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Oakland Cemetery[edit]

I'm not particularly looking to nominate this for FAC, but I wanted to get some input on the style and organization of the article. I've written it from scratch and have gotten it to a point I'm happy with, but it always helps to have the valuable opinions of others. I realize the article is painfully lacking in images, but if all goes according to plan (weather permitting) another user and myself will take several for the article this weekend. The primary thing I'm concerned about is that the article might ramble a bit, but I've tried to cut the material down to things I find of more or less general interest to a visitor. -- uberpenguin 20:07, 2005 Mar 10 (UTC)

Wow! Great article and nice pictures! A few suggestions:
  • The Original 6 acres: Is Smith really "legendary" for not wearing a tie? You might want to find a different word.
  • The Confederate Section: Are these burials from the Atlanta Campaign or are they soldiers who were Atlanta residents and died later? Or both?
  • Dates I'm not sure about the official Wikipedia stylebook, but I've usually seen dates in the written-out form April 11, 2005 rather than the numerical yyyy/dd/dd format you have.
Sayeth 22:37, Apr 11, 2005 (UTC)