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How to get a list of a page's subpages

Subpages are pages that have a parent page. They share their parent page's title, followed by a "/" (slash), followed by their own name. The Wikipedia, Portal, and User namespaces allow subpages. WikiProjects and user pages often have subpages, and Portals always do. Below are two options to obtain a list of subpages for a particular page.

* Option 1: In the left toolbar, under tools, select Page Information and an information page is shown. In the first table, there is a link for Subpages of this page.

* Option 2: Click on Special pages in the toolbox menu on the left side of your screen. Then click on All pages with prefix which is under the header Lists of pages. Then select the namespace the page is in (from the pulldown menu), and enter the pagename in the inbox, and add a forward slash (/) to the end of the pagename. So if the pagename is Wikipedia, then you should enter Wikipedia/ in the inbox. Then press Go. The subpages will then be displayed at the bottom. If nothing happens after pressing Go, this means that the page has no subpages.

Try it now: