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These some of the short pages in Wikipedia about Lakota mythology as of June 13, 2004:

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165 Canotila In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Canotila''' ("they live in a tree") are a race of forest-dwelling creatu
124 Capa In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Capa''' is the [[beaver]] spirit and lord of domesticity, labor and prep
181 Cetan In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Cetan''' is the [[hawk]] [[spiritual being|spirit]] and is associated wi
118 Ictinike In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Ictinike''' is a god of deceit and trickery who taught the [[Lakota]] th
122 Iktomi In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Iktomi''' is a [[spider]]-[[trickster]] god, and a [[culture-hero]] for
115 Iya In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Iya''' is a storm-monster, brother of [[Iktomi]]. He eats humans and sp
100 Tate In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Tate''' is the [[wind]] god and husband of [[Anog Ite]]. {{msg:stub}}
153 Unhcegila In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Unhcegila''' is a [[western dragon|dragon]]oid creature which was respon
64 Untunktahe In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Untunktahe''' is a [[water]] spirit.
95 Waukheon In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Waukheon''' ("the thunderbird") is a god of [[thunder]]-[[cloud]]s.
177 White Buffalo Calf Woman The '''White Buffalo Calf Woman''', in [[Lakota mythology]], is parallel to the gnostic [[Pistis]]
191 Whope In [[Lakota mythology]], '''Whope''' was the manifestation of the [[White Buffalo Calf Woman]] and a