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Wikipedia Forum: Public Domain Day 2019       @WikimediaDC

On the panel, from left, Rob Fernandez, Sherwin Siy, Michael Carroll, Peter Jaszi, and Meredith Jacob
Wikimedians and law schoolers having refreshments afterward in the law school's lobby

At American University Law School with support from Wikimedia DC.

Presentations . . . .

  • new copyright freedom for 1923 items this year
  • public domain day celebrates our common materials, our cultural heritage, our common pool of knowledge, images, text, and information to build on


Thursday, January 17, 2019 6pm-8pm, right after copyright class at AU law school


AU law school
Washington, DC 20037
  • 5:45-6:15pm registration
  • 6:15-7:30pm program (below)
  • 7:30pm refreshments
  • Professor Peter Jaszi - American University Washington College of Law - Overview of how stuff gets into the public domain and why that matters
  • Professor Michael Carroll - American University Washington College of Law - Interaction between public domain and openly licensed content
  • Sherwin Siy - Wikimedia Foundation's new public policy manager in DC - Public Domain and Wikipedia
  • Robert Fernandez - Wikimedia District of Columbia - Highlights of what's entering the public domain this month
  • Meredith Jacob - AU law school

Then maybe a break and panel discussion, more introductions, or just chatting

We will have future events with training to edit and topics to edit. This event will not mainly be for editing. But let's list likely articles and topics for editing below as we get our plans together.

Possible future sessions[edit]

  • editing workshop with training by Ariel
  • Wikidata, led by Andrew Lih, an AU affiliate
  • discussion of patents? Wikipatent? the interaction with Wikimedia may not be intense but this is a subject of Peter's interest and research. This might go with Wikidata
  • discussion of how to work with Copyright for Public Congress?
  • Wikidata workshop coordinated with a Wikimedian who has a fellowship at the law school in fall 2019