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Templates are special pages that contain boilerplate text intended to be displayed on more than one page in Wikipedia. This Tip of the day box is an example of a template, and besides being displayed here is displayed on various userpages. Template names start with the prefix "Template:" followed by the page name. This template is called "Template:Tip of the day". To display a template on a page, go to the page, click "edit this page", and add the template's name (without the prefix) surrounded by double curly brackets to the page's source text. (The text you see in the edit box when you click edit this page is called "source text", because it is a lot like programming code, which is called "source code"). Remember, do not include the prefix ("Template:"). Including a template on a page in this way is called "inclusion". Here's an example:

To include the Template:Philosophy topics, type this at the end of the philosophy article you wish to place it on::

{{Philosophy topics}}

Read more: Template messages

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