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The Tambayan Philippines Collaboration department aims to drive Philippine-related article improvement by selecting a single article which members of the Tambayan Philippines will work to improve as much as possible. Unlike other Collaboration projects in the English Wikipedia, the Tambayan Philippines Collaboration has no definite schedule (e.g., weekly) and selected articles will remain selected until the goal for that article is reached (e.g. Featured status or Good article status).

The Tambayan once had a Featured article drive during the latter part of 2005, but it got nowhere. This new Collaboration department aims to be a more organized drive with more flexible terms.

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Current Collaboration:
People Power Revolution (talk)

Selection guidelines[edit]

  1. Nomination phase
    1. Anyone may suggest an article to be the next selected article for collaboration and the expected goal (Featured article or Good article).
    2. Nominators should be prepared to become the article's coordinator if their nominated article wins.
    3. Articles that should be nominated should be among the Top-importance articles as determined by the Assessment department. Ideally, the article should be a Start-level or a Stub-level article.
    4. Articles that should be nominated must be one that is not contentious or controversial and for which many online sources can be found so that everyone can contribute.
    5. Articles that should be nominated should be one that is expected to be relatively stable and not prone to too much editing (e.g., Philippines is out of the question).
  2. Voting phase
    1. Once there is consensus that the nominations are enough, or a Tambayan admin has decided that the nomination are enough (around 3-5 nominations), the nomination phase is done and the voting phase begins.
    2. Everyone who wishes to participate in the collaboration can vote for which nominated article will be the next selected article.
    3. Voters can vote for multiple nominations.
    4. Voters who vote for an article must commit to contribute to that article's collaboration if ever that article will be selected.
    5. Once there is consensus that the number of votes are enough, or a Tambayan admin has decided that the votes are enough, the voting phase is done.
    6. The nominated article that garners the most votes will be the next selected article for collaboration.
    7. The collaboration for the next selected article will begin once the current article collaboration has reached its goal (in case the selection process is done while the current collaboration is ongoing).