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1999 Atlantic hurricane season[edit]

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This peer review discussion has been closed.
I've listed this article for peer review because I plan to get this to GA Thanks, Leave Message, Yellow Evan home

Finetooth comments: Even though I have a lot of suggestions, I think this is not far from being a suitable candidate for GAN. Most of my suggestions have to do with prose and style issues that you can correct without great difficulty. The article is broad in coverage, reasonably well-written, nicely illustrated, stable, neutral, and mostly verifiable. I think if you clean up the errors, add the missing conversions, improve on the overlinking and underlinking, fix the incomplete citations, and a few other things, you'll be fine with this.

  • You may not need them for GAN, but if you plan to take this to FAC in the future, you'll need alt text for the images. Alt text is meant for readers who can't see the images, and it necessarily differs from the captions. WP:ALT has details, and you can look in on FAC discussions to see recent examples of alt text.

Tropical Storm Arlene

  • You might think about linking technical terms like front and convection on first use for readers who may not know much about hurricanes or meteorology. If a special term doesn't have anything useful to link to, you might add a brief explanation. For example "shear" might be more clear if written the first time as "wind shear". Ditto for special terms like tropical wave in the lower sections. You need to link or explain these once but only once to make the article accessible to the largest number of readers.

Tropical Depression Two

  • "Tracking generally toward the west, the wave tracked through the Atlantic and into the Caribbean Sea." - Recast to avoid repetition of "track".
  • Wikilink Bay of Campeche here instead of on second reference.
  • "the NHC stopped monitoring the system" - Spell out and link National Hurricane Center (NHC) on first use. After that the abbreviation by itself is OK.
  • "The system dropped heavy rain to the area amounting to a maximum of 20.37 in (517 mm) at Tanzabaca, Mexico." - "on the area" rather than "to the area"? Also, it's customary in Wikipedia articles to spell out the primary units, as you have done with "miles". So, this should be 20.37 inches (517 mm). Ditto for other instances later in the article.

Hurricane Bret

  • "(1999 USD; $19.7 million 2009 USD) in damages" - The conversions might be challenged; they probably need a source.
  • "Bret moved north, and strengthened into a 145 mph (233 km/h) Category 4 hurricane on August 22." - I'd suggest mentioning and linking the Saffir-Simpson Scale here rather than waiting until Lenny to introduce it.

Hurricane Dennis

  • "The wave continued west-northwestward until it gained tropical depression status on August 23 and then a tropical storm on the same day." - Add "became" between "then" and "a"?
  • "After passing through the Bahamas, the shear decreased, and Dennis was able to reach Category 2 strength on the 28th." - Dangling modifier. The shear didn't pass through the Bahamas. Please re-cast.
  • "The eyewall was around 35 miles wide at its height." - Needs a metric conversion.
  • There's no need to link things like North Carolina or Bahamas more than once.

Tropical Storm Emily

  • "and there is no damage reported in association with it" - Tighten to "and it caused no reported damage"?

Tropical Depression Seven

  • "In Texas, its remnants produced light rainfall, peaking at 3.35 inches in Harlingen, Texas." - Metric conversion needed.

Hurricane Floyd

  • "Hurricane Floyd was a large and powerful Cape Verde-type hurricane that was first named on September 8 while about 750 n mi east of the Leeward Islands." - Spell out and link nautical mile and provide conversions.
  • "It returned to the ocean near Norfolk, Virginia" - I added commas to all constructions such as this one up to this point in the article. You need a trailing comma after the state in city–state combinations here and elsewhere below this.
  • "Floyd caused record rainfall across the east coast, with Wilmington, North Carolina and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania setting 24-hour rainfall records of 15.06 in. and 6.63 in. respectively. Portions of New England had rainfall totals nearing 11 in. Floyd generated 9-10 foot storm surges across North Carolina. There are 57 deaths directly blamed on Floyd, 56 in the United States and one on Grand Bahama." - Metric conversions needed. I'll stop pointing these out in the lower sections; you should double-check for more. The {{convert}} template makes these easy once you practice with it a bit. It spells, abbreviates, and calculates correctly if you enter the data correctly.

Tropical Storm Harvey

  • "Harvey was responsible for no deaths. Molasses Reef, FL had a peak... " - Spell out "Florida" rather than using the postal service abbreviation.

Tropical Depression Twelve

  • "It moved erratically the west-northwest without developing." - Missing word?
  • "While this was going on, the low-level circulation was mostly of the west side of the convection... " - Missing word?

Hurricane Irene

  • "Total damage in Florida is around $900 million (2005 USD)." - "was" rather than "is"?

Hurricane Lenny

  • No need to link "waves" or "United States" or "Saffir-Simpson" twice or "Atlantic basin".

Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) ranking

  • "a measure of the power of the hurricane multiplied by the length of time it existed for" - Delete "for"?


  • Some of the citations are incomplete. References to web sources, for example, should include author, title, publisher, date of publication, url, and access date, if all of these can be found. Citation 1 has three elements (one of which, the title, is incorrect) but should include the publisher (Cuban Meteorological Society), the correct title (Cyclone Season of 1999 on the the North Atlantic Ocean), the date of publication (March 10, 2000), and the author ( Alejandro Bezanilla). I found the missing elements by visiting the cited web page. You should check the others to make sure they are complete.
  • The date formatting in the citations should be consistent. You can use either m-d-y or yyyy-mm-dd but not both.
  • The authors' names should be listed last name first. In citation 11, for example, the order should be Lawrence, Miles B.
  • Ref tags should be placed snug against the end punctuation rather than having an extra space as in "The hurricane dissipated quickly after its last advisory for the city of Laredo, Texas. [5]"

I hope these suggestions prove helpful. If so, please consider reviewing another article, especially one from the PR backlog. That is where I found this one. Finetooth (talk) 04:08, 1 December 2009 (UTC)