosa MPS IA 64500181
IA-47 Sigourney, Iowa MPS IA 64500182
IA-48 Suburban Development in Des Moines Between the World Wars, 1918--1941 MPS IA 64500183
IA-49 The City Beautiful Movement and City Planning in Des Moines, Iowa 1892--1938 MPS IA 64500184
IA-50 Towards a Greater Des Moines MPS IA 64500185
IA-51 US Senator James F. Wilson Historic Resources MPS IA 64500186
IA-52 Waterloo MPS IA 64500187
IA-53 The Small Homes of Howard F. Moffitt in Iowa City and Coralville, Iowa IA 1993-03-23 64500745
IA-54 Iowa Opera Halls and Opera Houses: THe Evolution fo Stage-Focused Structures in Iowa, 1850-1925 IA 64500760
IA-55 Agricultural Buildings and Structures in the Amana Colonies MPS IA 64500787
IA-56 Ely, Iowa MPS IA 64500809
IA-57 The Architectural and Historic Resources of Central City, Iowa IA 2002-09-20 64500810
IA-58 Iowa's Main Street Commercial Architecture IA 2002-09-17 64500811
IA-59 Public Schools for Iowa: Growth and Change MPS IA 2002-09-20 64500815
IA-60 Architectural and Historic Resources of the Nevada Central Business District IA 2003-05-09 64500842
IA-61 PWA-Era County Courthouses of Iowa IA 2003-08-20 64500856
IA-62 A Home For Science and Technology: Ames, Iowa, 1864-1941 IA 2004-01-02 64500871
IA-63 Dubuque, Iowa MPS IA 64500891
IA-64 Historical and Architectural Resources of Guttenberg, Iowa, 1850-1955 IA 64500892
IA-65 Historic and Architectural Resources of Muscatine, Iowa IA 2006-05-24 64500944

64501008 (AD)

IA-66 Architectural Career of William L. Perkins in Iowa:1917-1957 MPS IA 64500956
IA-67 Archaeological Resources of Initial Variant of the Middle Missouri Tradition in Iowa MPS IA 64501072
IA-68 Archeological Resources of the Central Plains Tradition in the Loess Hills Region of Iowa MPS IA 64501073
IA-69 Post-Wold War II Development in Ottumwa, Ia 1944-1959 MPS IA 64501095
IA-70 Movie Theaters of Iowa MPS IA 64501134
IA-71 Elkader Downtown MPS IA 64501137
IA-71 Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) Removal to the Neutral Ground MPS IA 64501174
IA-71 Downtown Waterloo MPS IA 64501223
IA-71 Soule Canal MPS IA 64501225


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
ID-01 Boise Public Schools TR ID 64000159
ID-02 Buhl Dairy Barns TR ID 64000160
ID-03 Challis MRA ID 64000161
ID-04 Early Churches of Emmett TR ID 64000162
ID-05 Idaho Falls Downtown MRA ID 64000163
ID-06 Kootenai County Rural Schools TR ID 64000164
ID-07 Lava Rock Structures in South Central Idaho TR ID 64000165
ID-08 Long Valley Finnish Structures TR ID 64000166
ID-09 North Idaho 1910 Fire Sites TR ID 64000167
ID-10 Paris MRA ID 64000168
ID-11 Potlatch MRA ID 64000169
ID-12 Tourtellotte and Hummel Architecture TR ID 64000170

64000171 (AD)

ID-13 Chinese Sites in the Warren Mining District MPS ID 64500188
ID-14 County Courthouses in Idaho MPS ID 64500189
ID-15 Drive In Theaters in Idaho MPS ID 64500190
ID-16 Elk City Wagon Road MPS ID 64500191
ID-17 Metal Truss Highway Bridges of Idaho MPS ID 64500192
ID-18 Motion Picture Theater Buildings in Idaho MPS ID 64500193
ID-19 New Sweden and Riverview Farmsteads and Institutional Buildings MPS ID 64500194
ID-20 Pegram Truss Railroad Bridges of Idaho MPS ID 64500195
ID-21 Public School Buildings in Idaho MPS ID 64500196
ID-22 US Post Offices in Idaho 1900--1941 MPS ID 64500197
ID-23 Historic Rural Properties of Ada County, Idaho ID 2003-03-20 64500836
ID-24 American Falls, Idaho, Relocated Townsite MPS ID 64500955
ID-25 Agricultural Properties of Latah County, Idaho ID 64501005
ID-26 The Grange in Idaho MPS ID 64501173


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
IL-01 American Woman's League Chapter Houses TR IL 64000172
IL-02 Black Metropolis TR IL 64000173
IL-03 Coles County Highway Bridges Over the Embarras River TR IL 64000174
IL-04 Highland Park MRA IL 64000175
IL-05 Hyde Park Apartment Hotels TR IL 64000176

64000177 (AD)

IL-06 Illinois State Parks (Lodges and Cabins) TR IL 1985-03-04 64000178
IL-07 Metal Highway Bridges of Fulton County TR IL 1980-10-29 64000179
IL-08 Round Barns in Illinois TR IL 1982-08-26 64000180
IL-09 Suburban Apartment Buildings in Evanston, Illinois TR IL 1984-03-06 64000181
IL-10 University of Illinois Buildings by Nathan Clifford Ricker TR IL 64000183

64000184 (AD)

IL-11 Archeological Sites of Starved Rock State Park MPS IL 64500198
IL-12 Caught in the Middle: The Civil War on the Lower Ohio River MPS IL, KY 64500199
IL-13 Chicago Park District MPS IL 64500200
IL-14 Fraternity and Sorority Houses at the Urbana--Champaign Campus of the University of Illinois MPS IL 64500202
IL-15 Grafton MPS IL 64500203
IL-16 Historic Fairgrounds in Illinois MPS IL 64500204
IL-17 Illinois Carnegie Libraries MPS IL 1994-02-16 64500205
IL-18 Maywood MPS IL 64500206
IL-19 Native American Rock Art Sites of Illinois MPS IL 64500207
IL-20 Route 66 through Illinois MPS IL 64500208
IL-21 University of Illinois Buildings designed by Charles A. Platt MPS IL 64500209
IL-22 Vermont, Illinois MPS IL 64500210
IL-23 Motor Row, Chicago, Illinois IL 2002-11-21 64500818
IL-24 Land Subdivisions with Set-Aside Parks, Chicago, Illinois IL 2003-08-21 64500855
IL-25 Chicago Bungalows IL 2004-02-25 64500876
IL-26 Illinois Waterway Navigation System Facilities MPS IL 64500877
IL-27 Upper Mississippi River 9-Foot Navigation Project MPS IL 64500878
IL-28 Multiple Family Dwellings in Springfield, Illinois IL 2004-09-15 64500898
IL-29 Deerpath Hill Estates: an English Garden Development in Lake Forest, Illinois, 1926-1961 IL 2006-05-12 64500943
IL-30 Dixon Parks MPS IL 2006-05-12 64500953
IL-31 Illinois State Park Facilities Constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942 IL 64501042
IL-32 Ethnic (European) Historic Settlements of the City of Chicago, 1861-1930 MPS IL 2009-06-26 64501044
IL-33 Terra Cotta Commercial Buildings in Chatham--Greater Grand Crossing MPS IL 64501110


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
IN-01 Apartments and Flats of Downtown Indianapolis TR IN 64000185
IN-02 Downtown Evansville MRA IN 64000186
IN-03 Downtown Muncie MRA IN 64000187
IN-04 Downtown South Bend Historic MRA IN 64000188
IN-05 Downtown Terre Haute MRA IN 64000189
IN-06 Fountain Square Commercial Areas TR IN 64000190
IN-07 Kennedy, A. M., House and Covered Bridges of Rush County TR IN 64000191
IN-08 Keyser Township MRA IN 64000192
IN-09 Parke County Covered Bridges TR IN 64000193
IN-10 East Bank MPS IN 64500211
IN-11 Grain Mills in Indiana MPS IN 64500212
IN-12 Indiana's Public Common and High Schools MPS IN 64500213
IN-13 Modernism in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, and Art in Bartholomew County, 1942-1965 MPS IN 64500214
IN-14 New Deal Resources in Indiana State Parks MPS IN 64500215
IN-15 New Deal Resources on Indiana State Lands MPS IN 64500216
IN-16 Public School Buildings in Indianapolis Built Before 1940 MPS IN 64500217
IN-17 Round and Polygonal Barns of Indiana MPS IN 64500218
IN-18 Historic Resources of the Culver-Lake Maxinkuckee Area IN 64500771
IN-19 New Deal Work Relief Programs in St. Joseph County, Indiana IN 2006-04-21 64500942
IN-20 Eagle Township and Pike Township, Indiana MPS IN 2006-09-27 64500957
IN-21 Park and Boulevard System of Fort Wayne, Indiana MPS IN 2006-10-06 64500961
IN-22 Concrete in Steel City: The Edison Concept Houses of Gary, Indiana MPS IN 64500981

64501009 (AD)

IN-23 A New Standard of Living: Lustron Homes in Indiana IN 2010-09-23 64501084
IN-24 John Lloyd Wright in Northwest Indiana MPS IN 64501176
IN-25 Lime Manufacturing Resources of Utica, Indiana MPS IN 64501194
IN-26 Early Community Mausoleum Movement in Indiana MPS IN 64501198


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
KS-01 Byre and Bluff Barns of Doniphan County TR KS 64000194
KS-02 Carnegie Libraries of Kansas TR KS 64000195
KS-03 Kansas Rock Art TR KS 64000196
KS-04 Masonry Arch Bridges of Kansas TR KS 64000197
KS-05 Nebraska-Kansas Public Land Survey TR KS 64000198
KS-06 Rainbow Arch Marsh Arch Bridges of Kansas TR KS 64000199
KS-07 Nebraska-Kansas Public Land Survey Thematic Group KS, NE 1987-04-30 64000975 (?)
KS-08 Kansas Post Offices with Artwork, 1936--1942 MPS KS 64500219
KS-09 Lawrence, Kansas MPS KS 64500220
KS-10 Lustron Houses of Kansas MPS KS 64500221
KS-11 Metal Truss Bridges in Kansas 1861--1939 MPS KS 64500222
KS-12 Railroad Resources of Kansas MPS KS 64500223
KS-13 Railroad Resources of Kansas MPS KS 64500224
KS-14 Historic County Courthouses of Kansas KS 2002-04-16 64500788
KS-15 New Deal-era Resources of Kansas KS 2002-06-02 64500797
KS-16 Route 66 in Kansas MPS KS 64500857
KS-17 Aboriginal Lithic Source Areas in Kansas MPS KS 64500872
KS-18 National Guards Armories of Kansas KS 2004-07-07 64500888
KS-19 Commercial and Industrial Resources of Hutchinson MPS KS 2004-11-16 64500889
KS-20 Prehistoric Sites of Stranger Creek Basin, Kansas KS 2004-10-29 64500905
KS-21 Historic Theaters and Opera Houses of Kansas KS 2005-02-09 64500911
KS-22 Historic Public Schools of Kansas KS 2005-06-09 64500921
KS-23 Highland, Doniphan County, Kansas MPS KS 64500976
KS-24 Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Residential Resources in Manhattan, Kansas MPS KS 2008-01-31 64500998
KS-25 Late Nineteenth Century Vernacular Stone Houses in Manhattan, Kansas MPS KS 2008-01-31 64500999
KS-26 The Designs of Architects William Pratt Feth and Myron Kaufman Feth in Leavenworth, Kansas ca. 1895-1942 MPS KS 2008-01-31 64501000
KS-27 Agricultural-Related Resources of Kansas MPS KS 64501015
KS-28 Residential Resources of Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas 1870-1957 KS 64501041
KS-29 Roadside Kansas, MPS KS 64501077
KS-30 World War II-Era Aviation-Related Facilities of Kansas KS 64501087
KS-31 African American Resources in Wichita, Kansas MPS KS 64501113
KS-32 Roadside Kansas MPS KS 64501115
KS-33 African American Resources in Manhattan, Kansas MPS KS 64501142
KS-34 Lawrence, Kansas MPS KS 64501216
KS-35 Craftsman Style Dwellings of Emporia, Kansas MPS KS 64501227


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
KY-01 Ashland MRA KY 64000200

64000201 (AD)

KY-02 Augusta MRA KY 64000202
KY-03 Barren County MRA KY 64000203
KY-04 Belleview MRA KY 1988-02-24 64000204

64000205 (AD)

KY-05 Boone County MRA KY 64000206
KY-06 Brandenburg MRA KY 64000207
KY-07 Christian County MRA KY 64000208
KY-08 Clark County MRA KY 64000209
KY-07 Cloverport MRA KY 64000210
KY-09 Cohen Mural Houses TR KY 64000211
KY-10 Corbin MRA KY 64000212
KY-11 Danville MRA KY 64000213
KY-12 Early Stone Buildings of Kentucky TR
64000214 is "Early Stone Buildings of Central Kentucky", covering counties of Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Fayette, Franklin, Garrard, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Nicholas, Scott, Woodford
64000216 is not available?
KY 1987-07-07 64000214

64000215 (revision 1)
64000216 (revision 2)

KY-13 Eastside MRA KY 64000217
KY-14 Falmouth MRA KY 64000218
KY-15 Garrard County MRA KY 64000219
KY-16 German Settlement, Four Mile Creek Area TR KY 64000220
KY-17 Green County MRA KY 64000221
KY-18 Green River Shell Middens of Kentucky TR KY 64000222
KY-19 Greenup MRA KY 64000223
KY-20 Greenville Kentucky MRA KY 64000224

64000225 (AD)

KY-21 Hardin County MRA KY 64000226
KY-22 Historic Firehouses of Louisville TR KY 1980-11-07 64000227
KY-23 Innes Houses of Fayette County TR KY 64000229
KY-24 Jackson MRA KY 64000230
KY-25 Jefferson County MRA KY 64000231

64000232 (AD)

KY-26 Jessamine County MRA KY 64000233
KY-27 Johnson County MRA KY 64000234
KY-28 Lancaster MRA KY 64000235
KY-29 Lewisport MRA KY 64000236
KY-30 Louisa MRA KY 64000237
KY-30 Ludlow MRA KY 64000238
KY-32 Madison County MRA KY 64000239
KY-33 Market and Jefferson Streets MRA KY 64000240

64000241 (AD)

KY-34 Mercer County MRA KY 64000242
KY-35 Munfordville MRA KY 64000243
KY-36 Murray Kentucky MRA KY 64000244
KY-37 New Deal Era Construction in Kentucky MRA KY 64000245
KY-38 North Old Louisville MRA KY 64000246
KY-39 Owensboro MRA KY 64000247
KY-40 Owenton MRA KY 64000248
KY-41 Payne's Depot MRA KY 64000249
KY-42 Pikeville MRA KY 64000250
KY-43 Pulaski County MRA KY 64000251
KY-44 Richmond MRA KY 64000252
KY-45 Shelby County MRA KY 64000253
KY-46 Shelbyville MRA KY 64000254
KY-47 South Louisville MRA KY 64000255
KY-48 Textile Mills of Louisville TR KY 64000256
KY-49 Trimble County MRA KY 64000257
KY-50 Warren County MRA KY 64000258

64000259 (AD)

KY-51 Washington County MRA KY 64000261
KY-52 West Louisville MRA KY 64000262
KY-53 Brinton B. Davis Buildings on the Western Kentucky University Campus KY 1979-12-18 64000972
KY-54 Boone County, Kentucky MPS KY 64500225
KY-55 Boyle MPS KY 64500226
--- Caught in the Middle: Civil War on the Lower Ohio River MPS IL, KY 64500227
KY-56 Civil War Monuments of Kentucky MPS KY 64500229
KY-57 Fort Mitchell MPS KY 64500230
KY-58 Hickman, Kentucky MPS KY 64500231
KY-59 Hopkins County MPS KY 64500232
KY-60 Kentucky WPA Stone Voting Houses in Rowan County MPS KY 64500233
KY-61 Kentucky's National Guard Facilities MPS KY 64500234
KY-62 Larue County MPS KY 64500235
KY-63 Louisville and Jefferson County MPS KY 64500236
KY-64 Mammoth Cave National Park MPS KY 64500237
KY-65 Monroe County, Kentucky MPS KY 64500238
KY-66 Mount Sterling MPS KY 64500239
KY-67 Northwest Woodford County MPS KY 64500240
KY-68 Peewee Valley MPS KY 64500241
KY-69 Pisgah Area of Woodford County MPS KY 64500242
KY-70 Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in Kentucky MPS KY 64500243
KY-71 Prestonsburg MPS KY 64500244
KY-72 Spencer County MPS KY 64500245
KY-73 US 31W in Warren MPS KY 64500246
KY-74 Historic and Architectural Resources of the City of Erlanger, Kenton County, Kentucky, c. 1820-1951 KY 2002-09-06 64500804
KY-75 Louisville Metropolitan Area Lustron Homes MPS KY 2004-02-11 64500879
KY-76 Crossroads Communities in Kentucky's Bluegrass Cultural Landscape Region MPS KY 64501172


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
LA-01 Antebellum Greek Revival Buildings of Mount Lebanon TR LA 64000263
LA-02 Broussard MRA LA 64000264
LA-03 Lake Providence MRA LA 64000265

64000266 (AD)

LA-04 Neo-Classical Architecture of Bayou Rapides TR LA 64000267
LA-05 Thibodaux MRA LA 64000268
LA-06 1930s Building Boom at Louisiana Tech University MPS LA 64500247
LA-07 Louisiana's French Creole Architecture MPS LA 64500249
LA-08 United States Housing Authority Funded Public Housing in Louisiana MPS LA 2015-11-23 64501224
LA-09 Architecture of A. Hays Town in Louisiana, 1931-1991 MPS LA 2015-11-23 64501253(?)


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
MA-1 Arlington MRA MA 64000269

64000270 (AD)

MA-02 Barnstable MRA MA 64000271
MA-03 Blue Hills and Neponset River Reservations MRA MA 64000272
MA-04 Boston Theatre MRA MA 64000273
MA-05 Brookline MRA MA 64000274
MA-06 Cambridge MRA MA 64000275
MA-07 Central Village, Ipswich, Massachusetts MRA MA 64000276
MA-08 Downtown Salem MRA MA 64000277
MA-09 Downtown Springfield MRA MA 64000278
MA-10 Fall River MRA MA 64000279

64000280 (AD)

MA-11 First Period Buildings of Eastern Massachusetts TR MA 64000281
MA-12 Lighthouses of Massachusetts TR MA 64000282

64000283 (AD)

MA-13 Methuen MRA MA 64000284
MA-14 Newton MRA MA 64000285

64000286 (AD)

MA-15 North Adams MRA MA 64000287

64000288 (AD)

MA-16 Quincy MRA MA 64000289
MA-17 Reading MRA MA 64000290

64000291 (AD)

MA-18 Rehoboth MRA MA 64000292
MA-19 Sherborn MRA MA 64000293
MA-20 Southbridge MRA MA 64000294
MA-21 Stoneham MRA MA 64000295
MA-22 Swansea MRA MA 64000296
MA-23 Taunton MRA MA 64000297
MA-24 Town of Andover MRA MA 64000298
MA-25 Uxbridge MRA MA 64000299
MA-26 Wakefield MRA MA 64000300
MA-27 Waltham MRA MA 64000301
MA-28 Washington MRA MA 64000302
MA-29 Winchester MRA MA 64000303
MA-30 Worcester MRA MA 64000304
MA-31 Worcester Three-Deckers TR MA 64000305
MA-32 The Diners of Massachusetts MA 1999-09-22 64500250
MA-33 Historic and Archaeological Resources of Gloucester, Massachusetts MA 1996-04-26 64500251
MA-34 Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Hospital and State School System MA 1994-01-21 64500252
MA-35 Somerville Multiple Resource Area MA 1989-09-18 64500253
MA-36 Water Supply System of Metropolitan Boston, Thematic Multiple Properties Submission MA 1990-01-18 64500254
MA-37 Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston MA 2003-02-04 64500822
MA-38 Rural Development in Topsfield, ca. 1670-1955 MA 2005-05-26 64500919
MA-39 The Underground Railroad in Massachusetts, 1783-1865 MA 2005-09-02 64500934
MA-40 Eastern Rig Dragger Fishing Vessel Shipwrecks in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary MA 64501019
MA-41 Downtown Architecture of H.M. Francis, Fitchburg, MA MA 64501040
MA-42 Granite Vessel Shipwrecks in the Stellwagen Bank NMS MPS MA 64501135
MA-43 Mid-Century Modern Houses of Lexington, Massachusetts MPS MA 64501163
MA-44 Mid 20th Century Modern Residential Architecture on Outer Cape Cod MPS MA 64501197


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
MD-01 Chesapeake Bay Sailing Log Canoe Fleet TR MD 64000306
MD-02 Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Fleet MD 64000307
MD-03 Covered Bridges in Frederick County TR MD 64000308
MD-04 Delaware Chalcedony Complex TR MD 64000309
MD-05 Maryland National Guard Armories MD 1985 64000310
MD-06 Cast Iron Architecture of Baltimore, Maryland, 1850-1904 MD 1994-09-26 64500255
MD-07 Emergency Conservation Work (ECW) Architecture at Catoctin Mountain Park MD 1989-10-11 64500257
MD-08 Prehistoric Human Adaptation to the Coastal Plain Environment of Anne Arundel County, Maryland MD 1991-11-08 64500259
MD-09 Historical and Archaeological Resources of Somerset County, Maryland MD 64500757
MD-10 Subdivisions and Architecture Planned and Designed by Charles M. Goodman Associates in Montgomery County, Maryland MD 2004-12-15 64500908
MD-11 African-American Historic Resources of Prince George's County, Maryland MD 2005-03-14 64500915
MD-12 Rosenwald Schools of Anne Arundel County, Maryland (1921-1932) MD 2005-06-24 64500923
MD-13 Subdivisions by Edmund Bennette and Keyes, Lethbridge and Condon in Montgomery County, MD, 1956-1973 MPS MD 64501025
MD-14 Quaker Sites in the West River Meeting, Anne Arundel County, Maryland c. 1650-1785 MPS MD 2008-12-22 64501029
MD-15 South Mountain Battlefields -- September 14, 1862, MPS MD 64501079
MD-16 Providence, MD: Archeology of a Puritan--Quaker Settlement Near the Severn River MPS MD 64501097
MD-17 Tobacco Barns of Southern Maryland MPS MD 64501128
MD-18 Rosenwald Schools of Maryland MPS MD 64501231


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
ME-01 Augusta Central Business District MRA ME 64000311
ME-02 Boothbay Region Prehistoric Sites TR ME 64000312
ME-03 Lewiston Commercial District MRA ME 64000313
ME-04 Prehistoric Sites in North Haven TR ME 64000314

64000315 (AD)

ME-05 Rufus Jones TR ME 64000316
ME-06 Rumford Commercial MRA ME 64000317
ME-07 Wells Township Cape Cod Houses TR ME 64000318
ME-08 Androscoggin River Drainage Prehistoric Sites ME 1992-11-14 64500260
ME-09 Cobscook Area Coastal Prehistoric Sites ME 1990-06-27 64500261
ME-10 Historic Residential Architecture of Bangor ME 1996-12-13 64500262
ME-11 Lifesaving Stations of Maine ME 1990-04-20 64500263
ME-12 Light Stations of Maine ME 1987-11-20 64500264
ME-13 Maine Fluted Point Paleoindian Sites ME 64500265
ME-14 Maine Public Libraries ME 1989-01-05 64500266
ME-15 Native American Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Maine ME 1997-09-05 64500267
ME-16 Penobscot Headwater Lakes Prehistoric Sites ME 1995-10-31 64500268
ME-17 Acadia National Park MPS ME 64500982
ME-18 Colonial Revival 'Artefacts' in York County, Maine MPS ME 64501125
ME-19 Agricultural Properties in Southern Aroostook County MPS ME 2014-12-31 64501230


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
MI-01 Allegan MRA MI 64000319
MI-02 Center Saginaw MRA MI 64000320
MI-03 City of Monroe MRA MI 64000321
MI-04 Downtown Lansing MRA MI 64000322

64000323 (AD)

MI-05 East Jefferson Avenue Residential TR MI 1985-10-09 64000324
MI-06 Genesee County MRA MI 64000325
MI-07 Iron County MRA MI 64000326
MI-08 Kalamazoo MRA MI 64000327
MI-09 Lapeer MRA MI 64000328
MI-10 Mason Michigan Historic MRA MI 64000329
MI-11 Owosso MRA MI 64000330
MI-12 Petoskey MRA MI 64000331
MI-13 Religious Structures of Woodward Ave. TR MI 1982-08-02 64000332
MI-14 Saline MRA MI 64000333
MI-15 Shipwrecks of Isle Royale National Park TR MI 64000334
MI-16 Tecumseh MRA MI 64000335
MI-17 University--Cultural Center Phase I MRA MI 1986-04-29 64000337
MI-18 University--Cultural Center Phase II MRA MI 1986-05-01 64000338
MI-19 Historic and Architectural Resources of Canton Township MI 2000-06-02 64500269
MI-20 Historic and Architectural Resources of the Cass Farm Survey Area, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan MI 1997-01-22 64500270
MI-21 Historic Highway Bridges of Michigan, 1875-1948 MI 1999-11-30 64500271
MI-22 Historic Resources of Plainwell, Michigan MI 1991-11-01 64500272
MI-23 Historic and Architectural Properties in Port Hope, Michigan MI 1987-11-20 64500273

64500274 (AD)

MI-24 Residential Architecture of Alden B. Dow in Midland, Michigan, 1933-1938 MI 1989-12-04 64500275

64000887 (AD)

MI-25 West Vernor Highway Survey Area, Detroit, Michigan MI 2002-12-12 64500820
MI-26 Public Schools of Detroit MPS MI 64501081
MI-27 Woodland Period Interior Archaeological Sites of the Indian River and Fishdam Basins MPS MI 64501209


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
MN-01 Aitkin County MRA MN 1982-04-16 64000339
MN-02 Benton County MRA MN 64000340
MN-03 Blue Earth County MRA MN 64000341

64000342 (AD)

MN-04 Brown County MRA MN 64000343
MN-05 Carnegie Libraries of St. Paul TR MN 64000344
MN-06 Carver County MRA MN 64000345
MN-07 Chisago County MRA MN 64000346

64000347 (AD)

MN-08 Clay County MRA MN 64000348

64000349 (AD)

MN-09 Cuyuna Iron Range Municipally-Owned Elevated Metal Water Tanks TR MN 64000350
MN-10 Dodge County MRA MN 64000351
MN-11 Faribault County MRA MN 64000352

64000353 (AD)

MN-12 Fillmore County MRA MN 64000354
MN-13 Houston County MRA MN 64000355
MN-14 Isanti County MRA MN 64000356
MN-15 Itasca County MRA MN 64000357
MN-16 Oliver Iron mining Company Buildings TR MN 64000358
MN-17 Kanabec County MRA MN 64000359
MN-18 Le Sueur County MRA MN 64000360
MN-19 Ottawa Stone Buildings TR MN 64000361
MN-20 Lincoln County MRA MN 64000362
MN-21 Lyon County MRA MN 64000363
MN-22 Murray County MRA MN 64000364
MN-23 Nobles County MRA MN 64000365

64000366 (AD)

MN-24 Pine County MRA MN 64000367
MN-25 Pipestone County MRA MN 64000368

64000369 (AD)

MN-26 Pope County MRA MN 64000370
MN-27 Redwood County MRA MN 64000371
MN-28 Rice County MRA MN 64000372

64000373 (AD)

MN-29 Rock County MRA MN 64000374
MN-30 Rural Goodhue County MRA MN 64000375

64000376 (AD)

MN-31 Scott County MRA MN 64000377

64000378 (AD)

MN-32 Stearns County MRA MN 64000379
MN-33 Cold Spring Brewers' Houses TR MN 64000380
MN-34 Ethnic Hamlet Churches-Stearns County Catholic Settlement Churches TR MN 64000381
MN-35 Washington County MRA MN 64000383

64000384 (AD)

MN-36 Valley Creek Residences TR MN 64000385
MN-37 Wilkin County MRA MN 64000386
MN-38 Wright County MRA MN 64000387
MN-39 Indian Rock Art, State of Minnesota MN 1996-11-14 64500276
MN-40 Architecture of Olof Hanson, 1895-1901 MN 1990-08-09 64500277
MN-41 Commercial Logging in Minnesota (1837-1940s) MN 1999-02-12 64500278
MN-42 Federal Relief Construction in Minnesota, 1933-1941 MN 1999-08-12 64500279

64000805 (AD)

MN-43 Iron and Steel Bridges in Minnesota MN 1989-11-06 64500280
MN-44 Minnesota Hydroelectric Generating Facilities, 1881-1928 MN 1991-03-14 64500281
MN-45 Minnesota Masonry-Arch Highway Bridges MN 1989-11-06 64500282
MN-46 Minnesota Military Roads MN 1991-02-07 64500283
MN-47 Minnesota Red River Trails MN 1991-02-06 64500284
MN-48 Minnesota State Park CCC/WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources MN 1989-10-25 64500285
MN-49 Minnesota's Lake Superior Shipwrecks MPS MN 1990-06-27 64500286
MN-50 Overland Staging Industry in Minnesota, 1849-1880 MN 1991-08-30 64500287
MN-51 Portage Trails in Minnesota, 1630s-1870s MN 1992-07-23 64500288
MN-52 Precontact American Indian Earthworks, 500 B.C. – A.D. 1650 MN 1996-11-14 64500289
MN-53 Red Brick Houses in Wabasha, Minnesota Associated with Merchant-Tradesmen MN 1989-05-15 64500290
MN-54 Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges in Minnesota MN 1989-11-06 64500291
MN-55 Rural Finnish Log Buildings of St. Louis County, Minnesota, 1890-1930s MN 1990-04-09 64500292
MN-56 Shipwrecks of Minnesota's Inland Lakes and Rivers (9,500 B.C. to A.D. 1945) MN 1999-02-12 64500293
MN-57 Grain Elevator Design in Minnesota MN 1990-05-24 64500751
MN-58 Duluth's Central Business District, MPS MN 64500945
MN-59 Banks of Minnesota 1853-1960 MPS MN 64501144
MN-60 Woodland Tradition in Minnesota MPS MN 64501148
MN-61 Railroads in Minnesota MPS MN 64501188
MN-62 Chaska Brick Resources in the Vicinity of Carver County, 1857-1961 MPS MN 64501192
MN-63 Minnesota's Nineteenth-Century Masonry Ruins MPS MN 2015-12-01 64501254
MN-64 West Seventh Street Early Limestone Houses TR MN 1983?  ?


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
MO-01 Armour Boulevard MRA MO 64000388
MO-02 Boonville Missouri MRA MO 64000389
MO-03 Carondelet, East of Broadway, St. Louis MRA MO 64000390
MO-04 City of Carthage MRA MO 64000391
MO-05 ECW Architecture in Missouri State Parks 1933-1942 TR MO 64000392
MO-06 Frederick Avenue MRA MO 64000393
MO-07 Hannibal Central Business District MRA MO 64000394
MO-08 Hotels in Downtown Kansas City TR MO 64000395
MO-09 LaSalle Park MRA MO 64000396
MO-10 Lexington MRA MO 64000397
MO-11 Missouri Lumber and Mining Company MRA MO 64000398
MO-12 Residential Structures by Mary Rockwell Hook TR MO 64000399
MO-13 Social Institutions of Columbia's Black Community TR MO 64000400
MO-14 St. Ferdinand City MRA MO 64000401

64000402 (AD)

MO-15 Historic Resources of the 18th and Vine Area of Kansas City, Missouri MO 1991-09-09 64500294
MO-16 Antebellum Resources of Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline Counties, Missouri MO 1997-11-14 64500295
MO-17 Historic Resources of Augusta, Missouri MO 1994-09-23 64500296
MO-18 Historic and Architectural Resources of Cape Girardeau, Missouri MO 2000-07-20 64500297
MO-19 Historic Resources of Clarksville, Missouri MO 1991-05-09 64500299
MO-20 Historic Resources of La Grange, Missouri MO 1999-06-03 64500300
MO-21 Historic Resources of Liberty, Clay County, Missouri MO 1992 64500301

64500302 (AD)

MO-22 Missouri Ozarks Rural Schools MO 1990-08-17 64500303
MO-23 Historic Resources of Neosho, Newton County, Missouri MO 1993-08-12 64500304
MO-24 Osage Farms Resettlement Properties in Pettis County, Missouri MO 1991-09-27 64500305
MO-25 Historic Resources of Poplar Bluff, Missouri MO 1994-12-01 64500306
MO-26 Prehistoric Rock Shelter and Cave Sites in Southwestern Missouri MO 1991-10-23 64500307
MO-27 Railroad Related Historic Commercial and Industrial Resources in Kansas City, Missouri MO 2000 64500308
MO-28 Historic and Architectural Resources of Springfield, Missouri MO 1999-06-25 64500310

64500311 (AD)

MO-29 Historic Resources of St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri MO 1989-08-03 64500312

64500313 (AD)

MO-30 St. Louis, Missouri, Public Schools of William B. Ittner MO 1992-09-02 64500314

64500315 (AD)

MO-31 Historic and Architectural Resources of Sweet Springs, Saline County, MO MO 1997-12-10 64500316
MO-32 Historic Taneycomo Lakefront Tourism Resources of Branson, Taney County, Missouri MO 1993-08-31 64500317
MO-33 Historic and Architectural Resources of The Ville, St. Louis (Independent City), Missouri MO 1999-09-17 64500318
MO-34 Washington, Missouri MPS MO 64500319
MO-35 Historic Resources of Cole Camp, Missouri MO 64500785
MO-36 Historic Resources of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri MO 64500786
MO-37 Historic Resources of Kirkwood, Missouri MO 64500812
MO-38 Historic Resources of Chillicothe, Missouri MO 64500813
MO-39 Apartment Buildings on the North End of The Paseo Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri MO 64500814
MO-40 Historic Southside (Munichburg) Multiple Property Submission MO 64500816
MO-41 Historic and Architectural Resources of Springfield, MO MO 64500841

64500920 (amendment 1)
64500936 (amendment 2)

MO-42 Historic and Architectural Resources of West Plains, MO MO 2003-07-17 64500850
MO-43 Historic and Architectural Resources of the Mark Twain National Forest MO 64500853
MO-44 Historic Collonade Apartments Buildings in Kansas City, Missouri MO 64500865
MO-45 Historic Resources of Downtown Columbia, MO MO 2004-01-21 64500874

64500963 (AD)

MO-46 Working Class Hotels at 19th and Main Streets, Kansas City, Missouri MO 64500882
MO-47 Historic Resources of St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri MO 2004-12-02 64500907
MO-48 South St. Louis Historic Working- and Middle-Class Streetcar Suburbs MO 2005-03-02 64500914
MO-49 Historic Auto-Related Resources of St. Louis [Independent City], Missouri MO 64500929
MO-50 Historic Resources of Lee's Summit, Missouri MO 2005-08-17 64500932
MO-51 Historic and Architectural Resources of Louisiana, Missouri MO 2005-08-24 64500933
MO-52 Working-Class and Middle-Income Apartment Buildings in Kansas City Missouri MPS MO 64500993
MO-53 Historic Resources of Joplin, Missouri MPS MO 64501012
MO-54 Ferguson, Missouri MPS MO 2008-12-12 64501027
MO-55 Fayette, Missouri MO 64501050
MO-56 Route 66 in Missouri MPS MO 64501051
MO-57 Railroad Related Historic COmmercial and INdustrial Resources in Kansas City, MO MPS MO 64501090
MO-58 Rural Church Architecture of Missouri, c. 1819 to c. 1945 MPS MO 64501106
MO-59 The Ville, St. Louis, Missouri MPS AD MO 64501131
MO-60 One-Teacher Public Schools of Missouri MPS MO 2012-02-07 64501133
MO-61 Warrensburg, Missouri MPS MO 64501145
MO-62 Kansas City, Missouri School District Pre-1970 MPS MO 64501157
MO-63 Excelsior Springs, Missouri MPS MO 64501160
MO-64 Cuba, Missouri MPS MO 64501175
MO-65 Cherokee Trail of Tears in Missouri MPS MO 64501203
MO-66 Kansas City System of Parks and Boulevards MO 64501206
MO-67 Cherokee Trail of Tears in Missouri MPS MO 64501226
MO-68 Early Cold War Standardized Armories in Missouri MPS MO 64501243


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
MS-01 Aberdeen MRA MS 64000403
MS-02 Commercial Buildings of Aberdeen TR MS 64000404
MS-03 Bay St. Louis MRA MS 64000405
MS-04 Biloxi MRA MS 64000406

64501235 (AD)

MS-05 Clarke County Antebellum Houses TR MS 64000407
MS-06 Greenwood MRA MS 64000408
MS-07 Grenada MRA MS 64000409
MS-08 Historic Bridges of Mississippi TR MS 64000410
MS-09 Holly Springs MRA MS 64000411
MS-10 Johnson, Andrew, Architecture in North Mississippi TR MS 64000412
MS-11 Lawrence County Folk and Vernacular TR MS 64000413
MS-12 Madison MRA MS 64000414
MS-13 Magnolia MRA MS 64000415
MS-14 Meridian MRA MS 1979 64000416

64000417 (AD)

MS-15 Mississippi Post Offices 1931-1941 TR MS 64000418
MS-16 Ocean Springs MRA MS 64000419
MS-17 Port Gibson MRA MS 64000420
MS-18 Historic Cemeteris of Port Gibson TR MS 64000421
MS-19 Raymond and Vicinity MRA MS 64000422
MS-20 Swinging Suspension Bridges TR MS 64000423
MS-21 Anderson, Walter, MPS MS 1989-08-24 64500320

64500321 (AD)

MS-22 Brandon MPS MS 1997 64500322
MS-23 Clarke County MPS MS 64500324
MS-24 Clay County MPS MS 64500325
MS-25 Copiah County MPS MS 64500326
MS-26 Iuka MPS MS 64500327
MS-27 Pascagoula MPS MS 64500328
MS-28 Senatobia MPS MS 64500329
MS-29 State Parks in Mississippi built by the CCC MPS MS 64500330
MS-30 Tupelo MPS MS 64500331
MS-31 Vicksburg MPS MS 64500332
MS-32 West Point MPS MS 64500333


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
MT-01 Bozeman MRA MT 64000424
MT-02 Bridger MRA MT 64000425
MT-03 Fort Peck Townsite and Dam MT 1986 64000426
MT-04 Multiple Resource Submission for Historically and Architecturally Significant Resources in Glacier National Park, Montana MT 1987 64000427

64000428 (AD)

MT-05 Glendive MRA MT 64000429
MT-06 Hamilton MRA MT 64000430
MT-07 Hardin MRA MT 64000431
MT-08 Joliet Montana MRA MT 64000432
MT-09 Lewistown MRA MT 64000433
MT-10 Livingston MRA MT 64000434
MT-11 Lodge Grass MRA MT 64000435
MT-12 One Room Schoolhouses of Gallatin County TR MT 64000436
MT-13 Philipsburg Montana MRA MT 64000437
MT-14 Pony MRA MT 64000438
MT-15 Settlement on the North Fork of the Flathead River, Glacier National Park MT 64000439
MT-16 Suburban Schools in Butte TR MT 64000440
MT-17 Thompson Falls MRA MT 64000441
MT-18 US Post Offices in Montana, 1900--1941, TR MT 64000442
MT-19 West Yellowstone MRA MT 1984 64000443
MT-20 Historic Resources of Alberton, Montana MT 1997-01-13 64500334
MT-21 Historic and Architectural Properties of Anaconda, Montana MT 1995-12 64500335
MT-22 Archaeological Resources of the Upper Missouri River Corridor, Lewis and Clark County, Montana MT 1993-10-07 64500336
MT-23 Historic Resources of Forsyth, Montana MT 1990-02-12 64500337
MT-24 Historic and Architectural Properties in Fromberg, Montana MT 1993-01-28 64500338
MT-25 Glacier National Park Multiple Property Listing MT 1995-07 64500339
MT-26 Historic Resources of Hardin, Montana MT 1984-09 64500340
MT-27 Historic and Architectural Properties of Kalispell, Montana MT 1994-08-16 64500341
MT-28 KORPIVAARA, Cascade County, Montana 1890-1945 MT 1992-06-01 64500342
MT-29 Historic Resources in Missoula, Montana MT 1990 64500343
MT-30 Roadside Architecture Along US 2 in Montana MT 1994 64500344
MT-31 Archaeological and Historic Resources of Sheridan County, Montana MT 1993-10-27 64500345
MT-32 Historic and Architectural Resources of Stevensville, Montana MT 1991-09-03 64500346
MT-33 Stone Buildings in Lewistown, Montana and Vicinity MT 1993-01-27 64500347
MT-34 Whoop-Up Trail of Northcentral Montana MT 1991-07-12 64500348
MT-35 Rural Historic, Architectural and Landscape Resources in the Willow Creek Area, Gllatin County, Montana MT 1992-09 64500349
MT-36 Recreational Camps on Lake McDonald, MT MT 64501030
MT-37 Montana's Historic Steel Truss Bridges MT 64501055
MT-38 Reinforced Concrete Bridges in Montana, 1900-1958 MPS MT 64501109
MT-39 Tongue River Valley, Montana MPS MT 64501122
MT-40 Montana's Steel Stringer and Steel Girder Bridges MPS MT 64501138
MT-41 Montana's Historic Timber Stringer Bridges, 1915-1960 MPS MT 64501199


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
NE-01 Chadron State College Historic Buildings TR NE 64000479
NE-02 19th Century Terrace Houses Thematic Resources NE 1979-10-01 64000480
NE-03 Willa Cather Thematic Resources NE 1981-03-05 64000481

64000482 (AD)

NE-04 African American Historic and Architectural Resources in Lincoln, Nebraska MPS NE 64500386
NE-05 Carnegie Libraries in Nebraska, 1899-1922 NE 1991-07-03 64500387
NE-06 County Courthouses of Nebraska NE 1990-01-10 64500388
NE-07 Highway Bridges in Nebraska MPS NE 64500389
NE-08 Nebraska Post Offices Which Contain Section Artwork MPS NE 64500390
NE-09 Opera House Buildings in Nebraska 1867-1917 MPS NE 64500391

64500392 (AD)

NE-10 School Buildings in Nebraska MPS NE 64500393
NE-11 Significant Relic Components of US Army Air Fields in Nebraska MPS NE 64500394
NE-12 Warehouses in Omaha MPS NE 64500395
NE-13 Detroit-Lincoln-Denver Highway in Nebraska MPS NE 64500830
NE-15 Potash Highway in Nebraska MPS NE 64500832
NE-16 United States Highway 20 in Nebraska MPS NE 64500833
NE-17 Lincoln Highway in Nebraska MPS NE 64500834
NE-18 Petroleum Marketing by the Standard Oil Company (Nebraska): 1911-1939 NE 2004-08-20 64500895
NE-19 Meridian Highway in Nebraska MPS NE 2006-11-01 64500966
NE-20 Archaeological Resources of the Metro Omaha Management Unit MPS NE 64500974
NE-21 Attached Dwellings of Omaha, Nebraska from 1880-1962 MPS NE 64501046
NE-22 Apartments, Flats and Tenements in Omaha, Nebraska from 1880-1962 NE 64501047
NE-23 New Deal Work Relief Projects in Nebraska MPS NE 64501098
NE-24 Conflict & Warfare in the North & South Platte Valleys of Nebraska, 1864-1865 MPS NE 64501119
NE-25 Potash Highway in Nebraska MPS NE 64501210
NE-26 U.S. Highway 20 in Nebraska MPS NE 64501211
NE-27 Detroit-Lincoln-Denver Highway in Nebraska MPS NE 64501212

New Hampshire[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
NH-01 Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Housing Districts TR NH 64000483
NH-02 Downtown Claremont and Lower Village MRA NH 64000484
NH-03 Dublin MRA NH 64000485
NH-04 Historic Resources of Harrisville, New Hampshire NH 1988-01-14 64000486

64000487 (AD)

NH-05 Plank Houses of Goshen, New Hampshire TR NH 1985-06-02 64000488
NH-06 South Hampton MRA NH 1983 64000489
NH-07 Squam MPS NH 64501152

New Jersey[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
NJ-01 Beach Haven MRA NJ 64000490
NJ-02 Cassville MRA NJ 1982 64000491
NJ-03 Hoboken Firehouses and Firemen's Monument TR NJ 1984 64000492
NJ-04 Historic Resources of Montclair MRA NJ 1986 64000493
NJ-05 Morristown MRA NJ 1986-11-13 64000494
NJ-06 Old Village of Toms River MRA NJ 1982-05-13 64000495
NJ-07 Operating Passenger Railroad Stations TR NJ 1984-09-29 64000496
NJ-08 Saddle River MRA NJ 1986-08-29 64000497

64000498 (AD)

NJ-09 Stone Houses of Bergen County TR NJ 1982 64000499
NJ-10 Woodbury MRA NJ 1982 64000501
NJ-11 Banks, Insurance, and Legal Buildings in Camden, New Jersey, 1873-1938 MPS NJ 64500396
NJ-12 Dutch Stone Houses in Montville, New Jersey (Morris County) NJ 1992-01-17 64500398
NJ-13 Early Stone Arch Bridges of Somerset County, New Jersey NJ 1993-12-10 64500399
NJ-14 Historic Resources of Evesham Township, New Jersey NJ 1989-03-24 64500400
NJ-15 Haddon Heights Pre-Revolutionary Houses NJ 1994-09-23 64500401
NJ-16 Lustrons in New Jersey NJ 2000-07-25 64500402
NJ-17 Historic Marine and Architectural Resources of the Maurice River Cove NJ 1996-02-28 64500403
NJ-18 Metal Truss Bridges of Somerset County, New Jersey 1885-1927 NJ 1992-11-12 64500404
NJ-19 Public Sculpture in Newark, New Jersey NJ 1994-10-28 64500405
NJ-20 Spring Lake, NJ, as a Coastal Resort MPS NJ 64500406
NJ-21 Stone Houses and Outbuildings in Washington Township MPS NJ 64500407
NJ-22 Bridges of Tewksbury Township MPS NJ 64500790
NJ-23 Motels of the Wildwoods NJ 2004-03-25 64500880
NJ-24 Clubhouses of New Jersey Women's Clubs NJ 2010-09-29 64501086
NJ-25 Country Place Era of Somerset Hills New Jersey MPS NJ 64501181

New Mexico[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
NM-01 Albuquerque Downtown Neighborhoods MRA NM 1980-12-01 64000502
NM-02 Albuquerque North Valley MRA NM 64000503
NM-03 Anasazi Sites Within the Chacoan Interaction Sphere TR NM 1980-10-10 64000504

64000505 (AD)

NM-04 Anton Chico Land Grant: Villages of Anton Chico Abajo, Colonias de San Jose and La Placita de Abajo NM 1986-09-29 64000506
NM-05 Artificial Stone Houses of Artesia TR NM 1984 64000507
NM-06 Aztec, New Mexico NM 1985-02-21 64000508
NM-07 Chaco Mesa Pueblo III TR NM 1985 64000509
NM-08 County Courthouses of New Mexico TR NM 1987-06-18 64000510
NM-09 Downtown Gallup MRA NM 1988-01-14 64000511
NM-10 Jemez Springs Pueblo Sites TR NM 1984-05-21 64000512
NM-11 La Luz Townsite MRA NM 1980-10-23 64000513
NM-12 La Tierra Amarilla MRA NM 1985 64000514
NM-13 Las Vegas MRA NM 1985 64000515

64000516 (AD)

NM-14 Magdalena MRA NM 1982 64000517
NM-15 Historic Resources of the Mimbres Valley in Grant County NM 1988 64000518
NM-16 National Forest Fire Lookouts in the Southwestern Region TR NM 1987-01-21 64000519
NM-16 Refugee Pueblitos TR NM 1987-01-21 64000520

64000521 (AD)

NM-17 New Mexico Campus Buildings Built 1906-1938 NM 1989-05-16 64000522
NM-18 Prehistoric Adaptations along the Rio Grande Drainage, Sierra County, New Mexico NM 1988-05-15 64000523
NM-19 Prehistoric and Historic Agricultural Sites in the Lower Rio Bonito Valley, Lincoln County, New Mexico NM 1988 64000524
NM-20 Red River MRA NM 1984 64000525
NM-21 Historic Resources of Roswell, New Mexico and Outlying Environs of Chaves County NM 1985-05-17 64000526
NM-22 La Mesilla Historic District Multiple Resource Area NM 1982-05-24 64000974
NM-23 Animas Phase Sites in Hidalgo County MPS NM 64500408
NM-24 Archaic Sites of the Northwestern Jemez Mountains, New Mexico NM 1993-10-28 64500409
NM-25 Auto-oriented Commercial Development in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1916-1956 NM 1997-06-06 64500410
NM-26 Corona Phase Sites in the Jicarilla Mountains, New Mexico NM 1990-08-28 64500411
NM-27 Cultural Developments on the Pajarito Plateau in North-Central New Mexico NM 1990-11-17 64500412
NM-28 Domestic Architecture in Socorro, New Mexico, 1870-1912 NM 1991-02-20 64500413
NM-29 Gallina Culture Developments in North Central New Mexico NM 1989-05-19 64500414
NM-30 Architectural and Historic Resources of Hillsboro, New Mexico NM 1995-04-20 64500415
NM-31 The Historic Highway bridges of New Mexico NM 64500416
NM-32 Homesteads on the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico NM 1995-11-13 64500417
NM-33 Jemez Cultural Developments in North-Central New Mexico NM 1990-03-07 64500418
NM-34 Late Prehistoric Cultural Developments along the Rio Chama and Tributaries in North-Central New Mexico NM 1993-06-24 64500419
NM-35 Lincoln Phase Sites in the Lincoln National Forest, Sierra Blanca Region, New Mexico NM 1990-09-07 64500420
NM-36 Mining Sites in the Nogal Mining District of the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico NM 1995-07-17 64500421
NM-37 Multi-Unit Dwellings in Albuquerque, New Mexico NM 1999-12-13 64500422
NM-38 The Historic & Architectural Resources of the New Deal in New Mexico, 1933-1942 NM 1996-02-14 64500423
NM-39 Public Works of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico NM 1993-12-23 64500424
NM-40 Pueblo IV Sites of the Chupadera Arroyo, New Mexico NM 1993-04-15 64500425
NM-41 Railroad Logging Era Resources of the Cañon de San Diego Land Grant in North-Central New Mexico NM 1992-09-11 64500426
NM-42 Railroad Logging Sites in the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico NM 1992-04-30 64500427
NM-43 The Rayado Ranch of Colfax County, New Mexico NM 1993-06-23 64500428
NM-44 Religious Properties of New Mexico NM 1995-12-14 64500429
NM-45 Ring Midden Sites of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico AD 700 - 1900 NM 1995-03-15 64500430
NM-46 Rockshelter Sites of the Western Escarpment of the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico 5550 B.C. - 1930 A.D. NM 1996-07-28 64500431
NM-47 Historic and Architectural Resources of Route 66 through New Mexico NM 1993-08 64500432
NM-48 Sante Fe, New Mexico MPS NM 64500434
NM-49 Twentieth Century Suburban Growth of Albuquerque, New Mexico NM 2000-08 64500435
NM-50 US Post Offices in New Mexico MPS NM 64500436
NM-51 Upland Valleys of Western Mora County MPS NM 64500437
NM-52 Historic and Architectural Resources of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Public Schools NM 2001-07-08 64500750
NM-53 Neon Signs Along Route 66 in New Mexico MPS NM 64500826
NM-54 Buildings Designed by John Gaw Meem NM 2003-03-10 64500827
NM-55 New Mexico Federation of Women's Club Buildings in New Mexico NM 64500854
NM-56 Homestead and Ranch Era Roads and Trails of Los Alamos, New Mexico NM 2003-09-20 64500861
NM-57 Movie Theaters in New Mexico, 1905-1960 MPS NM 2006-07-21 64500951
NM-58 Camino Real in New Mexico, AD 1598-1881 MPS NM 64501104
NM-59 Guadalupe Mountains Rock Art MPS NM 64501127
NM-60 Central Albuquerque MPS NM 64501193


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
NV-01 Architecture of Frederick J. DeLongchamps TR NV 64000527
NV-02 Newlands Reclamation Thematic Resources (Truckee-Carson Project) NV 1981-03-25 64000529

64000530 (AD)

NV-03 Thematic Nomination of Properties Associated with the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad, Las Vegas, Nevada NV 64000531
NV-04 Tonopah Multiple Resource Area NV 64000532

64000533 (AD)

NV-05 Historic School Buildings in the Evolution of the Fifth Supervision School District MPS NV 64500438
NV-06 US Post Offices in Nevada MPS NV 64500439
NV-07 School Buildings in Nevada MPS NV 64501001

New York[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
NY-01 Bath Village MRA NY 64000534
NY-02 Berkshire MRA NY 1984 64000535
NY-03 Canandaiga MRA NY 1984 64000536
NY-04 Canastota Village MRA NY 1986-05-23 64000537
NY-05 Cape Vincent Town and Village MRA NY 1985 64000538

64000539 (AD)

NY-06 Cazenovia Town MRA NY 1985-10-18 64000541
NY-07 Central Plan Dairy Barns of New York TR NY 1984-09-29 64000542
NY-08 Chelsea MRA NY 1987-08-25 64000543
NY-09 Clermont MRA NY 1983 64000544
NY-10 Colonie Town MRA NY 1985-10-03 64000545
NY-11 Covered Bridges of Washington County NY 1978-03-08 64000546
NY-12 Dryden Village MRA NY 1984-06-08 64000547
NY-13 Duanesburg MRA NY 1984 64000548
NY-14 Boss Jones TR NY 64000549
NY-15 Dutchess County Quaker Meeting Houses TR NY 1989-04-27 64000550
NY-16 Glen Falls City MRA NY 1984-09-29 64000551
NY-17 Glen Falls MRA: Buildings of Henry Forbes Bigelow, Architect TR NY 1984 64000552
NY-18 Glen Falls MRA: Fredella Concrete Block Structures TR NY 1984 64000553
NY-19 Glen Falls MRA: Buildings of Ephraim B. Potter TR NY 1984 64000554
NY-20 Great Camps of the Adirondacks TR NY 1987-04-03 64000555
NY-21 Horace Greeley Related Sites NY 1979-04-19 64000556
NY-22 Guilderland MRA NY 1982 64000557
NY-23 Hounsfield (Town) MRA NY 1989-10-18 64000558
NY-24 Hudson Highlands Multiple Resource Area NY 64000559
NY-25 City of Hudson MRA NY 1985-10-21 64000560
NY-26 Hudson River Lighthouses TR NY 1979-05-29 64000561
NY-27 Huntington (Town) MRA NY 1985-09-26 64000562
NY-28 Inner Loop MRA NY 1984-10-11 64000563
NY-29 Department Store TR NY 64000564
NY-30 Stone Arch Bridge TR NY 64000565
NY-31 Interborough Rapid Transit Subway Control Houses TR NY 1980-05-06 64000566
NY-32 Keeseville Village MRA NY 1983 64000567
NY-33 Lima Town MRA NY 1989 64000568
NY-34 Long Island Wind and Tide Mills TR NY 1978-12-27 64000569
NY-35 Lyme (Town) MRA NY 1990-09-06 64000571
NY-36 Masten Neighborhood Rows TR NY 1986-03-19 64000572
NY-37 Montgomery Village MRA NY 1980-11-21 64000573
NY-38 Morristown Village MRA NY 1982 64000574
NY-39 Movie Palaces of the Tri-Cities TR NY 1979-10-04 64000575
NY-40 Nelliston MRA NY 1980-09-27 64000576
NY-41 New Hamburg MRA NY 1987-02-27 64000577
NY-42 New York State College of Agriculture TR NY 1984-09-24 64000578
NY-43 Historic Resources of N.Y.S. Route 9, Town of Colonie NY 1979-10-04 64000579
NY-44 Olmsted Parks and Parkways TR NY 1981 64000580

64000581 (AD)

NY-45 Plattsburgh City MRA NY 1982 64000582
NY-46 Poughkeepsie MRA NY 1982-11-23 64000583
NY-47 Rhinebeck MRA NY 1987-07-09 64000584

64000585 (AD)

NY-48 Ridgewood MRA NY 64000586
NY-49 Roslyn Village Multiple Resource Area NY 1986 64000587
NY-50 Sandy Creek (Town) Multiple Resource Area NY 1988 64000588
NY-51 Sea Cliff Summer Resort Thematic Group NY 1988 64000589
NY-52 Shawagunk Valley (MRA) NY 1983 64000590
NY-53 Sidewalk Clocks of New York City Thematic Resources NY 1985 64000591
NY-54 Southampton Village Multiple Resource Area NY 1986 64000592
NY-55 Stone Houses of Bergen County Thematic Resources NY 64000593
NY-56 Stone Houses of Brownville Thematic Resources NY 1979 64000594
NY-57 Ticonderoga (Village) Multiple Resource Area NY 1988 64000595
NY-58 United States Post Offices in New York State - 1858 to 1943 - Thematic Resources NY 1988 64000597
NY-59 Village of Athens Multiple Resource Area (Partial Inventory: Historic and Architectural Properties) NY 1980 - Greene County 64000599
NY-60 Village of East Hampton Multiple Resource Area NY 1988 64000600
NY-61 Wappingers Falls Multiple Resource Area NY 1984 64000601
NY-62 Westfield Village MRA NY 1982 64000602
NY-63 Women's Rights Historic Sites Thematic Resources NY 1980 64000603
NY-64 Yonkers Public Bath House Thematic Resources NY 1985 64000604
NY-65 Zim Thematic Resources NY 1983-02-28 64000605
NY-66 Montgomery County Buildings Thematic Group NY 1982-06-25 64000977
NY-67 Multiple Resources of the Village of Bellport NY 64000978 (Part one)
NY-66 Rochester Plan Veterans Housing TR NY 64000982
NY-68 Architecture of Ward Wellington Ward in Syracuse, New York, 1908-1932 NY 1996-09-11 64500441
NY-69 Army National Guard Armories in New York State MPS NY 64500442
NY-70 AuSable River Valley Bridges MPS NY 64500443
NY-71 Broome County Carousels MPS NY 64500444
NY-72 Claverack MPS NY 64500446
NY-73 Cobblestone Architecture of New York State MPS NY 64500447
NY-74 Cornwall MPS NY 64500448
NY-75 Fire Observation Stations of New York State Forest Preserve MPS NY 64500449
NY-76 Freedom Trail, Abolitionism, and African American Life in Central New York MPS NY 64500450
NY-77 Harriet Tubman in Auburn, New York MPS NY 64500451
NY-78 Historic Churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York MPS NY 64500452
NY-79 Historic Designed Landscapes of Syracuse MPS NY 64500453
NY-80 Lancaster, New York MPS NY 64500454
NY-81 Mexico MPS NY 64500455
NY-82 Moravia MPS NY 64500456
NY-83 Moriah MPS NY 64500457
NY-84 Mount Morris MPS NY 64500458
NY-85 Newark Valley MPS NY 64500461
NY-86 Orleans MPS NY 64500462
NY-87 Palisades MPS NY 64500463
NY-88 Rochester MPS NY 64500464
NY-89 Roslyn Harbor, New York MPS NY 64500465
NY-90 Saranac Lake MPS NY 64500466
NY-91 Saratoga Lake-Fish Creek Area Archeological Sites MPS NY 64500467
NY-92 Stony Brook Harbor Estates MPS NY 64500468
NY-93 Unadilla Village MPS NY 64500469
NY-94 Upper Delaware Valley, New York and Pennsylvania MPS NY 64500471
NY-95 Warrensburgh, New York MPS NY 64500472
NY-96 Yates County MPS NY 64500473
NY-97 Albany Avenue, Kingston, Ulster County, New York MPS NY 64500817
NY-98 Red Potsdam Sandstone Resources Taken from Raquette River Quarries MPS NY 64500825
NY-99 Buffalo Grain and Materials Elevator MPS NY 64500843
NY-100 Stone Buildings of Lockport, New York NY 2003-05-30 64500847
NY-101 The Municipal Park System of Rochester, New York NY 2003-09-26 64500862
NY-102 Murray Hill, New York County, New York MPS NY 64500863
NY-103 New York City Subway System MPS NY 64500900
NY-104 The Historic and Engineering Resources of the Chenango Canal NY 64500925
NY-106 The Architecture of Isaac Henry Green, Jr., Suffolk and Nassau Counties, New York, 1879-1918 NY 2005-07-27 64500928
NY-105 Multiple Resources Associated With the Suburban Development of Buffalo, New York NY 2005-12-07 64500937
NY-107 Industrial Development in the Oaks Creek Valley, Otsego County, New York MPS NY 64500965
NY-108 Lustron Houses in New York MPS NY 64501002
NY-108 City of Oswego, Oswego County, New York MPS NY 64501058
NY-108 Stone Arch Bridges of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York NY 64501059
NY-108 Hydraulics/Larkin Neighborhood, Buffalo, Erie County, NY NY 64501060
NY-108 Industrial Resources in the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY MPS NY 64501069
NY-108 Rochester Plan Veterans Housing MPS NY 64501074
NY-109 Cemeteries of the Town of Southampton, 1640-1930 NY 2010-10-08 64501088
NY-108 Black Rock Planning Neighborhood MPS NY 64501121
NY-108 Farmsteads of Pittstown, New York MPS NY 64501123
NY-108 United States Second Generation Veterans Hospitals MPS NY 64501132
NY-108 Industrial Resources of Broome County, New York MPS NY 64501153
NY-108 Textile Factory Buildings in Troy, New York, 1880-1920 MPS NY 64501196

North Carolina[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
NC-01 Anglo-German Cemeteries TR NC 64000444
NC-02 Historic Resources of Downtown Asheville MRA NC 64000445
NC-03 Badin MRA NC 64000446
NC-04 Biltmore Village MRA NC 1979 64000447
NC-05 Burlington MRA NC 1984 64000448
NC-06 Chatham County MRA NC 1985 64000449
NC-07 Dan River Navigation System in North Carolina TR NC 1984 64000450
NC-08 Davidson County MRA NC 1984 64000451
NC-09 Historic Resources of Durham NC 1985 64000452
NC-10 Early Twentieth Century Raleigh Neighborhoods NC 1985 64000453
NC-11 Faculty Avenue Houses TR NC 1979 64000454
NC-12 Fayetteville MRA NC 1983 64000455
NC-13 Hickory MRA NC 1985 64000456
NC-14 Iredell County MRA NC 1980 64000457

64000458 (AD)

NC-15 Historic and Architectural Resources of Morganton NC 1987 64000459

64000460 (AD)

NC-16 North Carolina Courthouse TR NC 1979 64000461
NC-17 Pittsboro MRA NC 1982 64000462
NC-18 Historic Resources of Reidsville NC 1986 64000463
NC-19 Rockingham MRA NC 1983 64000464
NC-20 Sampson County MRA NC 1986 64000465
NC-21 Selma, North Carolina MRA NC 1984 64000466
NC-22 Slater Industrial Academy Houses TR NC 1979 64000467
NC-23 Tarboro MRA NC 1980 64000468
NC-24 Wilkesboro MRA NC 1982 64000469
NC-25 Historic Resources of Wilson County NC 1985 64000470
NC-26 Historic and Architectural Resources of African-American Neighborhoods in Northeastern Winston-Salem, North Carolina (ca. 1900-1948) NC 1998 64500350
NC-27 The Architecture of Hugh Edward White and White, Streeter & Chamberlain, 1921-1939, Gaston County, North Carolina NC 1999 64500351
NC-28 Historic and Architectural Resources of Catawba County, North Carolina NC 1990 64500352
NC-29 Historically and Architecturally Significant Churches and Church-Related Cemeteries in Lincolnton, North Carolina NC 1994 64500353
NC-30 Dismal Swamp Canal and Associated Development, Southeast Virginia & Northeast North Carolina NC, VA 1988 64500355
NC-31 Historic and Architectural Resources in Downtown Marion, NC NC 1991 64500356
NC-32 Historic and Architectural Resources of Duplin County, North Carolina, ca. 1790-1943 NC 1995 64500357
NC-33 Early Modern Architecture in Raleigh Associated with the Faculty of the North Carolina State University School of Design, Raleigh, North Carolina NC 1994 64500358
NC-34 Historic and Architectural Resources of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, 1793-1943 NC 1992 64500359
NC-35 Granville County MPS NC 64500360
NC-36 Greensboro MPS NC 64500361
NC-37 Hendersonville MPS NC 64500362
NC-38 Historic African American Churches in Craven County MPS NC 64500363
NC-39 Kernersville MPS NC 64500364
NC-40 Kinston MPS NC 64500365
NC-41 Lee County MPS NC 64500366
NC-42 Log Buildings in Alamance County MPS NC 64500367
NC-43 Macon County MPS NC 64500368
NC-44 Mecklenburg County MPS NC 64500369
NC-45 Onslow County MPS NC 64500370
NC-46 Plymouth MPS NC 64500371
NC-47 Pope Air Force Base Early Expansion MPS NC 64500372
NC-48 Rural Mecklenburg County MPS NC 64500373
NC-49 Transylvania County MPS NC 64500374
NC-50 U.S. Naval Ordnance Testing Facility, Topsail Island, NC (Pender County) NC 1993-05-26 64500375
NC-51 Wake County MPS NC 64500376
NC-52 Historical and Architectural Resources of the Five Points Neighborhoods, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, 1913-1952 NC 64500792
NC-53 Historic and Architectural Resources of Oberlin, Wake County, North Carolina, 1865-1952 NC 2002-05-16 64500793
NC-54 Tapoco Hydroelectric Project MPS NC 64500884
NC-55 Ashe County, North Carolina, c. 1799-1955 MPS NC 2009-07-09 64501045
NC-55 Post World War II and Modern Architecture in Raleigh, 1945-1965 MPS NC 2009-08-11 64501049

North Dakota[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
ND-01 Buechner and Orth Courthouses in North Dakota TR ND 1980 64000471
ND-02 Downtown Grand Forks MRA ND 1982 64000472
ND-03 Historic Resources of Minot, North Dakota ND 1986 64000473
ND-04 North Dakota County Courthouses ND 1985 64000474

64000475 (AD)
64000476 (AD)

ND-05 North Dakota Round Barns ND 1986-10-01 64000477
ND-06 Historic Resources of North Side Fargo ND 1986 64000478
ND-07 Bonanza Farming in North Dakota MPS ND 64500377
ND-08 Episcopal Churches of North Dakota ND 1992-12-03 64500378
ND-09 German-Russian Wrought Iron Sites in Central North Dakota ND 1989-10-03 64500379
ND-10 Historic Roadway Bridges of North Dakota ND 1997-02-27 64500380
ND-11 Historic Resources of Jamestown, North Dakota ND 1989-09-08 64500381
ND-12 Historic Resources of Oakes, North Dakota ND 1987-10-16 64500382
ND-13 Philanthropically Established Libraries in North Dakota ND 1990-01-26 64500383
ND-14 U. S. Post Offices in North Dakota, 1900-1940 ND 1989-11-01 64500384
ND-15 Ukrainian Immigrant Dwellings and Churches in North Dakota from Early Settlement Until the Depression MPS ND 64500385
ND-16 Nonpartisan League's Home Building Association Resources in North Dakota MPS ND 64500952

ND state gov PDF

ND-17 Federal Relief Construction in North Dakota, 1931-1943, MPS ND 64501091
ND-18 Native American Occupation and Utilization of the Little Missouri River Grasslands MPS ND 64501178


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
OH-01 Architecture of Guy Tilden in Canton, 1885--1905, TR OH 64000606
OH-02 Augspurger Amish/Mennonite Settlement TR OH 1984-08-03 64000607
OH-03 Bath Township MRA OH 1979-06-11 64000608
OH-04 C. S. Bell TR OH 1980-11-26 64000609
OH-05 Black History TR OH 1982 64000610
OH-06 Boneyfiddle MRA OH 1988-03-10 64000611
OH-07 Brooklyn Centre MRA OH 1987 64000612
OH-08 Central College Multiple Resource Area OH 1980 64000613
OH-09 Chesterville Multiple Resource Area OH 1978 64000614
OH-10 Columbia-Tusculum Multiple Resource Area OH 1978 64000615
OH-11 Cross-Tipped Churches TR OH, IN 1979-07-26 64000616

64000617 (AD)

OH-12 Downtown Youngstown Multiple Resource Area OH 1985 64000618
OH-13 East Broad Street Multiple Resource Area OH 1986 64000619
OH-14 E. Liverpool Central Business District MRA OH 1985-11-14 64000620
OH-15 Eastlake Houses of Ashley TR OH 1980-11-25 64000621
OH-16 Elyria MRA OH 1979-08-13 64000622
OH-17 Fredericktown MRA OH 1979-11-06 64000623

64000624 (AD)

OH-18 Granville MRA OH 1980-11-28 64000625
OH-19 Samuel Hannaford & Sons TR OH 1980-03-03 64000626
OH-20 Heidelberg College Historic Multiple Resources OH 1979-02-12 64000627

64000628 (AD)

OH-21 Hobart Welded Steel Houses Thematic Resources OH 1989-04-17 64000629
OH-22 Huntington-Wellington Road MRA OH 64000630 (similar to 64000656?)
OH-23 Lebanon MRA OH 1984-10-10 64000631
OH-24 Leesville Village Historic Resources OH 1979-04-03 64000632
OH-25 Lima Multiple Resource Area OH 1982 64000633
OH-26 Madison Multiple Resource Area OH 1980-10-20 64000634

64000635 (AD)

OH-27 Mechanicsburg Multiple Resource Area OH 1985-08-29 64000636
OH-28 Millersburg Multiple Resource Area OH 1984-07-17 64000637
OH-29 Mingo Junction Multiple Resource Area OH 1987-03-17 64000638
OH-30 Ohio Wesleyan University Thematic Group OH 1985-03-18 64000639
OH-31 Ohio and Erie Canal Thematic Resources OH 1979-12-11 64000640
OH-32 Park Avenue West Multiple Resource Area OH 1983 64000641
OH-33 Pataskala MRA OH 1983-09-22 64000642
OH-34 Patrol Stations in Cincinnati, Ohio Thematic Resources OH 1981-05-18 64000643
OH-35 Ravenna Commercial Center Multiple Resource Area OH 1985-03-18 64000644
OH-36 Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Thematic Resources OH 1980-03-11 64000645
OH-37 Round Barns in the Black Swamp of Northwest Ohio Thematic Resources OH 1980-04-17 64000646
OH-38 Sandusky Multiple Resource Area OH 1982-10-20 64000649
OH-39 Seven Early Office Buildings at Central Square OH 1985-02-08 64000650
OH-40 Tiffin Industrial Buildings Thematic Resources OH 1980-01-07 64000651
OH-41 Upper Prospect MRA OH 1984-11-01 64000653
OH-42 Vermilion-Harbour Town Multiple Resource Area OH 1979-11-14 64000654
OH-43 Washington Township Historic Resources OH 1979-04-11 64000655
OH-44 Wellington-Huntington Road Multiple Resource Area OH 1979-06-15 64000656 (similar to 64000630?)
OH-45 Wellington-Huntington Township MRA OH 1980-04-17 64000657
OH-46 Worthington Multiple Resource Area OH 1980-04-17 64000658

64000659 (AD)

OH-47 The Historic Resources of Wyoming, Ohio OH 1986-07-17 64000660
OH-48 Zanesville Historic Railroad Depots Thematic Resources OH 1983 64000661
OH-49 Oberlin College Multiple Resource Area OH 1978-11-07 64000976
OH-50 Agricultural Resources of the Cuyahoga Valley MPS OH 64500474
OH-51 Canal Winchester MPS OH 64500475
OH-52 East Toledo MPS OH 64500476
OH-53 European Ethnic Communities, Dayton MPS OH 64500477
OH-54 Historic Mill-Related Resources of Delaware and Liberty Townships MPS OH 64500478
OH-55 Hudson MPS OH 64500479
OH-56 Light Stations of Ohio MPS OH 64500480
OH-57 Little Cities of Black Diamonds--Athens, Hocking, Perry Counties MPS OH 64500481
OH-58 Lower Prospect--Huron District MPS OH 64500482
OH-59 Montpelier, Ohio MPS OH 64500483
OH-60 Mound-Horace Area MPS OH 64500484
OH-61 Pennsylvania German Churches of Ohio MPS OH 64500485
OH-62 Recreation and Conservation Resources of the Cuyahoga Valley MPS OH 64500486
OH-63 Short North MPS OH 64500487
OH-64 Historic and Architectural Resources of the Webster Station Area OH 64500488
OH-65 Webster Station Area, Dayton, OH MPS OH 64500489
OH-66 Historic Resources of Gates Mills, OH OH 1991-10-09 64500759
OH-67 Canal, Railroad, and Industrial Resources of the Village of Clinton/Warwick, Ohio OH 2001-11-29 64500802
OH-68 Historical and Architectural Resources of the Underground Railroad in Ohio OH 2002-06-28 64500870
OH-69 Federal and State Correctional Facilities MPS OH 2006-08-11 64500954
OH-70 Underground Railroad in Ohio OH 64501003
OH-71 Historic Industrial Resources of Tipp City, Ohio 1840-1959 OH 64501067
OH-72 Historic Resources of the Cincinnati Park and Parkway System 1817-1959 OH 64501068
OH-73 Historic Bath Township, 1810-1959 MPS OH 64501092
OH-74 Apartment Buildings in Ohio Urban Centers, 1870-1970, MPS OH 2011-07-01 64501112
OH-75 Morgan's Raid in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio MPS OH 64501229


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
OK-01 Banking Facilities in Ellis County TR OK 64000662
OK-02 Black Baptist Churches in Okmulgee TR OK 1984 64000663
OK-03 Black Protestant Churches of Muskogee TR OK 1984-09-25 64000664
OK-04 Clay Tile Grain Elevators in Northwestern Oklahoma TR OK 1982 64000665
OK-05 Commercial Buildings in Stillwater TR OK 1983 64000666
OK-06 Confederated Peoria Indian Thematic Resources OK 1982 64000667
OK-07 County Courthouses of Oklahoma TR OK 1984 64000668
OK-08 Historic Custer City Commercial Buildings TR OK 1985 64000669
OK-09 Educational Resources of All-Black Towns in Oklahoma TR OK 1984 64000670
OK-10 Fort Gibson Post-Civil War Military Buildings TR OK 1985-11-14 64000671
OK-11 Historic Government Building in Oklahoma's All-Black Towns TR OK 64000672
OK-12 Historic Homes of Ardmore Petroleum Executives TR OK 1986 64000673
OK-13 I.O.O.F. Buildings in Alfalfa County TR OK 1983 64000674
OK-14 Latimer County Thematic Resources Relating to Coal Mining OK 1980 64000675
OK-15 Laverne's Early Commercial Development MRA OK 1984 64000676
OK-16 Pre-Depression Muskogee Skyscrapers Thematic Resources OK 1983 64000677
OK-17 Ranching Properties in Northwestern Oklahoma OK 1984 64000678
OK-18 Red Brick Warehouses of Oklahoma City TR OK 64000679
OK-19 Renfrow, T.F., Historic Properties TR OK 64000680
OK-20 Richardsonian Romanesque Banks of Osage County TR OK 64000681
OK-21 Shawnee Historic Homes TR OK 64000682
OK-22 Territorial Buildings in Downtown Alva TR OK 64000683
OK-23 Territorial Commercial Buildings of Chandler TR OK 64000684
OK-24 Territorial Era Carpenter Gothic Churches TR OK 64000685
OK-25 Territorial Era Santa Fe Depots in South Central Oklahoma TR OK 64000686
OK-26 Territorial Homes of Chandler TR OK 64000687
OK-27 Territorial Homes of Muskogee TR OK 64000688
OK-28 Territorial Homes of Wagoner, Oklahoma TR OK 64000689
OK-29 WPA Public Bldgs., Recreational Facilities and Cemetery Improvements in Southeastern Oklahoma, 1935--1943 TR OK 64000690
OK-30 WPA Public Bldgs., Recreational Facilities and Water Quality Improvements in Northwestern Oklahoma, 1935--1943 TR OK 64000691
OK-31 Woodframe Grain Elevators of Oklahoma Panhandle TR OK 64000692
OK-32 Woodward MRA OK 64000693
OK-33 Zig-Zag Art Deco Style TR OK 1984-06-22 64000694
OK-34 Bruce Goff Designed Resources in Oklahoma MPS OK 64500490
OK-35 Energy-Related Properties in Northeastern Oklahoma MPS OK 64500491
OK-36 Grain Storage and Processing Facilities in Western Oklahoma MPS OK 64500492
OK-37 Route 66 in Oklahoma MPS OK 64500493
OK-38 WPA Resources in Lincoln County MPS OK 64500495
OK-39 Route 66 and Associated Resources in Oklahoma AD MPS OK 64500829
OK-40 Lustron Houses of Oklahoma OK 64501034
OK-41 Oklahoma Post Offices with Section Art MPS OK 64501038
OK-42 Resources Designed by Herb Greene in Oklahoma MPS OK 64501111
OK-43 Midtown Brick Box Apartments 1910-1935, Oklahoma City MPS OK 64501154


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
OR-01 Crater Lake National Park MRA OR 64000695
OR-02 Dayton MRA OR 64000696

64000697 (AD)

OR-03 Historic USDA Forest Service Administrative Buildings in the State of Oregon and Washington built by the Civilian Conservation Corps OR, WA 64000698

64000699 (AD)

OR-04 Oregon Covered Bridges TR OR 64000700
OR-05 Oregon Historic Wooden Carousels TR OR 1987-08-26 64000701
OR-06 Significant U.S. Post Offices in Oregon - 1900 to 1941 - Thematic Resources OR 64000702
OR-07 Architecture of Ellis F. Lawrence MPS OR 64500496
OR-08 Barns of Linn County, Oregon MPS OR 64500497
OR-09 Blodgett Tract MPS OR 64500498
OR-10 City Beautiful Movement and Civic Planning in Portland, Oregon MPS OR 64500499
OR-11 Coquille MPS OR 64500500
OR-12 Craftman Bungalows in Deschutes County MPS OR 64500501
OR-13 Early French-Canadian Settlement MPS OR 64500502
OR-14 Echo and The Meadows MPS OR 64500503
OR-15 Eliot Neighborhood MPS OR 64500504
OR-16 Eugene West University Neighborhood MPS OR 64500505
OR-17 Historic Cemeteries of Ashland MPS OR 64500506
OR-18 Historic Development of the Bend Company in Bend, Oregon MPS OR 64500507
OR-19 Hollywood's Historic Commercial District in Portland, Oregon MPS OR 64500508
OR-20 Kenton Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon MPS OR 64500509
OR-21 Lighthouse Stations of Oregon MPS OR 64500510
OR-22 Middle Class Apartments in East Portland MPS OR 64500511
OR-23 Native American Archeological Sites of the Oregon Coast MPS OR 64500512
OR-24 Nyssa MPS OR 64500513
OR-25 Portland Eastside MPS OR 64500514
OR-26 Seaside MPS OR 64500515
OR-27 US Forest Service Historic Structures on the Rogue River National Forest MPS OR 64500516
OR-28 Upper Illinois Valley, Oregon Mining Resources MPS OR 64500518
OR-29 Wade Pipes Residences for John and Elizabeth Bates MPS OR 64500519
OR-30 Residential Architecture in Eugene, Oregon, 1850 to 1950 OR 2001-12-12 64500868
OR-31 Historic Resources in Downtown Portland, OR OR 64500893

64501219 (AD)

OR-32 C. B. McCullough Major Oregon Coast Highway Bridges, 1927-1936 OR 2005-08-05 64500930
OR-33 Taylor Process Hollow Concrete Wall Construction in Forest Grove, Oregon OR 2005-08-10 64500931
OR-34 Historic Downtown Area of Stayton Multiple Proprety Submission OR 2006-07-07 64500950
OR-35 Speculative Homebuilding in East Portland, Oregon MPS OR 64501006
OR-36 Silverton, Oregon, and Its Environs MPS OR 64501102
OR-37 Downtown Enterprise MPS OR 64501136
OR-38 Willamette River Highway Bridges of Portland, Oregon MPS OR 64501161
OR-39 Commercial & Institutional Properties in the Downtown & McLoughlin Areas of Oregon City MPS OR 64501204
OR-40 OR 64501208
OR-41 Settlement-era Dwellings, Barns and Farm Groups of the Willamette Valley, Oregon MPS OR 64501236
OR-42 Crooked River National Grassland MPS OR 64501242


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
PA-01 Allegheny County Owned River Bridges TR PA 64000703
PA-02 Bedford County Covered Bridges TR PA 64000704
PA-03 Berks County Covered Bridges TR PA 64000705

64000706 (AD)

PA-04 Covered Bridges of Adams, Cumberland, and Perry Counties TR PA 64000707
PA-05 Covered Bridges of Bradford, Sullivan and Lycoming Counties TR PA 64000708

64000709 (AD)

PA-06 Covered Bridges of Chester County TR PA 64000710

64000711 (AD)

PA-07 Covered Bridges of Columbia and Montour Counties TR PA 64000712
PA-08 Covered Bridges of Erie County TR PA 64000713
PA-09 Covered Bridges of Indiana County TR PA 64000714
PA-10 Covered Bridges of Juniata and Synder Counties TR PA 64000715

64000716 (AD)

PA-11 Covered Bridges of Lancaster County TR PA 64000717
PA-12 Covered Bridges of Northumberland County TR PA 64000718
PA-13 Covered Bridges of Somerset County TR PA 64000719
PA-14 Covered Bridges of Washington and Greene Counties TR PA 64000720
PA-15 Covered Bridges of the Delaware River Watershed TR PA 64000721

64000722 (AD)

PA-16 East Fallowfield Township MRA PA 64000723
PA-17 Emergency Conservation Work (ECW) Architecture in Pennsylvania State Parks: 1933-1942, Thematic Resources PA 1987 64000724
PA-18 Four Public Squares of Philadelphia TR PA 64000725
PA-19 Highway Bridges Owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation TR PA 64000726
PA-20 Lawrence County Covered Bridges TR PA 64000727
PA-21 New Hope MRA PA 64000728
PA-22 Pennsylvania Railroad Rolling Stock TR PA 64000729
PA-23 Philadelphia Public Schools TR PA 64000730
PA-24 Pittsburgh Public Schools TR PA 64000731
PA-25 Strasburg Road TR; East Fallowfield Township MRA PA 64000732
PA-26 Union County Covered Bridges TR PA 64000734
PA-27 West Branch Brandywine Creek MRA PA 64000735
PA-28 West Whiteland Township MRA PA 64000736

64000737 (AD)

PA-29 Adams County, PA Properties Associated with the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863 PA 2000-05-18 64500520
PA-30 Allegheny Portage Railroad MPS PA 64500521
PA-31 Allegheny River Navigation System MPS PA 64500522
PA-32 Aluminum Industry Resources of Southwestern Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500523
PA-33 Anthracite--Related Resources of Northeastern Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500524
PA-34 Bituminous Coal and Coke Resources of Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500525
PA-35 Farms in Berks County MPS PA 64500527
PA-36 Greensboro--New Geneva MPS PA 64500528
PA-37 Gristmills in Berks County MPS PA 64500529
PA-38 Historic Farming Resources of Lancaster County MPS PA 64500530
PA-39 Industrial Resources of Huntingdon County, 1780--1939 MPS PA 64500531
PA-40 Iron and Steel Resources of Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500532
PA-41 Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor Historic Resources: Franklin to Westmoreland Counties MPS PA 64500533
PA-42 National Road in Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500534
PA-43 Oil Industry Resources in Western Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500535
PA-44 Pennsylvania National Guard Armories MPS PA 64500536
PA-45 Railroad Resources of York County MPS PA 64500537
PA-46 Tobacco Buildings in Lancaster City MPS PA 64500538

64500539 (AD)

PA-47 Upper Delaware Valley, New York and Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500540
PA-48 Whiskey Rebellion Resources in Southwestern Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500541

64500542 (AD)

PA-49 Agricultural Resources of Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500986
PA-50 Educational Resources of Pennsylvania MPS PA 64500990
PA-51 Agricultural Resources of Pennsylvania MPS c1700-1960 MPS PA 64501075
PA-52 African American Churches of Philadelphia, 1787-1949 PA 2011-06-01 64501108
PA-53 Textile Industry in the Kensington Neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MPS PA 64501167

Puerto Rico[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
PR-01 19th Century Civil Architecture in Ponce TR PR 64000738

64000739 (AD)

PR-02 Early Twentieth Century Schools in Puerto Rico TR PR 1987-08-04 64000740
PR-03 Historic Churches of Puerto Rico PR 1984-12-10 64000741
PR-04 Lighthouse System of Puerto Rico TR PR 1981-10-22 64000743

64000744 (AD)

PR-05 Cemeteries in Puerto Rico, 1804--1920 MPS PR 64500543
PR-06 Historic Bridges of Puerto Rico MPS PR 64500544
PR-07 Spanish-American War in Puerto Rico MPS PR 64500545
PR-08 United States Custom Houses in Puerto Rico MPS PR 64500546
PR-09 Ball Court / Plaza Sites of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands PR, VI 1999-07-20 64500749
PR-10 Prehistoric Rock Art of Puerto Rico PR 64500764
PR-11 New Deal Era Constructions in the Forest Reserves, 1933-1942 MPS PR 2007-11-14 64500995
PR-12 Development of the Rum Industry in Puerto Rico, 1520-1960, MPS PR 2009-10-20 64501052
PR-13 Rafael Rios Rey MPS PR 64501143
PR-14 Early 20th Century Schools in Puerto Rico MPS PR 64501149
PR-15 Early Prototypes for Manufacturing Plants in Puerto Rico, 1948-1958 MPS PR 64501150
PR-16 Fire Stations in Puerto Rico MPS PR 64501151
PR-17 Cockfighting in Puerto Rico MPS PR 64501213

Rhode Island[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
RI-01 Central Falls MRA RI 64000745

64000746 (AD)

RI-02 East Providence MRA RI 1980-11-28 64000747

64000748 (AD)

RI-03 Elmwood MRA RI 1980-01-07 64000749
RI-04 Lighthouses of Rhode Island TR RI 1987 64000750

64000751 (AD)

RI-05 Lincoln MRA RI 64000752
RI-06 Narragansett Pier MRA RI 1982-08-18 64000753
RI-07 Historic Resources of North Kingstown, RI RI 1985 64000754
RI-08 Pawtucket MRA RI 1983-11-18 64000755
RI-09 Historic and Architectural Resources of Providence (RI) 1636-present RI 1989-01-13 64000756
RI-10 Warwick MRA RI 1983 64000757
RI-11 Woonsocket MRA RI 64000758

64000759 (AD)

RI-12 Branch Buildings of Providence Public Library MPS RI 64500547
RI-13 Foster MPS RI 64500548
RI-14 Indian Use of Block Island Between 500 B.C. and A.D. 1676 RI 1990-02-23 64500549
RI-15 Indian Use of the Salt Pond Region between ca. 4000 B.P. and ca. 1750 A.D. MPS RI 64500550
RI-16 Lincoln MPS RI 64500551
RI-17 Middletown MPS RI 64500552
RI-18 New Shoreham (Block Island), Rhode Island MPS RI 64500553
RI-19 Providence MPS RI 64500554
RI-20 Single-Family Houses in Rhode Island MPS RI 64500555
RI-21 Woonsocket MPS RI 64500556
RI-22 Outdoor Sculpture of Rhode Island, 1851-present RI 2001-03-29 64500748
RI-23 Edgewood Neighborhood, Cranston, R.I. MPS RI 64501082
RI-24 New Shoreham, Rhode Island MPS RI 64501190

South Carolina[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
SC-01 Aiken Winter Colony TR SC 64000760
SC-02 Batesburg-Leesville MRA SC 1982 64000761
SC-03 Bishopville MRA SC 1986-01-06 64000762
SC-04 Chesterfield MRA SC 1982-05-04 64000763
SC-05 City of Darlington MRA SC 1988-02-10 64000764
SC-06 City of Laurens MRA SC 1986-11-18 64000765
SC-07 Civil War Defenses of Charleston TR SC 1982 64000766
SC-08 Columbia MRA SC 1979-03-02 64000767
SC-09 Conway MRA SC 1986-08-05 64000768
SC-10 Courthouses in South Carolina Designed by William Augustus Edwards TR SC 1981-10-30 64000769
SC-11 Early Ironworks of Northwestern South Carolina TR SC 1987-05-08 64000770

64000771 (AD)

SC-12 Edisto Island MRA SC 1986-11-28 64000772

64000773 (AD)

SC-13 Fairfield County MRA SC 1984-12-06 64000774
SC-14 Flue-Cured Tobacco Production Properties TR SC 1984-08-03 64000775
SC-15 Gaffney MRA SC 1986-03-27 64000776
SC-16 Greenville MRA SC 1982 64000777
SC-17 Kingstree MRA SC 1982 64000778
SC-18 Latta MRA SC 1984 64000779
SC-19 Lexington County MRA SC 1983 64000780
SC-20 Lower Richland County Multiple Resource Area SC 1986 64000781
SC-21 McCormick Multiple Resources Area SC 1985 64000782
SC-22 Newberry Multiple Resource Area SC 1980 64000783
SC-23 Oconee County Penal System Thematic Resources SC 1984 64000784
SC-24 Orangeburg Multiple Resource Area SC 1985 64000785
SC-25 Pacolet Soapstone Quarries Thematic Resources SC 1980 64000786
SC-26 Pinopolis Multiple Resource Area SC 1982 64000787
SC-27 Ridgeway Multiple Resource Area SC 1980 64000788
SC-28 Springville Multiple Resource Area SC 1985 64000789
SC-29 African--American Primary and Secondary School Buildings MPS SC 64500557
SC-30 Civil Rights Movement in Orangeburg County MPS SC 64500558
SC-31 Clemson University MPS SC 64500560


SC-32 Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS SC 64500561
SC-33 Fort Mill MPS SC 64500562
SC-34 Georgetown County Rice Culture MPS SC 64500563
SC-35 Hartsville MPS SC 64500564
SC-36 Historic Resources of St. Helena Island c. 1740-c. 1935 MPS SC 64500565
SC-37 Lancaster County MPS SC 64500566
SC-38 Late Archaic--Early Woodland Period Shell Rings of South Carolina MPS SC 64500567
SC-39 Myrtle Beach MPS SC 64500568
SC-40 Resources of the Nation Ford Road Area MPS SC 2000 64500569
SC-41 Rock Hill MPS SC 64500570
SC-42 South Carolina State Parks MPS SC 64500571
SC-43 Textile Mills designed by W.B. Smith Whaley MPS SC 64500573
SC-44 Union MPS SC 64500574
SC-45 Yamasee Indian Towns in the South Carolina Low Country MPS SC 64500575
SC-46 Cooper River MPS SC 2003-02-05 64500795
SC-46 Historic and Archaeological Resources of the Cooper River, ca. 1670-ca. 1950 SC 2003-02-05 64500823
SC-47 Resources Associated with Segregation in Columbia, South Carolina, 1880-1960 SC 2005-09.28 64500935
SC-48 Sullivan's Island, South island MPS SC 64500991
SC-49 Rosenwald School Building Program in South Carolina, 1917-1932 SC 64501033


SC-50 Equalization Schools in South Carolina, 1951-1960 SC 645001053
SC-51 Faith Cabin Libraries in South Carolina 1932-ca.1960 MPS SC 64501162

South Dakota[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
SD-01 Architecture of Finnish Settlement TR SD 64000790
SD-02 Historic Resources of the Big Bend Area, South Dakota SD 1986 64000791
SD-03 Czech Folk Architecture of Southwestern South Dakota SD 1987 64000792
SD-04 German-Russian Folk Architecture TR SD 1984 64000793
SD-05 Historic Resources of Harding and Perkins Counties, South Dakota SD 1986 64000794
SD-06 Historic Hutterite Colonies Thematic Resources SD 1982 64000795
SD-07 James River Basin Woodland Sites TR SD 1983 64000796
SD-08 Historic Resources of the Northern and Central Townships of Yankton County SD 1980 64000797
SD-09 Petroforms of South Dakota TR SD 1983 64000798
SD-10 Rock Art in the Southern Black Hills Thematic Resources SD 1982-05-20 64000799
SD-11 Historic Resources of Rural Butte and Meade Counties, South Dakota SD 1986 64000800
SD-12 19th Century South Dakota Trading Posts MPS SD 64500576
SD-13 County Courthouses of South Dakota MPS SD 64500577
SD-14 Federal Relief Construction in South Dakota MPS SC 64500578
SD-15 Historic Bridges in South Dakota MPS SD 64500579

64500807 (AD)

SD-16 Jewel Cave National Monument MPS SD 64500580
SD-17 Lustron Houses in South Dakota MPS SD 64500581
SD-18 North End Neighborhood MPS SD 64500582
SD-19 Prehistoric Rock Art of South Dakota MPS SD 64500583
SD-20 Ranches of Southwestern Custer Co. MPS SD 64500584
SD-21 Rural Resources of Brown County MPS SD 64500585
SD-22 Rural Resources of Eastern Custer County MPS SD 64500586
SD-23 Schools in South Dakota MPS SD 64500587
SD-24 South Dakota Portion of the Bismarck to Deadwood Trail MPS SD 64500588
SD-25 South Dakota's Round and Polygonal Barns and Pavilions MPS SD 64500589
SD-26 Stone Arch Culverts in Turner County, South Dakota MPS SD 64500590
SD-27 Wind Cave National Park MPS SD 64500591

64500592 (AD)

SD-28 Historic Railroads of South Dakota SD 64500758
SD-29 Concrete Interstate Tipis of South Dakota MPS SD 64501233


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
TN-01 Early Twentieth Century Resort Buildings of Red Boiling Springs TR TN 64000801
TN-02 German Catholic Churches and Cemeteries of Lawrence County TR TN 64000802
TN-03 Grundy County MRA TN 64000803

64000804 (AD)

TN-04 Hunt, Reuben H., Buildings in Hamilton County TR TN 64000805

64000806 (AD)

TN-05 Marr and Holman Buildings in Downtown Nashville TR TN 64000807

64000808 (AD)

TN-06 McKissack and McKissack Buildings TR TN 64000809
TN-07 Meigs County, Tennessee MRA TN 64000811

64000812 (AD)

TN-08 Moccasin Bend MRA TN 64000813
TN-09 Nineteenth Century Churches in Clarksville TR TN 64000814


TN-10 Nineteenth Century Churches of South Nashville TR TN 64000816
TN-11 Old Hickory MRA TN 64000817
TN-12 Omohundro Waterworks System TR TN 64000818

64000819 (AD)

TN-13 Paris MRA TN 64000820
TN-14 Public Schools in Memphis 1902-1915 TR TN 64000821
TN-15 State Parks in Tennessee Built by the CCC and WPA between 1934-1942 TR TN 1986 64000823
TN-16 Williamson County MRA TN 64000824

64000825 (AD)

TN-17 Archaeological Resources of the American Civil War in Tennessee TN 64500593
TN-18 Blount County MPS TN 64500594
TN-19 Cement Construction in Richard City MPS TN 1991-07-25 64500595
--- Chickamauga-Chattanooga Civil War-Related Sites in Georgia and Tennessee MPS GA, TN 2001-07-11 64500596
TN-20 Civil War Historic and Historical Archaeological Resources in Tennessee MPS TN 64500598
TN-21 Clarksville MPS TN 64500599
TN-22 Collierville MPS TN 64500600
TN-23 Dyersburg MPS TN 64500601
TN-24 Education Related Properties of Macon County MPSS TN 64500602
TN-25 Fentress County MPS TN 64500603
TN-26 Historic County Courthouses of Tennessee MPS TN 64500604
TN-27 Historic Family Farms in Middle Tennessee MPS TN 64500605
TN-28 Iron Industry on the Western Highland Rim 1790s--1920s MPS TN 64500606

64500607 (AD)

TN-29 Knoxville and Knox County MPS TN 64500608
TN-30 Martin MPS TN 64500609
TN-31 Memphis Park and Parkway System MPS TN 64500610
TN-32 Mississippian Cultural Resources of the Central Basin (A.D. 900 to A.D. 1450) TN 1989-02-03 64500611
TN-33 Mount Pleasant MPS TN 64500612
TN-34 Oak Ridge MPS TN 1991-07-24 64500613

(75-page archive)
DOE website version
(68-page archive)

TN-35 Pre-TVA Hydroelectric Power Development in Tennessee MPS TN 64500614
TN-36 Public Housing Projects in Memphis MPS TN 64500615
TN-37 Public Schools of Memphis 1902-1915 MPS TN 64500616
TN-38 Residential Resources of Memphis MPS TN 64500617
TN-39 Rural African-American Churches in Tennessee MPS TN 64500618
TN-40 Tennessee Copper Basin MPS TN 64500619
TN-41 Tennessee Resources of the American Civil War MPS TN 64500620
TN-42 Transportation-Related Properties of Jackson MPS TN 64500621
TN-43 Tullahoma MPS TN 64500622
TN-44 Union City, Tennessee MPS TN 64500623
TN-45 Williamson MPS TN 64500624
TN-46 Memphis MPS TN 64500762
TN-47 The Transformation of the Nolichucky Valley, 1776-1960 TN 64500763
TN-48 Historic and Architectural Resources of Forest Hills, Tennessee TN 2003-10-24 64500866
TN-49 Lime Industry of Houston County, Tennessee TN 2004-11-10 64500906
TN-50 Historic Religious Resources of Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee TN 2005-03-15 64500916
TN-51 Pi Beta Phi Settlement Schools MPS TN 64500973
TN-52 Fire Halls of Nashville, Tennessee 1860-1936 TN 64501013
TN-53 Gatlinburg 1807-1960 MPS TN 2008-11-12 64501023
TN-54 Public Schools in Memphis, Tennesse 1918-1954 MPS TN 64501080
TN-55 Marble Industry of East Tennessee, ca. 1838-1963 MPS TN 64501200
TN-56 Brownsville, Tennessee MPS TN 64501217


TN-57 Archaic Shell-Bearing Sites of the Middle Cumberland River Valley of Tennessee MPS TN 2015-03-12 64501228
TN-58 Tennessee Division of Forestry Fire Lookout Towers MPS TN 2015-03-31 64501237


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
TX-01 19th Century Pottery Kilns of Denton Co. TR TX 64000826
TX-02 Angelina County MRA TX 64000827
TX-03 Bastrop Historic and Architectural MRA TX 64000828

64000829 (AD)

TX-04 Bryan MRA TX 64000831
TX-05 Cedar Hill Texas MRA TX 64000832
TX-06 Central Business District MRA TX 64000833
TX-07 Historic Resources of Chappell Hill Texas MRA TX 64000834
TX-08 Churches with Decorative Interior Painting TR TX 64000835

64000836 (AD)

TX-09 Commercial Structures of El Paso by Henry C. Trost TR TX 64000837

64000838 (AD)

TX-10 Cuero MRA TX 64000839
TX-11 East Austin MRA TX 64000840


TX-12 Ennis MRA TX 64000841


TX-13 Galveston Central Business District MRA TX 64000842
TX-14 Georgetown MRA TX 64000843


TX-15 Georgian Revival Buildings of Southern Methodist University TR TX 64000844

64000845 (AD)

TX-16 Hillsboro MRA TX 1984 64000846


TX-17 Houston Heights MRA TX 64000847
TX-18 New Mexican Pastor Sites in Texas Panhandle TR TX 64000848
TX-19 Norwegian Settlement of Bosque County TR TX 64000849
TX-20 Paris MRA TX September 1988 64000850


TX-21 Salado MRA TX 64000851
TX-22 San Angelo MRA TX 64000852
TX-23 San Marcos MRA TX 64000853
TX-22 Stamford MRA TX 64000854
TX-24 Historic Resources of Victoria, Texas TX 1986 64000855
TX-25 Waxahachie MRA TX 1986 64000856
TX-26 Abilene MPS TX 64500625
TX-27 Battle Sites of the Red River War in the Texas Panhandle MPS TX 64500626
TX-28 Belton MPS TX 64500627
TX-29 Brenham MPS TX 64500628
TX-30 Burton MPS TX 64500629
TX-31 Corsicana MPS TX 64500630
TX-32 Denton, Texas MPS TX 64500631
TX-33 Early Logging Industry in East Texas MPS TX 64500632
TX-34 Early Twentieth Century Logging Industry Historic Resources on the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas MPS TX 64500633
TX-35 East Columbia MPS TX 64500634
TX-36 East and South Dallas MPS TX 64500635


TX-37 Grapevine MPS TX 64500637
TX-38 Historic Bridges of Texas MPS TX 64500638


TX-39 Historic Resources Associated with Milton Faver, Agriculturist, MPS TX 64500639
TX-40 Hyde Park MPS TX 64500640
TX-41 Independence Heights MPS TX 64500641
TX-42 Indian Hot Springs MPS TX 64500642
TX-43 McKinney MPS TX 64500643
TX-44 Mission, Hidalgo County MPS TX 64500644
TX-45 NAS Chase Field MPS TX 64500646
TX-46 Nacogdoches MPS TX 64500647
TX-47 Oak Cliff MPS TX 64500648
TX-48 Palestine, Texas MPS TX 64500649
TX-49 Praire View A&M University MPS TX 64500650
TX-50 Randolph Air Force Base MPS TX 64500651
TX-51 Rosenwald School Building Program in Texas MPS TX 1998 64500652


TX-52 Southeast Travis County MPS TX 1996 64500653
TX-53 Tyler, Texas MPS TX 64500654
TX-54 Waxahachie MRA TX 1986 64500655
TX-55 Weatherford MPS TX 1990 64500656
TX-56 Wharton MPS TX 1993 64500657
TX-57 Historic and Architectural Resources of Mansfield, Texas TX 64500844
TX-58 Rural Properties of Hays County, Texas MPS TX 64500894


TX-59 Sculpture by Dionicio Rodriguez in Texas MPS TX 2003 64500904
TX-60 Historical and Architectural Resources of Rio Grande City, Starr County, Texas TX July 2005 64500924
TX-61 Route 66 in Texas MPS TX 64500960

alternate format

TX-62 Historic Farms and Ranches of Bexar County, Texas TX 2011-05-06 64501035


TX-63 El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail MPS TX 64501202
TX-64 Historic Road Infrastructure of Texas, 1866-1965 MPS TX 2015-04-14 64501240


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
UT-01 Arches National Park MRA UT 64000857
UT-02 Architecture of John Watkins TR UT 64000858
UT-03 Beaver MRA UT 64000859
UT-04 Canyonlands National Park MRA UT 64000860
UT-05 Carnegie Library TR UT 64000861
UT-06 Dinosaur National Monument MRA UT 64000862
UT-07 Entreprenurial Residences of Turn-of-the-Century Provo TR UT 64000863
UT-08 Great Basin Style Rock Art Thematic Resources UT 64000864
UT-09 Jewish Synagogue Thematic Resources UT 1985-06-30 64000865
UT-10 MiningBoom Era Houses TR UT 64000866
UT-11 Ogden Art Deco Buildings TR UT 1982-12 64000867
UT-12 Perkins Addition Streetcar Suburb TR UT 1983-10-13 64000868
UT-13 Pleasant Grove Soft-Rock Buildings Thematic Resources UT 1987-06-09 64000869

64000870 (AD)

UT-14 Public Works Buildings Thematic Resources UT 1985-04-01 64000871
UT-15 Salt Lake City Business District Multiple Resource Area UT 64000872
UT-16 Scandinavian-American Pair-houses Thematic Resource UT 64000873
UT-17 Stewart Ranch Thematic Resources UT 1985-05-23 64000874
UT-18 Tintic Mining District MRA UT 1979-03-14 64000875
UT-19 Tithing Offices and Granaries of the Mormon Church Thematic Resources UT 1985-01-25 64000876
UT-20 Woodruff, Wilford, Family, Historic Residences TR UT 64000877
UT-21 Zion National Park MRA UT 1987 64000878

64000879 (AD)

UT-22 Brigham City MPS UT 64500658
UT-23 Brigham City Private Commercial and Industrial Development MPS UT 64500659

64500660 (AD)

UT-24 Bryce Canyon National Park MPS UT 64500661
UT-25 Capitol Reef National Park MPS UT 64500662
UT-26 Centerville MPS UT 64500663
UT-27 Electric Power Plants of Utah MPS UT 64500664
UT-28 Kanab, Utah MPS UT 64500665
UT-29 Mormon Church Buildings in Utah MPS UT 64500666
UT-30 Murray City, Utah MPS UT 64500667
UT-31 Orem, Utah MPS UT 64500668
UT-32 Residences of Mining Boom Era Park City MPS UT 64500669
UT-33 Salt Lake City MPS UT 64500670
UT-34 Sandy City MPS UT 64500671
UT-35 Santa Clara, Utah MPS UT 64500672
UT-36 Springville MPS UT 64500673
UT-37 Three-Story Apartment Buildings in Ogden, 1908--1928 MPS UT 64500674
UT-38 US Post Offices in Utah MPS UT 64500675
UT-39 Utah War Fortifications MPS UT 1988 64500676
UT-40 Historic and Architectural Resources of Lehi, Utah UT 1998-12-04 64500761
UT-41 Sugar House Business District Multiple Resource Area UT 2003-07-11 64500849
UT-42 Historic and Architectural Resources of Draper, Utah, 1849-1954 UT 64500883
UT-43 Historic and Architectural Resources of Richmond, Utah, 1859-1954 UT 2004-10-08 64500902
UT-44 Historic Resources of Vernal/Maeser, Utah, 1879-1985 UT 2004-12-29 64500910
UT-45 Historic and Architectural Resources of Grantsville, Utah: 1850-1955 UT 2006-02-05 64500938
UT-46 Nine Mile Canyon, Utah MPS UT 64501054
UT-47 Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah MPS UT 64501159
UT-48 Old Spanish Trail and the Fish Lake Cut-off MPS UT 64501170
UT-49 South Jordan, Utah MPS UT 64501189
UT-50 Tie Cutting Industry of the North Slope of the Uinta Mountains MPS UT 64501215


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
VA-01 Carter Family Thematic Nomination VA 1985 64000880

64000881 (AD)

VA-02 Charlottesville, Virginia MRA VA 1982-09-07 64000882
VA-03 Oakland Farm Industrial Park Multiple Resource Area VA 1984 64000884
VA-04 Public Schools in Augusta County, Virginia, 1870-1940 VA 1985-01-17 64000885
VA-05 Boundary Markers of the Original District of Columbia MPS DC, VA 64500677
VA-05 Civil War Properties in Prince William County MPS VA 64500679
VA-06 The Civil War in Virginia, 1861-1865: Historic and Archaeological Resources VA 2000-02-18 64500680
VA-07 ECW Architecture at Prince William Forest Park, 1933-42 VA 1989-06-12 64500681
VA-08 Four Monumental Figurative Outdoor Sculptures donated by Paul Goodloe McIntire to the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, and to the University of Virginia VA 1997-05-16 64500682
VA-09 Prehistoric and Historic Resources of Montgomery County, Virginia VA 1989-11-13 64500684
VA-10 Public Schools of Richmond, Virginia, 1869-1930 VA 1992-08-24 64500685
VA-11 Diners of Virginia VA 1995-07-06 64500746
VA-12 Army of the Potomac Winter Encampment, Culpeper and Fauquier Counties, 1863-1864 VA 1992-02-06 64500747
VA-13 Streetcar Suburbs in Northside Richmond, Virginia VA 2002-05-29 64500796
VA-14 Archaeological Sites within the John H. Kerr Reservoir Area VA 64500840
VA-15 Garden Apartments, Apartment Houses, and Apartment Complexes in Arlington County, Virginia: 1934-1954 VA 2003-05-22 64500845
VA-16 African American Historic Resources of Alexandria, Virginia VA 64500873
VA-16 Rosenwald Schools in Virginia MPS VA 64500875
VA-17 UDC Commemorative Highway Markers along the Jefferson Davis Highway in Virginia VA 2004-06-02 64500886
VA-18 Prehistoric through Historic Archaeological and Architectural Resources at Bermuda Hundred MPS VA 64500962
VA-19 Reverend Robert Childress Presbyterian Churches MPS VA 64500975
VA-20 Federal Housing Administration-Insured Garden Apartments in Richmond, Virginia MPS VA 64500977
VA-21 African-American Cemeteries in Petersburg, Virginia MPS VA 64501004
VA-22 Campaigns for the Control of Navigation on the Lower Potomac River, 1861-1862, Virginia, Maryland, and DC MPS VA 64501024
VA-23 Slave Trade as a Commercial Enterprise in Richmond MPS VA 2008-11-26 64501026
VA-24 The Work of Marshall Swain Wells, Architect MPS VA 2010-07-09 64501076
VA-25 Streamline Moderne Houses of Arlington County, Virginia, 1936-1945 VA 2010-12-21 64501094
VA-26 Virginia State Parks built by New Deal Programs MPS VA 64501126
VA-27 Apartment Bungalow and California-Type Houses of Arlington County, Virginia MPS VA 64501141
VA-28 Gas Stations of Roanoke, Virginia MPS VA 64501164
VA-29 University of Richmond MPS VA 64501179
VA-30 Tobacco Warehouses in Richmond, Virginia, 1874-1963 MPS VA 64501191

Virgin Islands[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
VI-01 Virgin Islands National Park MRA VI 1981-07-23 64000886

64000887 (AD)


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
VT-01 Bellows Falls Island MRA VT 64000888

64000889 (AD)

VT-02 Historic Resources of the Rural Otter Creek Valley, Wallingford, Vermont VT 1986 64000890
VT-03 Agricultural Resources of Vermont MPS VT 64500686
VT-04 Historic and Architectural Resources of Burlington, Vermont VT 2001 64500687

64000978 (AD)

VT-05 Educational Resources of Vermont VT 1993-10-07 64500688
VT-06 Fish Culture Resources of Vermont VT 1994-03-24 64500689
VT-07 Historic Government Buildings in Vermont VT 1994 64500690
VT-08 Historic Resources of the Mad River Valley VT 1992-11-20 64500691
VT-09 Metal Truss, Masonry, and Concrete Bridges in Vermont VT 1990-05-30 64500692
VT-10 Religious Buildings, Sites and Structures in Vermont VT 2001-03-02 64500693
VT-11 Historic and Architectural Resources of St. Johnsbury, Vermont VT 1994-05-05 64500694
VT-12 Organized Summer Camping in Vermont MPS VT 64500859
VT-13 Hydroelectric Generating Facilities in Vermont MPS VT 2004-09-15 64500899
VT-14 Prehistoric and Historic Resources of Shelburne, Vermont VT 2004-10-07 64500903
VT-15 Fire Stations of Vermont MPS VT 64500967
VT-16 Crown Point Road MPS VT 64500984
VT-17 International Style in Vremont MPS VT 64500989


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
WA-01 Apartment Buildings by Albert Held TR WA 64000891
WA-02 Carnegie Libraries of Washington TR WA 1982 64000892

64000893 (AD)

WA-03 Civic, Cultural, & Commercial Resources of Longview WA 1985 64000895
WA-04 Depression-Era Buildings TR (in OR and WA) WA 64000896

64000897 (AD)

WA-05 Historic Resources of Downtown Olympia WA 1987-06-17 64000898

64000899 (AD)

WA-06 Eastern Jefferson County MRA WA 1983 64000900
WA-07 Historic Resources of Grandview, Washington WA 1986 64000901
WA-08 Historic Bridges and Tunnels in Washington State TR WA 1982 64000902

64000903 (AD)

WA-09 Historic Fire Stations of Tacoma, Washington TR WA 1986-05-02 64000904
WA-10 Historic Houses of Dayton TR WA 1986 64000905
WA-11 Kirkland Land and Improvement Company TR WA 1982-07-29 64000906
WA-12 Historic Resources of North Cascades National Park Service Complex WA 1989-02-10 64000907
WA-13 Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Shore Facility Properties in Bremerton. Washington WA 1990-07-16 64000908
WA-14 Historic Resources of Unincorporated Thurston County WA 1988-06-23 64000909
WA-15 USDA Forest Service Fire Lookouts on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest WA 1987-07-19 64000910
WA-16 Victorian Residences in Port Townsend, Washington WA 1985-05-16 64000911

64000912 (AD)

WA-17 Historic Houses of Yakima TR WA 1987-02-18 64000913
WA-18 Bothell MPS WA 1990-08-27 64500695
WA-19 Washington State Highway Bridges, 1941-1950 WA 1995-03-28 64500697
WA-20 Properties Associated with Centralia Armistice Day, 1919 WA 1991-12-17 64500698
WA-21 Historic Resources of Chehalis WA 1991-10-07 64500699
WA-22 Grain Production Properties in Eastern Washington WA 1988-09-22 64500700
WA-23 Historic Resources of the Hilltop Neighborhood WA 1995-02-24 64500701
WA-24 Historic U.S. Post Offices in Washington 1893-1941 WA 1991-08-07 64500702
WA-25 Hydroelectric Power Plants in Washington State, 1890-1938 WA 1988-12-15 64500703
WA-26 Maritime Related Cultural Resources Along Budd Inlet, Thurston County, WA, Prehistory to 1943 WA 1995-05-01 64500704
WA-27 Historic Resources of the Milwaukee Road in Washington, 1909-1945 MPS WA 1992 64500705
WA-28 Movie Theaters in Washington State from 1900 to 1948 WA 1991-10-07 64500706
WA-29 Mount Rainier National Park WA 1997 64500707
WA-30 Norwegian Settlement in Parkland, Washington WA 1996-07-17 64500708
WA-31 Olympia Residential Architecture from Early Settlement to 1944 WA 1995-06-30 64500709
WA-32 Rural Public Schools in Washington from Early Settlement to 1945 WA 1987-07-19 64500710
WA-33 Single Room Occupancy Hotels in the Central Business District of Spokane, WA 1900-1910 WA 1993-10-15 64500711
WA-34 USDA Forest Service Administrative Buildings in the States of Oregon and Washington Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps OR, WA 1991-03-06 64500712
WA-35 USDA Forest Service Fire Lookouts on the Wenatchee National Forest WA 1990-12-26 64500714
WA-36 Women's History in Olympia: First Settlement (1848) to 1948 WA 1999-04-12 64500715
WA-37 Agriculture in Thurston County: First Settlement to 1951 WA 64500781
WA-38 Bridges and Tunnels Built in Washington State, 1951-1960 MPS WA 64500782
WA-39 Dairy Farm Properties of the Snoqualmie River Valley, Washington WA 64500783
WA-40 Commercial Buildings of the Central Business District of Bellingham, Washington, 1882-1915 WA 2003-08-20 64500858
WA-41 Olympic National Park MPS WA 64500985
WA-42 Seattle Apartment Buildings, 1900-1957 MPS WA 2009-01-19 64501031
WA-43 Barns of Washington State MPS WA 64501130
WA-44 Bonneville Power Administration Pacific Northwest Transmission System MPS WA 64501156


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
WI-01 19th Century Grist and Flouring Mills of Sheboygan County TR WI 1984 64000914
WI-02 Alma MRA WI 1982-05-13 64000915
WI-03 The Historic Resoures of Barneveld, Wisconsin WI 1986-09-29 64000916
WI-04 Beloit MRA WI 1983-01-07 64000917
WI-05 Historic Resources of the North Third Street/Brewer's Hill Area, Milwaukee, Wisconsin WI 1984 64000919
WI-06 Centric Barns in Rock County WI 1979 64000920
WI-07 Chester H. Thordarson Estate TR WI 1985 64000921
WI-08 Historic Resources of Clinton WI 1985-08-01 64000922
WI-09 Cobblestone Buildings of Rock County TR WI 1985-09-13 64000923

64000924 (AD)

WI-10 Colony of St. Gregory of Nazianzen TR WI 1982 64000925
WI-11 Cooksville MRA WI 1980-09-17 64000926
WI-12 County Courthouses of Wisconsin TR WI 1982 64000927

64000928 (AD)

WI-13 Eau Claire MRA WI 1982 64000929
WI-14 Ephraim MRA WI 1985-03-27 64000930
WI-15 Ernest Flagg Stone Masonry Houses of Milwaukee County TR WI 1985-09-12 64000931
WI-16 Eschweiler Thematic Resources of Marathon County WI 1980-05-01 64000932
WI-17 Footville MRA WI 1982-05-07 64000933
WI-18 Galesville MRA WI 1984-09-18 64000934
WI-19 Grave's Stone Buildings TR WI 1982-09-28 64000935
WI-20 Grout Buildings in Milton WI 1978-09-13 64000936

64000937 (AD)

WI-21 Historic Resources of Hartland WI 1986-09-11 64000938
WI-22 Hudson and North Hudson MRA WI 1984-10-04 64000939
WI-23 Kaukauna MRA WI 1984 64000940
WI-24 Louis Kissel & Sons Thematic Resources of Hartford WI 1988 64000941
WI-25 Lime Kilns of Waukesha County TR WI 1982-03-12 64000942
WI-26 Multiple Resources of Menomonee Falls WI 1988-09-21 64000943
WI-27 Mills of Grafton TR WI 64000944
WI-28 New Richmond MRA WI 64000945
WI-29 Notre Dame Parish TR WI 64000946
WI-30 Reedsburg MRA WI 64000947
WI-31 Speculative Commercial Blocks of Superior's Boom Period 1888--1892 TR WI 64000948
WI-32 Trempealeau MRA WI 64000949
WI-33 Van Loon Wildlife Area Truss Bridge Thematic Resources WI 1980 64000951
WI-34 Washington County MRA (AD) WI 64000952
WI-35 Water Works Structures of Rock County - 19th Century TR WI 64000953
WI-36 Waukesha MRA WI 64000954
WI-37 West Side Area MRA WI 64000955
WI-38 Wildhagen, Henry, Schools of Ashland TR WI 64000956
WI-39 Wisconsin Home for Veterans TR WI 1985 64000957
WI-40 Great Lakes Shipwreck Sites of Wisconsin MPS WI 64500716
WI-41 The Late Woodland Stage in Archaeological Region 8 (AD 650-1300) WI 1991-02-25 64500718
WI-42 The Paleo-Indian Tradition in Wisconsin WI 1993-07-06 64500719
WI-43 Public Library Facilities of Wisconsin WI 1990-10-01 64500720
WI-44 Racine Workers' Cottages WI 1994-01-31 64500721
WI-45 State Parks in Wisconsin WI 1999-12-22 64500722
WI-46 United States Post Office Construction in Wisconsin MPS WI 2000-10-24 64500723
WI-47 Waterway Resources of the Lower Fox River MPS WI 1990 64500724
WI-48 Wisconsin Indian Rock Art Sites WI 1990 64500725
WI-49 The Historic Logging Industry in State Region 2 and the Nicolet National Forest WI 64500774
WI-50 Milwaukee County Parkway System MPS WI 64501057
WI-51 Tourism and Recreational Properties in Voyageurs National Park 1880-1950 MPS WI 64501089
WI-52 Logging Industry Sites in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest MPS WI 64501146
WI-53 Wisconsin Centric Barns MPS WI 64501218

West Virginia[edit]

Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
WV-01 Berkeley County Multiple Resource Area WV 1980 64000958
WV-02 Bulltown MRA WV 1983-10-24 64000959
WV-03 Downtown Parkersburg Multiple Resource Area WV 1982 64000960
WV-04 Hatfield Cemeteries in Southwestern West Virginia WV 1980 64000961
WV-05 Historic Resources of Pleasant Avenue WV 1986-03-27 64000962
WV-06 Round and Polygonal Barns of West Virginia TR WV 64000963
WV-07 South Branch Valley Multiple Resource Area WV 1985-11-19 64000964

64000965 (AD)

WV-08 South Hills MRA WV 1983-12-12 64000966
WV-09 West Virginia Covered Bridges Thematic Resources WV 1981-06-04 64000967
WV-10 West Virginia University Neo-Classical Revival Buildings WV 1985-10-28 64000968
WV-11 Coal Company Stores in McDowell County WV 1992 64500726
WV-12 Coopers Rock State Forest Historic Resources WV 1991-04-03 64500727
WV-13 Historic and Architectural Resources along the National Road in Ohio County, West Virginia WV 1993-02-11 64500729
WV-14 Rockshelters on the Gauley Ranger Historic District, Monongahela National Forest WV 1993-06-03 64500730
WV-15 Historic and Architectural Resources of South Bluefield, West Virginia WV 1992-07-29 64500731
WV-16 West Virginia University Historic Properties WV 1989-12-22 64500732
WV-17 County Government and Courthouse Architecture in West Virginia, 1754-1954 WV 64500896
WV-18 New Deal Resources in West Virginia State Parks and Forests MPS WV 64501099


Name State Date Reference #
NPS link
WY-01 Historic US Post Offices in Wyoming, 1900-1941 TR WY 64000969
WY-02 Vehicular Truss and Arch Bridges in Wyoming WY 1985 64000970
WY-03 Early and Middle Archaic Housepit Sites in Wyoming WY 64000980
WY-04 Aboriginal Lithic Source Areas in Wyoming WY 1989 64500733
WY-05 Historic Resources of the Bozeman Trail in Wyoming WY 64500734
WY-06 Buildings Designed by Garbutt, Weidner, and Sweeney in Casper, Wyoming, from 1914-1925 WY 1997-01-30 64500735
WY-07 Depression-Era USDA Forest Service Administrative Complexes on the Medicine Bow National Forest WY 1994-04-11 64500736
WY-08 Devils Tower National Monument Multiple Properties Submission WY 2000 64500737
WY-09 Grand Teton National Park Multiple Property Submission WY 1997-11-20 64500738
WY-10 Pioneer Ranches/Farms in Fremont County, Wyoming, ca. 1865-1895 WY 1991-04-18 64500739
WY-11 Historic U.S. Post Offices of Wyoming (Thematic Resources) 1900-1941 WY 1987-05-22 64500740
WY-12 Historic Resources of Yellowstone National Park WY 1995 64500741
WY-13 Aboriginal Rock Alignments and Effigies WY 1989-09-11 64500775
WY-14 Domestic Stone Circle Sites in Wyoming WY 1989-09-11 64500776
WY-15 Dude Ranches Along the Yellowstone Highway (U.S. 14-16-20) in the Shoshone National Forest WY 2003-05-24 64500846
WY-16 Industrial Facilities Served by the Railroad in Cheyenne, Wyoming, ca. 1890-1945 WY 2003-10-13 64500864
WY-17 Public Schools in Cheyenne, Wyoming, from 1911-1954 WY 64500927
WY-18 Ranches, Farms, and Homesteads in Wyoming, 1860-1960 WY 2011-1-22 64501096
WY-19 Education Facilities of Wyoming MPS WY 2011-08-16 64501118
WY-20 Motor Courts and Motels in Wyoming MPS WY 64501124
WY-21 Trading Posts in Wyoming, 1832-1868 MPS WY 64501147
WY-22 Depression Era Federal Projects in Wyoming MPS WY 64501171
WY-23 Tourist Accommodations in Teton County, Wyoming MPS WY 64501207

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