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Current PHP Bot frameworks
Key people[php 1] Name PHP Version last update Uses API[php 2] Exclusion compliant Admin functions Plugins Repository Notes
User:Cyberpower678, User:Addshore, and User:Jarry1250 Peachy 5.2.1 2017 Yes Yes Yes Yes GitHub Large framework, currently undergoing rewrite. Documentation currently non-existent, so poke User:Cyberpower678 for help.
User:Addshore mediawiki-api-base 5.3–7 2018 Yes N/A N/A extra libs GitHub Base library for interaction with the mediawiki api, provides you with ways to handle logging in, out and handling tokens as well as easily getting and posting requests.
User:Addshore mediawiki-api 5.3 2019 Yes No some extra libs GitHub Built on top of mediawiki-api-base this adds more advanced services for the api such as RevisionGetter, UserGetter, PageDeleter, RevisionPatroller, RevisionSaver etc. Supports chunked uploading.
User:nzhamstar Wikimate 5.3.2 2019 Yes No No No GitHub Supports main article and file stuff. Authentication, checking if pages exist, reading and editing pages/sections. Getting file information, downloading and uploading files. Tested and working. Aims to be easy to use.
Григор Гачев Apibot 5.1 2015 Yes Yes Yes Yes on wiki Full API support up to MW 1.21 incl., persistent connections, gzipped xfers, HTTPS, HTTP auth, GET sorting, auto site/user/paraminfo caching and usage, page bot exclusion compliance, close to 1000 functions, DB support, etc etc. Easily extendable modular structure. An UNIX-like overlayed 'assembly line' framework. AGPL 3.0 or later.
Chris G botclasses.php
5 2019 Yes Yes Yes No on wiki
Fork of older wikibot.classes (used by ClueBot and SoxBot). Updated for 2010 and 2015 API changes. Supports file uploading.
  1. ^ Does not include those who worked on frameworks forked to create listed framework.
  2. ^ Where possible. Excludes uploading images and other such tasks which are not currently supported by the API.