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Event details[edit]

Celebrate National Library Week by contributing to Wikipedia articles pertinent to our local community. An introduction to editing Wikipedia followed by an edit-a-thon to improve New Orleans related articles with a focus on using library resources to source articles.

  • WHEN: Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 10 am - 2 pm CST (time not firm yet +/- 1hr)
  • WHERE: Room 318 (3rd floor) of the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans (map) Paid parking is available in the visitors lot to the west of the building. Please write ahead if you need a visitor's parking pass.
  • WHO:
    • UNO faculty, staff, students, and interested community members.
    • Experienced or new Wikipedia Editors
    • Amateur historians or research pros
    • Laptops (optional) -- guest access to WiFi will be provided for community members.
    • Topic ideas or articles you might want to work on (Optional)
    • Any relevant reference materials or digital photos to incorporate into Wikipedia (Optional)
  • Social media links: TBD

Remote Participation[edit]

There are ways to participate remotely! We'll be updating the topic list in real time, with editors signing next to articles they're working on, so anyone with a Wikipedia account can log on and do the same. We'll be available during the event for comments and questions on library chat. You also can direct message us with reference questions. We welcome remote participants, and hope these options will allow you to participate!

Proposed topics[edit]

Articles of local interest for UNO Neighborhoods

Articles improves and created[edit]

Subjects/Donors of Special Collections in the Earl K. Long Library
Update Maps and Photographs
Scan public domain images to illustrate articles
Find more ideas

Attendees Sign-in[edit]

Resources and Help[edit]

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