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Welcome to the Wikipedia Humanities Reference Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on one of the current reference desk pages.

March 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 1

  1. UK Law
  2. Pike river mine NZ
  3. 7th Infantry Division (United States)
  4. Support dog
  5. Casual Detachment?
  6. Libyan Flag
  7. How do you say the name Lucien Febvre?
  8. Katiba in Benghazi
  9. terms fetishism
  10. Is there a youth culture in Afghanistan?
  11. Why are Native Americans Nations free to not live by federal or state standards and still be funded by the federal and state governments?

March 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 2

  1. PhD thesis/science article being cited
  2. Continuation of Arctic Convoys when alternatives existed
  3. Romantic movies with non-stereotypical portrayal of scientists
  4. How much of the Fairtrade premium makes it back to the growers
  5. Skip bombing
  6. Is the jewish butchery (Kosher slaughter) cruel?
  7. De facto UVF leader
  8. recent movements in middle east and the role of western countries
  9. Series of Shinkansen
  10. Nothing special
  11. Reliable sources for closing of Air France ticket office

March 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 3

  1. Americans Accepting Foreign Honors
  2. U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Salzburg, Austria
  3. US Court outcomes
  4. typeface or not
  5. Intelligent educated Man fears losing connection with teenage Son & seeks scientific approach
  6. Is this true?
  7. Muslim polygamy; more than four wives?
  8. German Parliament
  9. income tax laws
  10. Aaron Copland
  11. Was Hindu harems less strict than muslim harems?

March 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 4

  1. Book Help
  2. Defined Benefit Pension Schemes
  4. Typesetting
  5. Lawsuits against WK
  6. Defection in WW2
  7. Bomber streams and firestorms
  8. Disappointment over Libya news coverage

March 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 5

  1. noam chomsky
  2. Guns in Libya
  3. lesson plan
  4. Valletta
  5. Counties and Episcopal dioceses
  6. Capital punishment in practice
  7. 2010 US Census

March 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 6

  1. Graduation --- commencement or closing exercises?
  2. Kim & Lucknow
  3. Anti-Miscegenation Laws in Canada
  4. Harmonise the what now?

March 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 7

  1. god
  2. Is there are term on how listening to something affects your productivity?
  3. Egalitarianism - who invented the idea?
  4. If you wanted to bet on a price jump of oil...
  5. How to be the master of political science?
  6. Rogue traders in the UK - who deals with them now?
  7. Missing References Tag
  8. Like the people who came back from Provence (when it was Provence)
  9. coma queen paliament
  10. guide to laws on publishing a website
  11. Napoleonic wars postwar economic depression
  12. Armand Hammer biography
  13. Forest of Pencils
  14. FTSE 100

March 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 8

  1. hue and cry
  2. Gazprom stocks on the rise, why?
  3. regarding joining bjp and be a part of it.

March 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 9

  1. Emancipation Proclamation response
  2. Shakespeare and 46
  3. Statistical data for names

March 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 10

  1. Thoughts on film genre
  2. My father was a bank robber
  3. Ownership of the foreshore in the UK
  4. Hinduism sects and social caste
  5. Judaism ethnic and religious sects

March 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 11

  1. Bengali surnames based on hindu varnas
  2. Sri Lankan clothing
  3. receptions after ceremonies
  4. Servant girls in the muslim world - did muslim servant girls exist?
  5. Social restrictions of hindu women - where they allowed to meet men?
  6. Origin of Politeama / Polytheama
  7. Relative contributions to victory in the Battle of the Atlantic
  8. "Breaking News"

March 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 12

  1. How binding is an agreement to sell a house?
  2. Museums, Libraries, and Zoos
  3. NSDAP POW's
  4. Obafemi Awolowo and the man-made Biafra famine
  5. How are proposed changes to pension contracts legal, UK?
  6. nudity vs clothing
  7. Mental state of writers
  8. Elitism of oxbridge
  9. Forgotten verses of La Marseillaise
  10. Film genre generic plots/formulas

March 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 13

  1. Age to stay in hotel alone
  2. Anxiety against anxiety
  3. Purpose of life
  4. Anger management and age
  5. What if Canada abolished the monarchy?
  6. Copying public domain images from copyrighted material
  7. Child pornography laws

March 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 14

  1. Observations about Japan's emperor and cabinet
  2. Rubaiyat editions
  3. aid and future museum
  4. Old buildings in Japan
  5. Double names
  6. General Knowledge question
  7. When did the concept of minute arise?
  8. Postumus or Posthumus
  9. census crime
  10. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

March 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 15

  1. Requirements for a philosopher.
  2. Biography: Famous last words
  3. Adherents of Sikhism
  4. Book about white European conscripted in to the Imperial Japanese Army

March 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 16

  1. How to get reinbursed from City of Los Angeles for tired
  2. Average full-time salary v. per capita GDP
  3. Elizabeth II
  4. Brad Pitt?
  5. Schwarzen Orden
  6. Most ethnically mixed places in the world

March 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 17

  1. The Definitive Moby Dick film/miniseries?
  2. World's Most Attractive Man?
  3. Muhammad's Promise to St. Catherine, is this true?
  4. A split Libya
  5. History of Stari Bohorodchany & Bohorodchany
  6. Tsunami victims
  7. The Yen isn't making much sense. Why does it get stronger after the disaster?
  8. Ismailis from Uganda
  9. Causal diagram of acquiring religious faith

March 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 18

  1. focus on the value of a job rather than employment in general
  2. Why don't Arab leaders like Gaddafi ?
  3. Woman as husband's legal property
  5. Is there a name for this fallacy?
  6. Prohibition-five?
  7. Ancient language
  8. US Health Care, workers paying for elders?
  9. Finance Question about Bond Prices and Compounded Interest Rates
  10. Source of national debt

March 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 19

  1. Being approached by a child street prostitute
  2. A rather vague question
  3. Economics of fundamentalist polygamy
  4. Early human migrations from India
  5. Japan: America's second greatest ally in the world?
  6. What's a no-fly zone?
  7. Wealth of the Windsor family
  8. Outlook for the USD

March 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 20

  1. Were Hitler and Stalin ever photographed together?
  2. Why Libya?
  3. World War 3
  4. first online legal notice in the world
  5. Records management - Dutch law
  6. Peaceful protesters arrested
  7. AIMAV

March 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 21

  1. Two religious questions: "Come As You Are" and David's baby son going to heaven?
  2. About kinsmen relations of Vladimir Sviatoslavich the Great to Haakon Sigurdsson
  3. Monday the 22nd of 1826
  4. World War II Air Raid sirens
  5. Knowledge of politics outside the US
  6. IndexUniverse
  7. Joint security area at NK/SK border
  8. Attacking Libya without congress approval
  9. Paul Trevor
  10. Moses
  11. Fringe benefits: US Health care

March 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 22

  1. What happened to this house?
  2. Purpose of an elaborate wedding
  3. Foreign deaths in Japan earthquake/tsunami
  4. Go back to ... (China, Africa, Whatever)?
  5. LA as a place with beautiful buildings
  6. Oldest historic human
  7. Supply of lawyers deliberately restricted
  8. Checking Account
  9. german-monaechy related

March 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 23

  1. political violence in middle east vs. geopolitics of oil
  2. factors of Chechnya conflict
  3. Profitability of early whaling? (Nantucket, sailing era)
  4. Privileges and Immunities Clause and Public Education
  5. help me to get information/contacts for my research based on old woollen trade of Kullu(H.P.)INDIA,especially in British period
  6. British peerage
  7. Abused abuser?
  8. funding of professional sports facilities
  9. King's Speech Wave
  10. wedding cake impression

March 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 24

  1. When weight is paramount on airlines, why don't any of them sell tickets by body weight?
  2. "Artificial countries"
  3. Computer discovery of two bishop checkmate?
  4. interpretation of essays
  5. Quick question

March 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 25

  1. modern satire
  2. First Crusade and the Jews of Bodrum, Turkey
  3. French monarchy/titles......?
  4. If you're a homeless man with newfound business savvy, how would you get back on your feet with no more than $10?
  5. US Healthcare: Federal support of HMOs?
  6. List of Ulster Defence Regiment commanders
  7. Epilepsy
  8. Salary requirements for a position
  9. Student loans for mature students, UK
  10. Eastern europe holiday home investments
  11. Origin of a middle name

March 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 26

  1. Holocaust
  2. Season by Hemisphere
  3. Number of Euromillions lottery tickets bought for Friday 25 March 11 draw
  4. when do you get new options?
  5. Winston Churchill as an author

March 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 27

  1. China in the US?
  2. Martin Van Ruin
  3. A book / short story I recall from my youth
  4. US Healthcare: HMOs tried for insufficient treatment?
  5. Phrase for Napoleon tactic
  6. POV of an immortal
  7. British Asian#Communities
  8. NATO support for Libya efforts
  9. MPs expenses scandal, UK

March 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 28

  1. Demanding an anorexia suffered to eat
  2. What is common to "Ford Mustang" Porsche and Ferrari
  3. US politics/office-holders campaigning
  4. Rush und Bedeutung
  5. Shapes in Chinese Calligraphy

March 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 29

  1. Census nosiness
  2. Professing and believing within Catholicism
  3. Philosophical Defense of General Resurrection
  4. Formal term for an "it's your word against his" situation
  5. Picture of Emperor Gaozu of Later Jin
  6. How to judge parents?
  7. Press conferences

March 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 30

  1. No gas day
  2. Are there any federal agencies that'll pay off all my college bills, like the military, but for anyone who's medically disqualified from it?
  3. Which English-speaking countries let us go to college for free?
  4. "Organic Atheism" -- or, have any atheist societies existed on a large scale in recorded history?
  5. Population for non-municipal settlements in Australia
  6. Wang Jian
  7. General Assembly of the Organization of the Americas and Summit of the Americas
  8. when do companies get new stock options?
  9. Archaeology
  10. Encyclopedic use(s) of "free election"
  11. Why dosn't the BOE have a higher inflation target during recessions?
  12. Alternative vote encourages lunatic fringe?
  13. When bills are considered together

March 31[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011 March 31

  1. Buddhist immortality
  2. Are cellphones pulling Africans out of poverty? By how much?
  3. If you’re homeless, but just learned the finer intricacies of entrepreneurship, how would you invest this money to get a self-sufficient life again?
  4. Where is heaven?
  5. Question on location of place in Colorado (Census maps needed)