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Simon Fraser University's History 479W course ("Contentious Problems in Modern Chinese History"), is a fourth-year undergraduate seminar that in Spring 2021 is focusing on sensitive topics in recent Chinese history. Each student is uploading at least 800 words of original Wikipedia content to the articles listed below. The instructor is Oaxacanalia (talk · contribs · count).

Substantial New Content Added to Articles in 2021[edit]

checkY Revision and expansion of the section "Provisional Agreement between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China on The Appointment of Bishops."
checkY New "Background" section.
checkY Expansion of "Goals" section.
checkY New "Health" subsection.
checkY Expansion of "Self-Censorship" section.
checkY Revision and expansion, including addition of subsections, of the section "National Renewal"
checkY Expansion of "Community Activism" section.
checkY Expansion, including new content about Hong Kong protests of 2019–20 and COVID-19.
checkY Expansion, including details of incidents after 2012.
checkY New section about "Goals, impact, and resistance."
checkY New section about "Influence of Hong Kong’s 2019 protests on Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election."
checkY New section about "Localism in Popular Culture."
checkY New section about "Self Identity of Hong Kong Citizens."
checkY Expansion of entire article plus addition of details in timeline.
checkY Expansion of "Mandatory contraception and sterilization" section.
checkY New content in "Modern China" background section, plus new content in sections about discrimination against Uyghurs and Africans.
checkY Expansion.
checkY New section about the "2019–2020 Hong Kong Protest."
checkY Expansion.
checkY Expanded section about WeChat.
checkY Expansion.

Authors in Spring 2021[edit]