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TheWikiWizard’s cool!

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Volume 1 Issue 6

What's Hot[edit]

Do NOT click on the red button.
  • Thegooduser decides to go back to the dinosaur age for a quick 3.12654734959595959595959595959595959595959595959595959595959595959595959595959595959595 seconds for no apparent reason (Don't ask thegooduser why... )
  • Don't Click it, don't click the red button, no seriously please don't Really don't
  • Yes, I know you want to, but really don't.........
  • Okay! I Clicked it, but I'll regret it another day. -Thegooduser
  • Humor page by PorkchopGMX


Editor's Notes[edit]

  • There's an IRC channel for *#wikimedia-social connect
  • #wikipedia-en-help (disclamer/questions for IRC)
  • We are planning to possibly create a TWW for the meta-wiki, which will cover cross global wiki activity.
  • DeltaQuad is running for bureaucratship Good Luck! Update: DeltaQuad's request for bureaucratship was successful! Congratulations!
  • There is a Survey out for TWW, your participation would be greatly appreciated, this survey should not take longer than 1 minute.
  • Did you know? We have a twitter account! come check it out!
  • This is the first edition of TWW to ever have a "Trick Question" Trivia, See below in the Activity Page!
  • Notice the Sunshine on our Main Page? Spread the WikiLove! Simply go to User:Meaghan/Sunshine and you can spread the sunshine to others on your userpage!

Activity Page[edit]

And of course before we start, here are last's Issue's answers!


1. Wikipedia:Administrators Noticeboard/Incidents

2. WP:HG

Here are this month's questions, be very careful!!! Some are very tricky! Read them carefully!!!!!

  1. Why did you push that red button?
  2. Did Thegooduser push it?
  3. What page cannot be deleted or moved?
  4. What does the name "Wikipedia" mean. A hint/Answer can be found here
  5. How long has Thegooduser been on Wikipedia for?
  6. Who is the Chief Editor of TWW?
  7. Who is the Distributor of TWW?
  • And as always, answers will be given in next month's Issue


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