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Wikipedia Search box - basic
Vector skin has magnifying glass icon to combine the search and go buttons
Vector skin, simplified search box. Note that an empty Search displays "Search".
Monobook skin has Go and Search buttons
Monobook skin, search box format.

Wikipedia has its own search engine, with its search box on every page. The search box will go to a given page name, but there are three ways to go to the search results page instead.

  1. If you activate the magnifying-glass icon (or the Search button) from an empty search box, you'll go to an empty search results page.
  2. If you start any query with the tilde character, it always generates search results, ~page name.
  3. Choose "containing..." from the page names that drop-down as you type (if you have JavaScript enabled). To access the suggestions that drop down as you type, click the mouse on them, or use , or Tab ↹, to access them.

At an empty Search display, there are filtering options for:

  • Content pages – Search in (Article)
  • Multimedia – Search for files
  • Everything – Search of all content (including talk pages)
  • Advanced – Search in custom namespaces