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Wikipedia Guestbooks, according to Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales, "can help build a spirit of friendliness and co-operation, and help people get to know each other as human beings". All Wikipedia users are welcome to create a guestbook and give permission to other users to sign it. However, creating a guestbook is also a privilege; many users have been blocked just due to begging for someone to sign their guestbook.

Guestbook cautions

  • Do not beg others to sign your guestbook. Users eventually will come to see your user page, and many will click your guestbook and sign it without being asked.
  • Never ask a user to sign your guestbook by posting that message on a talk page.
  • Be patient. Users will eventually come. After all, you should not be here only to see who signed your guestbook...
  • You are here to build an encyclopedia: Do not spend your WikiTime only signing guestbooks. It may be fun, but users may see you as a person not here to contribute.
  • Guestbooks are not a soapbox.