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Statue of Neferefre in the Cairo Egyptian Museum

Neferefre was a pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty of ancient Egypt in the 25th century BC, during the Old Kingdom period. Known as prince Ranefer before he ascended the throne, he was probably the eldest son of pharaoh Neferirkare Kakai and queen Khentkaus II. Neferefre started a pyramid for himself in the royal necropolis of Abusir and was buried in it, although it was unfinished. The pyramid was roughly completed by his brother Nyuserre Ini, who succeeded him after the rule of Shepseskare. Fragments of Neferefre's mummy indicate that he died in his early twenties, after two years of reign. A single text shows that he had planned or just started to build a sun temple called Hotep-Re, meaning "Ra is content" or "Ra's offering table". Like other Fifth Dynasty kings, he benefited from a funerary cult, but the cult was abandoned by the late Old Kingdom. Because his pyramid and mortuary complex were unfinished, they may have attracted less attention from grave and stone robbers than nearby pyramids. (Full article...)