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A21 road[edit]

This peer review discussion has been closed.
I've listed this article for peer review because the article has improved very well recently and is actually one of the best UK road articles I have seen which lacks GA status.

Thanks, FM talk to me | show contributions ]  17:31, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

  • The A21 is used for the 55-mile Maydayrun to Hastings which claims to be the largest non-organised event in the UK[2], attracting over 20,000 bikers. Are the or bicycles?
  • four miles (6.3 mi)' this conversion didn't work  :-) You may wish to use the {{mi to km|6.3}} conversion template which will automatically do the conversion for you and it also looks after the   breaking space called for by Manual of Style for numbers. if you used the template, the M of S numbers will be fixed regarding space for the next distance.. twenty miles (32km) where no space is given at 32 km....and numerals over 9 are not written out in words, but rather left as 20 miles. ...1.7 mile (2.7km) ...25 miles (40km) no spaces ever between the numbers and the km....but just covert to conversion templates.
  • Wikilink the term short dual carriageway as in Canada this is called a twinned highway, and in the United States this is called a divided highway.
  • In the section...The route in detail... London...there are quite a few placenames,...can they be wikilinked? Lewisham, Catford, Bromley Hill, Farnborough, etc
  • Wikilink the term multiplexes as that probably is only well known to highway editors, and civil engineers.
  • The M25 then 'TOTSOs' Hmmm? is TOTSOs a verb? spell out the acronym and wikilink if possible.
  • The dual carriageway is more bendy than before and has less bridges. I don't know if more bendy is quite correct grammar.
  • You get to a second road to Tunbridge Wells (the A264). don't talk to the reader as in using the word you. Rephrase the sentence...perhaps... There is a second road to ....
  • From here the road is generally more straight than normal Re phrase or use citation for this fact. Normal has to be defined..what is nortmal...whose normal, or just say the road has a straight stretch.
  • Later on from the end of this bypass at Kippings Cross, the final 25 miles (40km) of the A21 is generally an often winding single carriageway road with several steep gradients across the Weald. In this sentence...this phrase...often winding single carriageway it occasionally sometimes not winding, it just winds often? Me thinks it needs rephrasing to say what the road does all the time, not just what it does often.
  • This sentence ...There are few major centres of habitation and the road has remained a "poor relation" insofar as widening schemes are concerned..... The phrase "poor relation" is not used in common usage in other countries, so rather than a metaphor in an encyclopaedia, use the exact terminology.... the road has no need of being widened....the road has not been widened...
  • Fix At the The most recent bypass
  • Press reports such as this are commonplace. I don't want to click on the word this to find out what the press report says. paraphrase the report and add the prose to the article...such as....Hastings Today reported that a 22 kilometres (14 mi) section of the A21 is the worst highway of the south east, ane the 38th worst road in the country.[1]
  • South of the junction with the A25, the road enters the longest dual carriageway section along its length, the Sevenoaks and Tonbridge bypasses, which generally have two lanes in each direction. In this section the way it is written, there are only two lines in each direction sometimes, and not always,..due to the word generally.
  • There is also a local turning later on into Pembury. remove irrelevant words...There is a turning later in Pembury.
  • On October 2005 the "Preferred Route" to deal with the 3 mile (4.75km) section south of Kippings Cross was announced :see details here. The encyclopaedia is to tell the readers facts about the A21, and allow them access to more information via citations. Don't send the reader away to read the facts....Don't tell the reader see details here....rather....On October 2005 a preferred route was announced to alleviate congestion and traffic concerns on a 3 miles (4.8 km) section south of Kippings Cross.[2]....The reader can always follow the link given in the citation which does the same thing as see details here
  • However, some work has been completed. One of these, delete these extraneous words...Just say The 2 miles (3.2 km) £18 million Lamberhurst bypass, was opened on 23 March 2005. Whenever currency is mentioned, wikilink the currency sign identifying th country's currency origin.
  • wikilink land bridge rather than "land bridge"
  • The first mention of scotney castle got capitals and a wikilink!! good. The second time not even any capitals  :-(
  • wikilink roundabout. Why is it called a gyratory system earlier and now a roundabout. Are they different there?
  • link messed up...Flimwell]] bypass.
  • . It opened in 1992. what opened in 1992 the main street, te village or the bypass. It refers to the last mentioned noun.
  • * Plans have been published (see here) for a new dual carriageway between the southern end of the Flimwell bypass and the beginning of the Robertsbridge bypass. This would bypass Hurst Green.

nope I will not (see here). Please paraphrase and give citation.

  • From John's Cross the original route of the A21 passed through Battle and entered Hastings at Wishing Tree: this road is now the A2100 (and still meets the A21/A28 at Baldslow). too long of a sentence. No colon plop in a period.... then remove te parenthesis.
  • The present route takes the road to the east on a relatively straight, though undulating, journey, bypassing Sedlescombe before climbing a four-mile (6.4km) long hill to enter Hastings under a road bridge; the A21 has a junction here with the Hastings ring road, Too long of sentence. Does undulating here mean hilly? No semi colon but rater a period should be inserted. Period at sentence end not a comma..
  • The A28 and the A2100 and then continues through Baldslow where the A2101 makes for the town centre, Silverhill and Bohemia and eventually to the town centre to meet the A2101 again which meets the a259 coast road. something missing after the second and The A28 and the A2100 and then...should it be The A28, A2100 and the A2101 continue.... Does the A2101 make for the town centre...sounds very violent in a way. Maybe another re-wording would be that the A2101 heads for the town centre. The whole sentence is hard to read. As the A2101 heads for those the town centre, and two other places, and then circles back and goes to the town centre again??
  • The current plans are to dual the rest of the road through Kent and there are also plans to improve sections through East Sussex which may cause the lane on the short dualled section through the Kent/East Sussex border to reopen ....Loose the and create two sentences.
  • I am having deja vu....Why does the section Kippings Cross to Lamberhurst under Proposed Improvements repeat word for word verbatim the same words as the section Pembury to Lamberhurst under The route in detail. I really was reading, and I learned this already.  :-) Don't say the same stuff more than once. Pick the best section and stuff it there only.
  • There are no footways on this section and the verges are either very narrow or non-existent. The route alignment is poor and there are numerous frontages with direct access to the trunk road. The narrow verges limit visibility and this, combined with the numerous bends and crests, limits safe overtaking opportunities. This section is a direct quote from another article. It has to be shown like this...

There are no footways on this section and the verges are either very narrow or non-existent. The route alignment is poor and there are numerous frontages with direct access to the trunk road. The narrow verges limit visibility and this, combined with the numerous bends and crests, limits safe overtaking opportunities.

— Highways Agency - A21 Kippings Cross to Lamberhurst Improvement[3]

or some similar quotation template of your choice...Never ever plagiarize other people's works.

  • These schemes have also been proposed[22]:

Flimwell to Scotney Castle Robertsbridge to Baldslow Convert this into prose, a regular paragraph.

  • There are more than one inline citation style used in the article by looking at the reference section. Pick one method of citing sources and continue on....I have given the method of citation templates in the above examples.
  • The A1 road (London) has 100 references citations...compared with 22 each for the A21. Each and every fact requires a citation, and it is good to have one or two references for each and every paragraph as well.
  • The article does meet some of the GA criteria-but improvements need be made.
  • References made by the citation templates used above look like this...
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  2. ^ Highways Agency - A21 Kippings Cross to Lamberhurst Improvement, 25 September 2008, retrieved 2008-09-25 
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  • I hope this is of some help. Good luck and kind regards SriMesh | talk 02:08, 26 September 2008 (UTC)