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How to send a message to other editors

Communication between editors takes place at Talk pages.

To send a message to another editor:

  1. Go to a user Talk page (e.g. User talk:xxxxx)
  2. Click the "new section" button at top, and when the editing window opens you can type your message and headline to post.
  3. At the end of your message, include your signature with ~+~+~+~ (~~~~ four tilde characters).

Note that user talk pages are publicly viewable, so it is not a private message to the user concerned. Even when deleted the message is forever viewable in their History.

Editor replies: Unless the other user includes a link to your user page in their reply (called a Ping), you will not get a notification that they have replied, so it is a good idea to either check their talk page every now and then, or add it to your Watch list.