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14 October 2016
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Thanks for creating RMCD bot and bringing the requested moves process back on its feet!

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It is well appreciated! GenQuest "Talk to Me" 23:06, 6 March 2014 (UTC)
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Did you know[edit]

Mindboggling facts[edit]


  1. ^ Public Road Length - 2013. Federal Highway Administration.
  2. ^ "Life in the slow lane". The Economist. April 28, 2011. 
  3. ^ Madland, David (2015). Hollowed Out: Why the Economy Doesn't Work without a Strong Middle Class. p. 87. ISBN 978-0-520-28652-8. 

‘We Need an Energy Miracle’[edit]

Bill Gates nails it: Interview by The Atlantic. Something on the order of the Drake Well or Chicago Pile-1. Maybe some computers running genetic programming algorithms will help us find it, before "time runs out". A breakthrough in stellarator or tokamak research could be a game-changer.

Women On $20s[edit]

The non-profit organization "Women On $20s" conducted a poll to choose a woman to put on a newly designed US twenty-dollar bill (to replace Andrew Jackson). The two leading vote-getters were Eleanor Roosevelt and Harriet Tubman. Others on the ballot were Rosa Parks, Wilma Mankiller, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Clara Barton, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Margaret Sanger, Rachel Carson, Shirley Chisholm, Alice Paul, Frances Perkins, Barbara Jordan, Patsy Mink and Betty Friedan. As I was not familiar with some of these names, I looked them up and linked to them here. I think Jeannette Rankin should have been included on this ballot.

“I hope we can convince the next treasurer to print an equal number of $20 bills with both Jackson and Tubman.” Sounds like a great idea to me. NPOV and all. The last president to pay off our national debt in 1835. Face-smile.svg

Wikipedia peaked in 2008?[edit]

A five-year update of Google Ngram data would help answer that question. By the way, for more on Culturomics and the Google Ngram Viewer, I highly recommend ISBN 978-1-59448-745-3.

Issues I've patrolled[edit]



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MediaWiki software limits[edit]


Magic words[edit]

To list pages that use a particular page property, see Special:PagesWithProp.
usually placed by VisualEditors, in error
default sort


Hyphen-minus, En dash and Em dash[edit]

Further information: Wikipedia:Hyphens and dashes

After editing Wikipedia for several months I became aware that these are actually three distinct characters with nuanced uses. The WP:DASH guideline explains how the nuances are applied in Wikipedia articles. These characters vary in length, from hyphen-minus (shortest) to em dash (longest):

The hyphen, or minus sign, is the key between 0 (zero) and = (equal sign) on most keyboards, which also have a numeric keypad, and the minus sign there enters the same character. It is the standard ASCII hyphen. The two dash symbols generally can't be entered by striking a single key on most keyboards, so must be entered by other means. Wikipedia:How to make dashes gives short and long explanations. A problem with the easiest-to-learn method, copy and paste, is that it's not always easy to tell which character you're copying, as the differences in their lengths can be subtle. An en dash looks the same as a hyphen on an edit page. One way to be sure you're using your desired character is to use HTML character entity references: – () and — (), but these can reduce HTML text readability.

These characters can easily be entered using the "toolbar/toolbox/edit field" at the bottom of edit pages—the box that includes Sign your posts on talk pages: ... Cite your sources: under the default Insert Drop-down list. The first character to the right of the Insert drop-down list is the en dash and the second character is the em dash (that's en dash and em dash, not hyphen-minus and en dash—I suppose there's no need for putting the hyphen-minus in the toolbar since it can be directly entered using its keyboard key).

There is actually a figure dash which I think is supposed to be shorter than an en dash, and a horizontal bar which may be longer than an em dash. In my Google Chrome browser, they look the same to me. There are also distinct hyphen and minus characters. There are no character entity references for these, but they can be entered using numeric character references. Copy and paste each of these eight hyphen/minus/dash/bars into your browser's search tool, and you'll find that your browser may be able to tell the difference between each of these eight unique characters, even if you can't! This is not an exhaustive list. For example, there are also soft hyphens.

  • - is a hyphen-minus (ASCII keyboard)
  1. - is a hyphen-minus (002D)
  2. is a hyphen (2010)
  3. is a hyphen bullet (2043)—it's probably not a good idea to use hyphen bullets for a list such as this one!
  4. is a minus (2212)—this can also be entered from the Insert bar, it's between the ± and × (in my browser, it looks more like an en dash than a hyphen, go figure!)
  5. is a figure dash (2012)
  6. is an en dash (2013)
  7. is an em dash (2014)
  8. is a horizontal bar (2015)

I confess that my ego was stroked a bit when an editor copied an earlier version of this to start WP:Hyphens and dashes.

Mathematical symbols for arithmetic operations[edit]

Three of the four symbols for arithmetic operatorsplus and minus signs, multiplication sign and obelus—(+−×÷) can be entered using the Insert bar. Plus sign (+) is on the keyboard (shift-equal sign) or numeric keypad. If you don't want the shorter hyphen-length minus sign, use the Insert bar to get the en dash-length minus sign. Multiplication (×) is not the same as the character (x).

Prime and double prime[edit]

Two more symbols on the Insert bar enter the symbols for feet or minutes (the prime) and inches or seconds (the double prime).

  • ′ is a prime (2032)—a prime (′) is not the same as an ASCII keyboard or 0027 apostrophe-quote (') '
  • ″ is a double prime (2033)—a double prime (″) is not the same as an ASCII keyboard or 0022 double quote (") "

Latest tech news[edit]

Technical help links[edit]

The current MediaWiki version is 1.28.0-wmf.22 (ed0e5e6) (about this version)


Editor engagement experiments[edit]

Every now and then I run into something interesting over the course of editing.



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